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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Best Foods for Getting Lean! | Buff Dudes Cutting Plan P1D3

  1. Some of you asked that we make our CUTTING SERIES more like a vlog with raw workout footage so we switched it up and tried it out for this episode. Personally I really liked the idea (thank you to those of you who suggested it!) and if you do too let us know and we'll keep it up! Have a good weekend. -Hudson & Brandon

  2. Im pretty sure that this gym, might be one of the places on earth, with the highest concentration of obnoxious people. So im glad that the Buff Dudes are there to balance it out!

  3. every time i hear things like "pre-heat to 450" I get scared…the I remember they don't do Celsius so it's all cool

  4. I've been into lifting since I was in highschool because I played outside linebacker, but pretty much the only things I did was bulk and build strength and size along with lots of cardio. I was never concerned with being lean as long as my strength was functional, but following an injury in my senior year I decided to avoid college football due to the fact that I would needed surgery. So now I'm working on getting lean for the first time and these videos are a great help honestly.

  5. This video is so old, but I watch it constantly and regularly to remind all the good messages and tips…
    That recipe is also great.

  6. Hmmm how can I veganize this recipe. Chickpea Aquafaba would probably work in place of the eggs and of course just almond yogurt!

  7. Can someone tell me the name of the song by Sabaton? I've been looking for a half hour and have listened to more than 20 of their songs trying to find it

  8. Hudson that speech in the care was truly aeesome "the highlight reel" I am caring for my 83 year old dad with dementia and the gym is my mental health break and meeting my own fitness goals and slow progress but the talk really helped me cheers sir.

  9. When Hudson says "…it's a mixture of inspiring and also making you feel really insecure, because everybody's about twice your size."
    I was on the edge of my seat, like where the heck is he going!?

  10. This vid was fantastic. The best part was the serious talk at the end. I need more of this motivation in my life. Thank you.

  11. If I had as much money as Schwarzenegger I would never go to a Gold's Gym. I would build my own in my property.

  12. 2 minutes of food 15 minutes of workouts. moral of the story, eat whatever you want if you spend your life in the gym.

  13. 21.Century,Oceans full of Plastic,Klima fucks up…America:Give me AAAAAALLLL Plastic Bags you got Mr.Salesman.
    Nuts are good for the Brain,buy more Nuts.

  14. Sup, Beefcakes. New to the channel and my gym's WiFi is straight trash so can't even enjoy your video. I'll come back later, though. Nice work!

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