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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right Tommy you ready to roll let’s do this [Music] [Applause] all right big boy you ready to go on your first shopping adventure he just asked if boobies are on the list I told him unfortunately no the first and second rule of buff dude club is that you do not talk about buff dude club the third rule is always have a plan of attack so we’ve got a list of foods we’re gonna get here we’re gonna go down one by one [Music] throw mats the adventure of choosing from foods gathered from the four corners of America and to be from all the world all well-lighted for selection arranged for time saving as well as money-saving selection [Music] there you go pretty typical grocery haul for us we usually just try and stick with the classics and the great thing is when you have all of your basic foods it unlocks a ton of different recipe combinations so let’s go ahead and make one right now it’s gonna be zero carb bread or buff dudes cloud bread so for this recipe we’re gonna need 2 large eggs 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder and just a pinch of salt what you’re gonna want to do first is start by preheating your oven to 450 degrees now go ahead and take two bowls separate your egg whites into One Bowl and then place the yolks into the other next add the yogurt to your yolks and whip them until they were smooth and creamy now add the baking powder to your egg whites and blend them for two to three minutes until they are fluffy and stiff and also you got to remember when blending you’re gonna want to go ahead and use a mixer I tried to do this with like a spoon or a fork it just doesn’t work quite well enough even if you got that really fast buff dude strength so you want it really fluffy they’re called cloud bread for a reason pour the yolk mixture into your egg white bowl and add that pinch of salt now with a gentle hand fold all of this together scrape the sides of the bowl and fold it over the center scrape and fold scrape and fold once it’s all blended together take your baking sheet and place some parchment paper over it we’re gonna go ahead and use a 1/4 measuring cup and scoop six portions out onto our baking sheet once you have all six on your baking sheet place it into your preheated oven and bake for about 12 to 15 minutes it’s been about 12 minutes let’s check on those bad boys can’t forget your buff dude meathook protection don’t burn yourself all right oh yeah that looks good and that smells good you’ll see they kind of merged they weren’t supposed to look exactly like that but hey I got to be honest it’s kind of hard to make a recipe while filming this all by yourself but I did my best and the important thing is they look like they’re ready to eat now these are absolutely delicious on their own you can just eat them you can drizzle a little bit of agave over them but we’re gonna switch it up a little bit make it a little bit more filling and we’re gonna make some BLTs to use these with so let’s go ahead and cook a little bit of turkey bacon add some tomatoes and spinach then make ourselves a buff dudes sandwich well what started as a little bit of an accident turned into a great thing because now I have myself two BLT cloud bread wraps it’s time to try these things out they smell amazing yeah the cloud bread is definitely buff dudes approved so try this recipe out listen to what you think and I got a workout to get in damn it [Music] alright go at the gym Venice California Gold’s the mecca of bodybuilding correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s the most famous gym in the world it’s filled with a who’s who of fitness personalities both online and legends pretty much everywhere you look you see somebody including Arnold which is crazy it’s amazing to actually see the dude in person comes across as a really nice guy a lot of people of course coming up to him but looks like he’s still able to get that workout in yeah being around all that people is a mixture of inspiring and also making you feel really insecure because everybody’s about twice your size but do the best you can so let’s get in there and get that workout started I think I spotted buff dude I think I swapped branding in the mobility essential food before workouts injuries Danny we don’t want none of those injuries and I’m always a little late to the gym Brennan’s always he’s always the one that’s waving the buff dudes flag you know he’s got a planet so he’s got to get the bench or spa cracker you know so I’m like the Scout I go ahead and make sure everything’s in order he scalps it out and then I just come in later you know I don’t know what I do act do enforce s today but in addition to the mobility we also try to usually get a warm-up set in there so it’s about 15 reps is to build out a little bit get ready for the working sets and it always helps us a little bit and we enjoy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] two seventy-five eight reps a little bit different from our prep phase we’ve increased the reps just a little bit and our rest times are gonna be a little shorter they’re gonna be about 90 seconds and that can be very important it’s good to take the rest but it’s also good to have a time limit because you don’t want to be taking too much time and that’s gonna you can increase as the phase progress so our rest times are gonna come your turn and shorter that way our heart rate stays elevated and we get this comes just good you always got to push to the limit incline incline Close Grip barbell press excellent alternative to one of our favorites which is the kneeling lion line press which use used spar belt that’s not available don’t do this make some exercise for the clavicular portion of the chest when you’re performing these bad boys try to push those weights together as you’re doing it you get a nice isometric contraction there as well a little bit better activation in that chest now you know and knowing is half the battle what do we got next on the list [Applause] justice yeah this is bodyweight but if it feels a little light you can feel free to add some weight I think we’re gonna go ahead and do that today nice little trick you just grab a barbell squeeze it between the legs just grab a dumbbell Freddie distracted me and I try to edit myself but I’ll keep it who cares is a wrong workout yeah barbell might be kind of awkward if you’re to stick that between your legs and try to do dips travel barbell squeeze it between your legs did I say barbell dinner done I don’t know not enough oxygen to the brain and then you rip it out heavy artillery is here yeah hey I said to grab a barbell yeah well they’re all taken [Applause] mom over there go watch the local and national TV accidents so I was about to say set it down like right got a lucky sometimes you get winded you just want to drop that thing that goes fly [Applause] [Music] I I may need to spot myself on this [Music] Thank You Hudson [Music] you know sorts of destruction supplying butter balls being crushed anyway we do it great thing about this exercise being a unilateral is you feel free do a few more reps if you like on the weaker side of your body which mine happens to be the right side so I’m gonna throw a few more reps they don’t call them skull crushers for nothing and today we’re going to be doing reverse skull crushers so you want to make sure you find a weight that’s right for you don’t so risk it on you start life [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] speaking of wait that’s too heavy wasn’t able to get exactly my eight reps in so I went ahead and switched up with a little bit of Close Grip press which is still working the triceps which is the muscle group we’re focusing on at the moment so from the next set go down a little bit she busted those a like there’s nothing butter can’t forget the core baby doing it at the end of every single exercise during this cutting during this cutting work oh yeah we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be doing abs in your core at the end of every pore that cue applause for me being able to get that [Applause] [Music] good visualization of this exercise is just like an oblique crunch was give me just like in the abdominal crunch see we both can’t talk and oblique crunch is pretty much the same so just think of it like you’re doing a normal crunch here but now you’re doing it and a lateral sense so you’re laterally crunching your spine in like here’s kind of help you get more activation having said that we’re done I’m actually gonna hit a little bit of cardio now though 30 minutes 7.5 percent incline 3.5 miles an hour let’s get it done whenever you had a good workout walk out of the gym and you just stick Majan it’s exploding behind you and you don’t even look back you quickly learn in the LA that the gym is hard but navigating traffic can be even harder I’m actually doing okay but I’ve still got a ways to go before I get home so as I Drive home I want to talk about motivation for a second being motivated to lack of motivation and we’re probably gonna cue the slow piano ballad music cuz it’s gonna get a little sappy you know we get a lot of people asking about motivation how do they stay motivated and you can watch a million videos but at the end of the day really it’s gonna just taking you wanting to do it you may have tried to motivate a friend in the past and unless they really have that fire inside them you can kind of provide the spark but they’re really gonna have to fan the flames because in order for someone to want to accomplish something they really want it and unfortunately sometimes when you do want it and you do start to fan those flames and you start to see it grow you can do something like jump on social media and immediately a big bucket of water is thrown on that fire because in this day and age you jump on social media you’re probably gonna be seeing the top 1% of people in the fitness in the world which can be really depressing sometimes honestly because you feel like you’re doing good maybe you’re just getting on a plane or a routine and you’re thinking you know I feel pretty good about myself my physique my health and then you jump online and you just see these super bodies I gotta say it’s happened to me before where you look online and you go oh my god how could anyone get to that level and more importantly how could I ever get to that level but you got to remember it’s you verse you at the end of the day and that’s really what’s important it’s about setting those goals it’s about being realistic about those goals and you can absolutely have somebody to look up to there’s there’s nothing wrong with that at all but at the same time you want to set those realistic expectations where you don’t get too too disappointed with yourself please don’t get too disappointed with yourself speaking of la something’s up there’s always a there’s always a siren going on somewhere maybe maybe that cop was gonna pull me over as I dude you’re just getting way too sappy somebody call the wambulance but to wrap it up there’s a great quote and it’s don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to other people’s highlight reel and I try my best I not always able to do it but I try to live my life by that because you don’t know where they are in comparison to you at any given point in time you don’t know if maybe it took them three hours and four hundred photos to get that perfect shot be happy with your progress and remember that don’t think that you have to live up to somebody else’s expectations okay Hudson’s 3-minute motivational car ride speech is over so we had the big dude cardio and now we’re doing the little dude cardio oh yeah next episode is gonna be very exciting because we’ve got a whole bunch of food but what do we do with it especially for people with busy schedules like I’m sure a lot of you out there so we’re gonna be all about meal prep how to meal prep what to meal prep and also some of our favorite meal prep recipes so until then let’s vote

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  1. Some of you asked that we make our CUTTING SERIES more like a vlog with raw workout footage so we switched it up and tried it out for this episode. Personally I really liked the idea (thank you to those of you who suggested it!) and if you do too let us know and we'll keep it up! Have a good weekend. -Hudson & Brandon

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