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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s 2020 and it’s time to work on those New Year resolutions with this 28 days Flat tummy challenge. This is episode 1 a full-body intense workout that’s gonna get you sweating but don’t worry if you’re new to working out because I’ve got no jumping versions included As always you’ve got a full daily schedule which you can find on my website, and remember guys you are not alone in this. You’ve got a schedule, I’m giving you meal ideas And I’m also going to be live streaming workout sessions on Twitch this month So you’ve got everything you need including this amazing community. All you need to do is to show up and also smash that thumbs up button and let’s get started. We’ve got 30 exercises today 30-40 seconds on and 5-10 seconds off. Let’s start with some warm-up exercises. Kick your feet back-wards towards your butt and for beginners, you can just follow the low impact and take it slow. We’re not taking any breaks yet, we’re going straight into inchworms walk forward into a plank position and don’t forget to engage your core. Up next we’ve got Cross Jacks For low impact just take it slow While the rest of us, this would be a great time to pick up the speed. Next, we’ve got lunge taps This helps to increase the range of motion for our main exercises later. Jumping Jacks are next stay in it and we’ll have a short break after this. Alright. Let’s take a short breather and we’re going into high knees. Raise those knees as high as you can and squeeze those abs. For low impact, just take it slow. Make sure you’ve got enough space for Skater toe touches. Stay safe as you hop from side to side and try to touch your toes. Inhale as you hop and exhale and squeeze your abs as you go down Next, we’ve got Twist dabs, this is a great one to work those obliques and legs focus on your breathing and be careful of your ankles. We are a quarter into the workout guys Next, we got toe touch with a kick, make sure you do it with force and in a full range of motion and stay balanced. For low impact just do it without the hop Onto the other leg. Next, we’re doing a mini shuffle crunch Remember to squeeze and exhale as you crunch. Star Jump toe touches are next. For low impact just do it without the jump. A lot of you are often afraid of getting bulky legs don’t worry about that because that’s not going to happen so easily, but instead these are the biggest muscle group, so you’re gonna be burning more calories here. Next, we have everyone’s favourite burpees Some of you may be feeling tired right now so just do the low impact if you need a breather Let’s take a little break here, you can take up to a minute break and we’ve got push up climbers next. If you can’t do a push-up, you can just do mountain climbers. We’re almost half-way through the workout guys KEEP PUSHING ON! Alright. We’ve got crab toe touches So sit upright, then lift up like so as you do some toe touches. Great job everyone, we’re halfway through the workout. Next, we’ve got walking planks Now get on your back and we’re doing some bicycle crunches. Next, get in a tabletop position again and we’re doing some crab kicks This is working both your arms your abs and legs at the same time and keep pushing guys. And for low impact just do it slow and steady Lye on your back again and we’re doing some reverse crunches. Use your core muscles to lift your hips off the ground and use those core muscles to extend those legs. Now flip around into a plank position and we’re going to walk 3-4 steps forward and backwards and for low impact just do it on your knees. Now get into a side plank and we’ve got side plank crunches next. WORK THOSE OBLIQUES GUYS. Now onto the other side. Now we have a 15 seconds break and you can take a longer break here we’re 3/4 into the workout so DON’T even think about giving up. You’ve come this far We’re doing some lunges and jump into a high knee If you’re feeling tired just take it slow and steady. and you don’t wanna injure yourself. Now onto the other side. Just 5 more exercises to go. We are doing some fast toe-tap dabs now. Make sure your core is engaged the whole time and make sure you do the taps fast If this is too easy then take a bigger step with your legs Now time for some squat and twists. This exercise is going to burn a lot of calories, so try to push through guys. You are almost there Now we are hopping side to side and doing two crunches each time Make sure you take a big jump and we’re almost near the end guys. YOU’VE GOT THIS! Next, we’ve got scissor run, make sure you engage your core, run your way to the end of this workout guys. Just one more to go. And the last exercise is squat with crunches. LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH! And that’s the workout guys, hope you enjoyed it. I’ll really appreciate if you could thumbs up this video so this video can reach more people who need it and if you’re following my schedule on my website I’ll see you in the next workout in the schedule or you end this with a cool-down stretch if you’re calling it a day. Thanks for working out with me, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.

27 thoughts on “Best Full Body Workout to Lose Fat 💪🏽20 mins | 28 Day Challenge

  1. WHO'S IN IT?! Happy new year guys, time to start the brand new year and decade with a fun new program. Let's do thissssssss! And I'll update the schedule page with my livestream workout times soon. Need to test it out and figure out how things work first 😂

  2. Chloe wasn't kidding when she typed "lose fat". I'm dripping! Let's burn all those Christmas and New Year's food we ate muahaha

  3. Ok so I’m starting todayyy!!!

    Day 1:it was soo hard!! It felt like it was 3 hours lol but I pushed through my body hurts but I won’t stop !!

  4. Okay, i’m gonna actually do this and start tmrw so I’ll update every week with results
    here’s my stats so far:
    weight:130.6 pounds
    waist: 29.5 in
    height: 5”3
    goal: 120 pounds

  5. I was originally on a weight loss journey and hurt my lower back from working out which put me out of commission and really demotivated me. Because of that I started eating like crap again and not working out, falling back into old habits. I decided I've had enough and although I'm already 2 days late, I'm going to try to do this program. I just finished this workout and feel entirely too tired to do the abs, so I'll omit it today. Wish me luck guys, this is the year we all get fit!

  6. My goal is to actually complete the program! Here's my daily progress:
    Day 1: Completed. I didn't feel much of a burn or anything the day of, but I was sweating so hard and had to take some longer breaks than the video.

    Day 2: REALLY felt that burn from yesterday's workout, I was so sore :'(. I went ice skating, thinking I'd take today as an "Active Rest Day", but once I was back home I told myself to shut up and get it over with. (so proud of myself for that) I definitely need to work on my form and breathing but it was easier than the day before.

    Day 3: Just finished this workout, and will do the cooldown video too. This went slightly better than the first day (which I am still sore from lol), mainly because I was focusing a lot on engaging my core and breathing properly!

  7. I'm definitely gonna try this and I will be posting updates on it for the entire month (hopefully)!!

    Day 1 (04.01.20): It was a little easy at the start and then it got tougher but I kept going which was worth it. Towards the toe touch and kick, I really struggled but I think it was because today is the first day but I'll get used to it and try not to skip. At about 12 minutes into the workout, I had to leave because I needed to go somewhere with my mom so it was kind of a disappointment. 🙁
    StArTiNg WeIgHt: 52kg (I wanted to address this as it will help show if it worked and I'll do daily weight updates as well)

  8. 🌈Definitely going to finish a challenge this year! 🌈
    Starting weight: 138lbs
    Start date: 01/03/20

    Day 1: Just finished and I am drenched in sweat. I had to pause the video a couple of times because I am so out of shape but I made it through!

  9. How many calories does this workout burn? 😊 Thanks so much for these workouts! It’s only been 3 days and I already see results!

  10. My goal is to finish a program so I’ll be posting updates to keep myself and all of you motivated!
    First some general info:
    Height: 5’ 2
    Weight: 110
    My goal: I don’t necessarily want to lose weight because I’m at a healthy weight already, but I want to get fit and tone my body:)
    Day 1: it was very hard for me and I had to take a lot of breaks. But I also sweat a lot and I could feel my muscles being worked so that’s good.

  11. im at the 10:1 and im dying already, my heartbeat is so fast but ill try to finish this one😊 wish me luck guyss after 28 days ill post my before and after result in Instagram❤️

  12. (I’m a day late but that won’t stop me)
    Tracking my progress!!

    Day 1: it was actually super hard for me, but I didn’t give up and I got through it

  13. Okay, so I started it on January first, I have already completed three days of the challenge and I'm also doing in the same time 20 days challenge from Blogilates.
    Day 1 – it felt soooo good. I was actually very motivated to complete my workout.
    Day 2 – okay, so it was a short workout, but I had some time with a friend and we went for a quick run of 15-20 minutes.
    Day 3 – this was a reproductive day. I was on a day trip with my family and we walked like a lot. I enjoyed myself and I ate pancakes and a slice of pizza, but there were homemade soooo :))))
    And I've completed my workout when I have got home, at 9 pm.

  14. Doing this-
    Day 1: I was so tired doing all this 🤯 my legs and butt were sore
    Day 2: Forced myself to do it after I got back from a birthday party and I’m dripping bullets

  15. day 1 is on.. current weight :63.8 height: 155cm
    goal weight: 48 kg 🙏🙏🙏 .keep me motivated..
    happy new year 2020

    day 2: get flat abs 2020 completed.. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    day3: workout completed 🙏🙏🙏
    fullbody fat blast and cooling down ❤️
    Day 4: Done

    Its amazing within 4 days i lost about 1.5 inches around my waist line . 🙏🙏

    Thank u Chloeting .. still more inches to lose ..😊😊😊😊

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