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67 thoughts on “Best Gym Hip Hop Workout Music 2018 – Svet Fit Music

  1. Very cool mix again. Happy every time you make new ones. You can do that really well.
    Wish you continued good luck and strength.
    Best regards Susanne

  2. Thank you very much that is very nice of you.
    I think it's great that you help me there and I can do advertising there once

  3. Hi. Song #2 ready for war is is somewere were i can get it with out bad words? Clean? Or itunes or youtube? Thanks

  4. Подборка как и всегда отличная .Спасибо что избавляете от долгих поисков музыки для тренировки.

  5. Did u know taking steroids u get big in 2 months so if i did or u we can all lift what these fake bitches lifting

  6. First song verse: 2Pac – Till I Die (ft. Eminem) I think it's Svet mix with a slower bit rate and. Very well mixed. love it

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