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the victor costa to peace love and
muscles hope you’re doing well as you could probably tell this video is going
to be about the thigh bicep or hamstrings
now I posted a video this week on how to do a proper hamstring exercise and some
folks have been saying it’s a variation of good morning some folks are saying
it’s a variation of a deadlift I’m going to say to you that this is a specialized
hamstring movement and I would love for you to give it a shot folks have said
Vicky are you sure you’re doing the right form and I can assure you that
this is uncommon knowledge if you’d like common knowledge there’s plenty of
magazines that are happy to offer you what the common person is accustomed to
hearing and seeing and doing and you will also enjoy common results I’m here
to offer you something different and unique just please give it a try I’m
explaining here that I’d love for you to just drop down to the floor right relax
everything old school gym class stuff like touching your toes feet together
and just allow the body to drop right and this is how you actually connect to
the back of your legs you’ll feel this in your hamstrings you feel in your
rear-end you’ll feel it in your lower back you will connect with this part of
your body and I want you to just drop and relax and let gravity do what it’s
supposed to do and you can see here how my legs Bend back so to speak but
there’s no pressure there’s no stress this is really about stretching and
that’s how we’re going to work this muscle and connect to that part of the
body and then we allow gravity to do its thing we relax the back we relax the
head and we just drop down and allow ourselves to stretch and connect with
that part of the body even before we use any weights at all and so though I’m
gonna grab a light weight and then I’m actually going to just pull my pelvis
forward I’m going to keep everything relaxed the back is bent because this
weight is not heavy there’s very little stress on my lower back and I’d love for
you to try this exercise without weights in the beginning and now I’m just going
to allow my pelvis to pull forward and that’s going to allow my body to come up
it’s kind of like how a slinky works and this is how I’d love for you to try
connecting with the hamstrings so you’ll pull up
by just pushing the pelvis forward weights come to about right above the
knee and again you can do this without weights just to feel that connection
you’ll feel that contraction and then just allow gravity to do its thing and
to move down rather slowly and then try it by coming up again again again I’m
just pulling my pelvis forward allowing my body to remain relaxed you can see my
hands are barely hanging on to the weights and this is just a way to
connect with the hamstring and I’d love for you guys to try this piece Levin
muscles again if you’d like more uncommon knowledge please subscribe to
the channel and I love you guys take care of yourselves to stay natural be
well bye bye

21 thoughts on “Best Hamstring Exercises, Home or Gym Hamstring Workout, Vicsnatural

  1. Perfectly described. Perform as described and you are NOT going for a long hike with your wife on the weekend!! As Vic said in a video a decade ago – there are results,and there are unbelievable results. Vic gives you the nuance you need for hypertrophy.

  2. I think you are the first man to ever build a biceps peak on the arm equivalent to a biceps peak on the thigh! Good video, thanks.

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