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What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So what is the best home Ab exercise that
you can be doing if you want to get an impressive set of Six Pack Abs? Well I’ve got some good news. For a lot of
you out there, you’ve probably own this and you probably stopped using it a long time
ago too. It’s an Ab Wheel. And it’s something that
we have, probably had hid in our closet that anybody can use at home. It costs about 10 bucks to buy one. The reason
why this is my favorite home Ab exercise is that if you do it right it delivers serious
results. And most importantly, it trains the Abs for
one of their major functions, which is an anti extension function. So, how do we do it? That’s the whole point,
if you’re not strong enough to do this, you can hurt your back doing the Ab Wheel. So we have to qualify first your Ab strength. The first thing I would recommend is, if you
want to determine whether or not you should be doing this Ab exercise, then you try to put yourself out in what we
call the a Cliff Hanger Plank Position. Which is, hands out in front of our heads
on our fingertips and you walk yourself out. And if you can’t properly hold this position
without caving in the low back, then you probably should never touch an Ab Wheel. The reason why the Ab Wheel is a lot more
difficult than a regular Plank really comes down to one thing, and it’s the amount of surface area that you
have in contact with the ground to control your body. When we have the entire length of our forearms
on both sides, we have a lot more balance and stability from below therefore a lot less
challenge on your core. When you switch to the Wheel, now your only
point of contact is this one skinny wheel and our hands are really balancing now on
the wheel as well. So we’ve got an added challenge. If you’re ready for the Ab Wheel, then you’ve
got to make sure you’re doing it right. And this is how you do it. The biggest and most important point I can
tell you guys is the wheel should stay underneath your shoulders when you start. The next thing you want to do is squeeze your
glutes with everything you’ve got, with everything you’ve got. What that will do is it will help to keep
you in a posterior tilt now we’re working the core form above and below, the front and
the back. When you move out, the biggest problem is
guys will use their arms first and what that does is it automatically brings you into an
anterior pelvic tilt, or this low arch position in my back, ok.
The big swooping position in my low back. You want to move your hips and the wheel together.
So as we kneel here, the first move, is hips go out with wheel, together, together, together,
ok. The point is, you move them until your torso
is in one straight line. Once the torso is in one straight line meaning my butt through
my back, then I can let the wheel move out by itself
as I continue to hold that straight position in my Abs. From here I do a Straight Arm Lat Pulldown
and come back up to the top and go. Out, out here, squeeze the butt and come back up. So there you have it guys. Again encouraging
news for those of you that own one of these and stopped using it. Because really when you’re home if you do
this Ab exercise right and you have the requisite strength to do it, there’s no better. Guys if you’re looking for a program that
trains you with the best exercises, telling you how to do them properly, so you don’t
get hurt when you’re doing them, and most of all helps to deliver results in
the shortest period of time possible, that’s what ATHLEANX is all about. That’s what our ATHLEANX Training System is
all about and that’s what training like an athlete is all about. Let’s start using your muscles the way they
prefer to be worked and you’ll start seeing a lot faster results. If you found this video helpful guys, make
sure you leave your comments and a thumbs up below, and let me know what else you want
to see. Washboard Wednesdays once a week we’ll cover
whatever it is that you want me to cover when it comes to your Abs. I’ll see you back here again real soon.

100 thoughts on “Best Home Ab Exercise Ever! (NOT PLANKS)

  1. loved the video man … question : why don't my shoulders get sore the next day like other muscles do ? 
    Daniel from Brazil…

  2. Thank you for this video. I'm currently in a 12 week transformation challenge and I was trying find exercises to help develop my core during off day. This video helped a lot. Keep up the great work.

  3. Please more leg and back video's and how to combine them. After leg day i've troubles with back training because i get a little muscle soreness in my low back somethimes because of squatting. Would be nice to see more videos about those.

  4. you need to put this piece of equipment on 6 pack promise on your site. I have been doing your programs for a long time now with amazing results but this needs to be there!

  5. just asking: what do you think about the kneeling CableCrunch (aka Salam) + the best bodyweight/no equipment ab-excercise for hyperlordose-patients (imo StomachVacuums combined with Hip-Extension and FrogLegged-FunctionCrunch; FrogLegged = knees flared outward to exclude the Hip-Flexors, Function = slowly roll up from top to bottom until LumbarSpine is slightly above the ground; trains up to 3upper compartments of the AbdominusRectus)

  6. Hi jeff, just wanted to know what are the best ab exercises to get really defied obliques and the "V" cut abs girls love?

  7. How to hit long head of the tricep with shoulder pain? I can't do tricep extensions or anything for the long head of the tricep cause of pain in my shoulder.

  8. Jeff I am a big fan of you and a member of athlean x right now i am doing AX2 and i was hoping that you make a video about carb cycling. thanks and keep doing what your doing you programs are great and it helped me alot

  9. Just want to say, many are out there sharing in regards to fitness. However, your knowledge, know-how, and understanding of what you do and teach and live, is top notch and way beyond most. Thank you so much!

  10. Wheel Plateau…. ?

    Hello Jeff !!
    I train for strength.
    I discovered this wheel 2 years ago… it changed my whole core strength.
    I started with a dumbbell and could not perform more than 2. Later on I nailed it. 
    Then moved to a single wheel to add stability challenge.
    Then I was doing 20 and not feeling my abs at all.
    I started adding weight in a backpack.
    Now I am doing 3×6 with a 45 Lb weight in my back twice a week… but I do not think this is helping my abs (and may be hurting a little bit my back, I am sure because I am using too much my hip flexors / soas)

    I then started trying to do it from a standing position (following some boxers I've seen).
    I can do only 3 or 4 in a row, with, again, some back soar.

    So… how do you recommend pushing forward the wheel exc??

    Thank you!!


  11. Great video on the merits of the Ab Wheel.  Now how should we be incorporating it into our training?  Should we be using it in addition to your 6PP, or substituting it for a specific portion, etc.

  12. Hello Jeff. I just want to say u thanks for you're advices for muscle and body growth. I started to see serious results in 1 month. And i live more healthy now thanks!

  13. Hi Jeff, I'm thinking if you could make some videos about training with injuries. I saw one before but would like to see more rather than sitting on the coach and rest it up… For example, how do you train arms or back when you have shoulder pain/injury.

  14. Jeff, I do these from my toes I can see my abs under about a quarter inch of fat so I know once I lose the fat on my belly the muscles the roller hits are going to look great but I'm wondering is what exercises complement the above wheel especially in the lower back? …. FYI I do suffer from arthritis in my middle and lower back.

  15. Ive been reading a lot of negative comments on about Jeff being fake and a con, and the only people who support him on the forums have only 2-4 posts which are all related to Athlean X.
    Most people are saying he never trained the New York Mets and I only found one article on MensFitness about Jeff

    Dont get me wrong I use the program too and have bought AX1 NXT and Xero but i'm having my doubts

  16. Great job as always Jeff. Could you please tell us as to how many reps of this exercise should one do in one set please.

  17. Hi Jeff, I recently discovered this routine for abs and almost immediately saw the effect the first time I did (probably the only time I did it right). Thanks for the good checkpoint suggestion.

  18. My problem with the ab wheel is when I get to full extension and start to pull back, it really puts pressure on my right shoulder and hurts alot.  Enough to completely distract from doing the exercise properly

  19. I wish I found this video when I first bought an ab wheel 3 years ago… thanks for breaking it down into small parts, so easy to follow

  20. I love this exercise but wondered if anyone else found they can get discomfort in the wrists, forearm extensors or the underside of the elbow when performing them?  My gym has an ab wheel that has 2 wheels side by side but it has very skinny handles on it. I'm wondering if wrapping something for extra width grip might make a difference. I'm only getting about 6 reps in a set so it could be i might just need to ease off the gas for the last rep or so.

    The other thing i like about this exercise is at full stretch it really hits the external rotator cuff muscles – those all important postural muscles that control movement of the scapula. I've been really focusing on postural control exercises this past year (rack pulls baby).

  21. The difference in difficulty between a 'regular' plank and the ab-wheel has little to do with surface area…

    The MAIN reason the ab wheel is more difficult to use, is because the wheel will ROLL out from under you.

    FRICTION, or lack thereof, is the primary factor here… not surface area.

  22. It's not really the balancing of the wheel that makes it so difficult but rather putting the wheel way more ahead of you than you usually would doing planks. The supporting point moves away from under your abs, so they now have to support your body.

  23. Hey guys. So I think my back is actually too weak that i should not do this exercise. Overall i am really fit, but my back is behind. What are good exercises for me to strengthen the part of my back I will be needing for this? Thanks in advance

  24. HI Jeff,
    Is it possible that the 'best' ab routine can be the only ab routine to start off with? Meaning doing this maybe for 3 sets of 15 or 20? Is there something else you would mix with this for a full ab workout or it this best done as maybe a nightly filler in between other workouts or at the end of the day?

  25. Great video and good tip…:) You should analyse a bit advanced version,also-from "standing" position or from feet to the floor,not "only" knees. Good technique,I got to remember that,but there is one more-yes,you should be aware of hip movement and arms position,but in the final stage not extending your body totaly ,therefore keeping a bit flexed abs position (exactly because of the back issue) or to visualise it,to be something like angry cat on her/his nails in rounded stance…:) What do you think about that?

  26. Hi bro I'm fat lets say 50 – 70 % should I do abs exercises or should I loss weight first please tell my because I'm so confused now

  27. Good video, I like the 'best____ exercise' for each body part.

    I've started doing my wheels again too, but I don't fully retract, seems more of a constant flex to go from fully extended then only pull back to about 1/2 way. What do you think, there doesn't seem to be much benefit (too easy) in the full retract?

  28. When I learned the proper way to use this wheel, I learned that it is better for the body to use the hips to pull you back rather then the arms/shoulders.
    Your thoughts? Try it out and let me know how it feels for you.

  29. This is the best abs workout. I do this everyday of 3 sets of 15= 45 with my daily crunches. You will feel pain and gain on those abs. You will get those 6 packs if you diet is good and you are in shape. Master Jose Isidro 

  30. Hey Jeff, can you please recommend a full ab wheel workout? Like how many sets and reps. I have already worked my abs using bodyweight exercises for like a year now so im technically between intermediate and advanced.

    Thanks m8

  31. Some folks don't like ab rollers, I admit, if one does them incorrectly, it might strain the back some. There is a youtube video on this.

  32. Jeff you are a big light on nutrition, diet and exercise. Great to hear the truth. healthy natural foods, no fads no diets, and instruction on exercise. My old flat mate lived off peanut butter and vegemite sandwiches and combined with good exercise had an amazing physique. Love the videos. Always use the wheel – now i use it correctly!! Thanks

  33. way complicated im only 15 and I don't want to get hurt, not to mention I worked for a six pack for the longest time and got it soo im good for now thanks though man!

  34. Recently added this as it seems very beneficial. But how many reps/sets and rest time I between would you recommend? Right now I do six sets with 5 sow controlled reps with a 30 sec rest between sets. Thanks for sharing

  35. Should rename this video with "ab wheel" in the title… it'll get so many more hits, and one of the best ab wheel videos out there.

  36. But ab wheels have a certain weight limit, right? Meaning they can handle a certain level f body weight unless you buy a good one.

  37. I would like to see an example of your AthLeanX 90 day program. Not the whole thing of course, but just some idea of what your program consists of and what I am expected to do over 90 days (and beyond).

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