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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. I’m making this video for you tonight, an
Ab workout, on New Year’s Eve. Now this is the time we all know that a lot
of people look towards ways to change their bodies because we know that maybe the last
time they thought about it was last New Year’s Eve. So I have to come up with, as a good coach,
a way to make you guys want to do the workout even if maybe you’re noncommittal at this
point. You’re one of those guys who has waited for so long and you’re trying to change
that. At the same time, I’ve got to have the guys that I know have been following my channel
for a long time who want their ass kicked. So I’ve got to have the same workout challenge
even the most advanced and allow those that are just starting out to find that motivation
to do something. And the last thing I have to do to make sure
that there are no excuses is I’m going to make this a bodyweight workout, a complete
bodyweight, no equipment, no hanging bars, nothing. You can literally try this ab workout as soon
as you finish watching this video. Or if you want, you can do it along with me, alright. So, we’re going to use the Xtinction technique.
With Xtinction, we’re able to set the bar and then allow others to keep pushing if they
have the ability to, or to just try it out if you’re just starting
out. I’ll explain it all as we go, but right now the most important thing is getting this
workout started. Ok. So as we start off the workout, the first
thing you’re going to want to notice is here at ATHLEANX, if you haven’t followed for that
long, we follow very specific sequence in the type
of movements we use with our ab training. Why? Because we want to use the strength of
our abs when we have it the most to achieve the harder exercises. And those
are going to be the Bottom Up Rotations and the Lower Ab Movements as compared to those
when we’re moving Top Down. So, right off the bat we have our Two Down
One Ups for 45 seconds. Now what is Xtinction all about? As I do this, Xtinction is setting the bar
in this case you have to do this exercise for 45 seconds. If you can’t do it for 45 seconds, great.
Then you become Xtinct in that exercise, and you move on to the next one. You do it as long as you can. So, for a true
beginner, this workout might only take about 5 or 6 minutes. But if you are more advanced,
you do this exercise for the full 45 seconds. If you make it all the way through the goal
for the exercise, then you rest 10 seconds and 10 seconds only. And from that point, you then try to go after
another round of it. Can you get through another 45 seconds? And if you can, great. You rest
10 seconds and you go through another round. At some point, you’re not going to be able
to do that. The rest is going to catch up. The lack of rest is going to catch up, and
you’re going to become Xtinct in that one movement. The next thing you do is you move on to the
next. Here we’ve got the Bottom Up Rotation. So, here we have to get some rotation with
a favortism of the bottom moving towards the top. And that is our Figure 8’s. The Figure 8’s
is a great exercise again for incorporating both lower abs and obliques into the same
move. We’re going to continue this for 60 seconds.
The Xtinction on this is 60 seconds. Moving on. Midrange. The 21 Crunch. Ok, midrange,
we’re moving both the top and the bottom together at the same time. No better way than with this exercise. Xtinction
number here. You’ve got 12 reps to do, and you have a 12 rep Xtinction. So, you’ve got to do 12 reps every single
time and that includes right, left and center, that’s one rep. Make it all the way through 12 reps. You rest
your 10 seconds. Try to go for another 12. Keep it going until you can’t do anymore. Now, guess what? You’re in a nice little 30
second rest. Great. Now, get going again because we have a whole other half of this workout. We’ve got to move on to the obliques directly.
Here we’ve got Scissor V Ups for 45 seconds. Ok. We’re going to go through again trying
to get through all 45 seconds. If you’re a beginner and you make it through
20, guess what? You’ve got 20 great seconds of an ab exercise that you weren’t going to
do 5 minutes ago. That’s what we’re talking about, progression.
So, you do that and your Xtinction number here is 45 seconds if you have the ability
to do multiple sets. Next down, Top Down. Straight top down. Moving
the top towards the bottoms. Our Hip Touch Plank is actually an exercise that nobody
has seen before because I made it for this video. Our Hip Touch Plank is going to incorporate
both a move and a plank upwards so we’re contracting from the top down and a little bit of antirotation because we’re trying not to rotate the trunk
too much as we reach for that back hip. It puts a little extra strength on your abs because
you have a 3 point Plank going on. 15 to each side for each set. If you can,
Xtinction again at 15 each. Finally, we wrap it all up with our Top Down
Rotation, The Russian V Tuck Twist., 16 reps to each side with an Xtinction at I had to
do it do you, 8 reps. So you might do multiple sets of this. Remember,
you’re only getting a maximum of 10 seconds between your completed sets before you have
to go at it again So you will reach Xtinction at some point,
and that’s the name of the game. So, there you go guys. There’s your whole
ab workout with nothing but your own bodyweight and it’s a starting point for some, and it’s
a way to kick your ass again, like I said at the beginning, if you are advanced.
The key is, it’s something anybody can do. And that’s what we have to start doing. And whether or not it’s January 1st or whatever
day, I don’t care what day you watch this, you’ve always got to get started if you haven’t
already. And you always have to start challenging yourself
if you’re not challenging yourself enough. Guys, this is Washboard Wednesdays. Back 4
years, 5 years ago, we kicked it all off here on this channel. And a lot of you guys have helped grow this
to the point where we are. Well, I’m giving back now. You’ve asked for it. You wanted
it back again. Every single Wednesday we’ll cover a new concept
whether it be a new ab exercise, a complete ab workout for you to follow like this one, a tweet on a certain ab exercise, or even
nutrition tips on how to get them, I’m going to cover if here for you. And as you can see guys, ‘Practice what you
preach.’ This was me 5 years ago doing these same videos that you’re watching now. I use the same workouts that I’m telling you
guys to follow, and I’ve improved along the way as well. So, let’s start doing it all
together guys. If you haven’t already, head to ATHLEANX.COM
and grab the 90-Day Training Program, ATHLEANX, and start putting into practice what it’s
like to actually start training like an athlete and you should see the same results as well. I’ll see you guys back here in just a few
days. In the meantime, if you found this helpful,
if you’re glad Washboard Wednesdays is back, leave your thumb’s up and a comment below. See you guys. Happy New Year!

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