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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You think you need all this stuff to get a
great workout at home? Not so fast. Today I’m going to help you strip it down
to the bare minimum and show you the most essential things that you can put into a great
home gym. So, what’s the first thing we need? Let’s start over here at the Smith machine. Now, I’m not going to tell you to go get a
Smith machine., but what I want you to do is look at what’s underneath the Smith machine. And that here is this little old bench. The one with the rip in it and everything. Why? Because this a bench I’ve had since I was
13 years old. This is a Marcy bench, for you guys that are
in my age bracket, you’re going to recognize that name, that I got from Sears as a 13-year-old
kid. And I actually have since had to strip the
arms that used to go over here or over here, up here you know, where the bar used to rest
on. If you can imagine having to fit in between
here, you can see that I’ve outgrown this bench. But I haven’t outgrown a need for it, and
neither have you. If you can get one of these, you can probably
find one at a tag sale somewhere because guys are throwing this stuff out all the time because
they’re not using it anymore. These are so light and easy for me to move
around. And it fits everything I need for when I need
a bench to lay on or sit on and do any of my exercises. Continuing on with our most essential things
that you can have in a home gym to give yourself a great workout without needing a gym. You’ve seen these before, right? A Pull Up bar. A Doorway Pull Up bar. It doesn’t matter what brand you get guys,
just make one that’s not going to fall apart on you, right. So what you want to do is, put it in here,
into your doorway. Hook it over the top like that, and now you’ve
got all the ability to do Pull Ups, Chin Ups, anything you need to do, right. Bodyweight exercises. As I said, you can go with a true bodyweight
program like XERO, but when you want to workout at home and you have the access to some of
this equipment, this will by far would be one of my essential 4. Number 3. A piece of resistance tubing. Alright. It doesn’t matter again, we have ATHLEAN ELAST-X
at ATHLEAN-X, but a piece of handling tubing is fine. You can get this really inexpensively. My one big tip for this, get on it. Get on it with both feet about shoulder-width
apart, pull them up to shoulder-level. You should be able to press these all the
way fully up overhead, but with some good resistance. Ok,if it’s good, adequate resistance there,
it’s going to be a really good multi-purpose band for you to do a lot of the exercises. So, why is this so good? Well, besides doing all the things I just
talked about Curls, Rows, you can actually just combine it with the last piece of equipment
I showed you, and hook it over the top. Now you’ve just turned this regular Pull Up
bar into my elaborate High Cable machine. Don’t want to do something high? You can do it low by taking this thing down
and hooking it around the leg of a bed, a couch, whatever. Now you got your Low Cable machine. So, again, that elaborate piece of equipment
replaced by this elaborate piece of equipment for a lot less money. Finally, the linchpin of any home exercise
program. You want progression, and you want progressive
overload, well, you’re going to need dumbbells. So, here I’ve got a regular set of dumbbells
here. 15-pounders. Now, what some guys will do, especially if
you’re on a budget guys, is go get a couple of these sets from a local sporting goods
store. Now, you’re going to want to make sure you
kind of cover the gamut of your strength levels. You’re certainly not going to be doing, maybe,
bench pressing with the same weight that you will be curling with. So, you want to have the representative weight,
but we run into a problem. The problem is that you guys know, again,
I’m big into overload. You want to give your muscles a reason to
grow. The fact of the matter is, when you only have
a couple of weight selections, and especially if they’re spread out, it’s hard to progress
in smaller increments. And it’s hard to overload because you’re really
stuck on one weight until you can accommodate the next weight. So, you tend to get limited. So, what do I do? You guys have seen them many, many times. You call them Toasters many many, many times,
but I want to explain why they’re the best of the best. You guys know that I use these, or actually,
they’re called Power Blocks. I’ve never even showed you what they are before,
but Power Blocks are a set of adjustable dumbbells that basically go from 5 pounds to 95 pounds
in this same small area. How? Just by moving the pin around. And you can see that this gets a little stuck,
but I deal with it because I’ve had these since 1993. As a high school Senior, I went out and I
bought these because I said, Geez. I can get all the weights I’m ever going to
need. Hopefully they will last a lifetime, which
they have now, 20 years, and use them as the ultimate thing in my home gym. Well, guess what? I told you we’d be back. And I told you we’d be back better than before. I didn’t lie. ATHLEAN-X has now partnered up with the original
developers of these dumbbells from 20 years ago, PowerBlock, and have created now the
ATHLEAN BLOX. Athlean Blox, same concept guys. These are again, replacing 5 to 95 pound dumbbells
in 5-pound increments. That’s a lot of pairs of dumbbells, and again,
we tweaked the design. We made it slicker, cooler, better. Easier, faster to change. Same concept, but enhanced. Here’s the cool thing about these dumbbells. Not only do they take up just, remember how
much space this is. These are 2, 5-95 pound dumbbells. That’s how much room that takes up. It can fit into any closet. Well, one of my athletes gave me one of the
greatest gifts of all time. And you guys started to see some of them a
couple of weeks ago. My dumbbells with my logo on it, the new cool
big dumbbells. Well, guess what? He bought me a whole set of those. And there they are all over there. All of those boxes. Now that’s 5 to 100 pounds of dumbbells here. The problem is, I don’t have this much space. This is up on 3, and I’m going to have a rack
of 2. Until I can get more space in here, unfortunately,
these are going to have to sit in boxes. These just aren’t that practical for me. And by the way, the price tag on these, thank
God I didn’t have to pay for them, $14,000, for a set of 5 to 95 pound dumbbells. So, I know, that’s not really that practical
for a lot of my guys. So again, if you have access to a couple pairs
of dumbbells, and your budget, that’s what it allows for, then do that. Get like a 20, 40, and 60 or so. But, if you have the budget, guys, something
like this, the ATHLEAN BLOX, are one of the 4 most essential things you can have in a
gym because with that bench, with that Pull Up bar, with your band, you now got every
single dumbbell you’ll probably ever need. I know some of my guys on Team Athlean are
going to be pushing more than 100 pounds, but you’re going to have probably everything
you’re going to need right here in this small space for way less, way less than what that
would cost. Less than a tenth of what that would cost. So, here’s the thing guys, if you’re interested
in the ATHLEAN BLOX, they are brand new. We have a limited number of sets of them. Again they’re custom made. So if you’re interested, you can find them
over at ATHLEANX.COM in our product menu. If you don’t have the budget for it, guys,
forget about that. Forget about all the equipment around me and
remember the basics. With ATHLEAN-X you can get in a great workout
and we can bring the gym to your home. Alright, because we can tweak anything. And the fact of the matter is, we even have
bodyweight only programs. But, whatever you have, you can make do. And as I said, there’s a way out of everything. If you only have enough room and money for
a couple of pairs of dumbbells, spread them out. If you have a pair of these, you’re opportunities
are pretty much unlimited. Guys, I hope this helped you out. Not only did you get a tour of ATHLEAN-X Gym
here, but you got a sneak peek of what I feel is, we can cut through the crap and get to
the basics of what you need. If you found this helpful, let me know. Leave a comment down below. In the meantime, I got some other stuff up
my sleeve. Two videos a week, so we’re coming back with
something really, really cool for your core in the next video. Thanks guys.

100 thoughts on “Best Home Gym Equipment (FOR ANY BUDGET!!)

  1. what the fuck? 800 dollars for this??? if someone had that much money they'd just get a membership at a really nice gym and actually have access to 5-100lbs dumbbells.. You can't even bench/squat/deadlift/overheadpress with these.

  2. You would be amazed at what can be found on Craigslist and at garage sales for pennies on the dollar. Plenty of new years resolution equipment collecting dust.

  3. Cool..i have a spare bedroom i want to convert to a workout area…this was very helpful….heading to his website 😁

  4. Can't go wrong with the power Blox, been using mine for over a decade now. Money well spent in my mind. Just sayin.

  5. my plan so far: one place to do dips and one place to do chinups + weighted vest (30 kg in changeable 3 kg sandbags) and a dips belt to create the perfect amount of resistance for bodyweight exercises. I also have some resistance bands and I guess the last thing I need is a pair of catslides. any other equipment you guys would throw in there?

  6. 2018 now… wow he has came a long way. Totally deserves it best workout videos I watch a video everyday and none of them are ever boring or useless

  7. This company, Powerblocks, is awesome. With the older sets of powerblocks, people think they stick but most of the time the metal pins were just upside down. That’s why perhaps they upgraded the pins as the early years developed with bright orange markers on the top of their new Pro pins.

    These are great dumbbells. I recommend them to everyone, and my extended family has in total 8 sets of these in various models as they developed over the years. The athleanBlox are sweet and the value is amazing!

  8. I picked up a set of Jack Lalane weights and bars with dumbells from and old guy that can't use them any more. Should do the job.

  9. I’ll condense it down for anyone much much more than this. Grab a bag, military. Then buy tube socks. Fill them with pea gravel. You will want quite a few socks. Then just squat with the bag. Lay it on your back do pushups or carry it like a backpack and do pull-ups. The options here a not limited. You have a lot of movements to choose from to build strength. And if its too light just add another sock or how many need! Simple. You can do presses rows and even deadlifts with the bag. And carry it all when your done. Add a band for some shoulder mobility work and even a long pvc pipe for some shoulder dislocates and you sir/mam are good to go! You’re welcome 😉

  10. Hey Jeff, can you review or recommend the Bowflex Revolution? I have the old Power Pro and I'm thinking about upgrading.

  11. I love home fitness products.Do you think it's cheaper to build your own home gym than getting a gym membership?I hope so because I hate public gyms.

  12. IMO one needs a pull-up bar, parallel/dip bars, some bands, and the power blocks. Can hit and exhaust everything with that
    I'd also through in a sandbag and furniture sliders.

  13. If you could only get one thing, get rings. They allow you to do pretty much every calisthenics and suspension training exercise there is at home for cheap (the price is at 15-20 €). Of course, it is going to be harder at first, but that's because it trains you stabilizer muscles. In terms of dumbbells, here in Germany ones that are like barbells (they have two short bars on which you can put all sorts of weights) are common, but I haven't seen them in the US that much. They might be cheaper than the fancy easy-to-adjust ones (but they can't be adjusted as quickly) and you can expand later on and have weights from different brands etc and if they (and you) are strong enough and have the right diameter, you might be able to use barbell plates.

  14. Marcy has too many moving parts..lotta joints n screws that need frequent tightening..but I get the sentimental

  15. 800 = budget? I'll just get my pair of dumbells, compensate for everything with resistance bars and body weight, and hope for the best

  16. Love these things.>>> Wanted to build a small home gym in my garage, but didn't want to take up a ton of space. They are perfect for giving you tons of options for weight increments while not creating the clutter of having 15 pairs of dumbbells. They are very easy to use and quickly adjust weight. The only knock as others have said is that if you did the smallest weight (5 pounds), it's a bit bulky for a 5 pound weight. Not a deal breaker for me by any means…I anticipated that. They look and feel very solidly built. Quality product

  17. Buy cast iron dumbells in 10lbs increments. 10, 20, 30, 40 etc., and buy 2 sets of platemates so that you can add 5lbs to each set of dumbells as needed.

  18. IMO I need less than those also. Its all relative to your experience age and lifting goals. A pretty room is not necessary.

  19. I zip-tied an old suitcase handle to a big rock, and that's my kettlebell. I also have some resistance bands, 2 dumbbells you can add plates to, a bench similar to the one in the video, a physio ball… and a mirror. That's my budget home set-up, and I am happy with it for now.

  20. Wtf. Every video on YouTube are guys showing cheap ass home gyms. Always talking about saving money and shit. I want a gym that’s as close to a professional gym but without the space. What machines or equipment are best to have. Not a stupid rubber band and hanging from my door casing. Geezuz.

  21. I am pretty ripped, and all I have is a mat and a pull-up bar. You don't need much else than dedication and determination.

  22. It’s impossible to adequately express how generous you are to spread the good news of the fitness lifestyle without hiding your extensive knowledge behind the collection of a fee. You are a gift.

  23. A gym subscription in my area is around 15 euros a month.

    Wy bother to buy all this stuff if you can get a lifetime subscription at the fraction of the price.

  24. Another tip on the doorway pull up bar combo there are pull up bars that also connect at the bottom of the doorway for sit ups you can hook up the band and bar there and get more of an upward direction on the fly to hit the upper chest i love the home gym stuff it is so convenient

  25. Gosh, Jeff! I really hope that one day I can invite you to my gym as a lecturer and a persistent counselor!

  26. Buy four pulleys, a few metres of steel cables, carabineers and make an improvised crossover "machine" for variety. But all you really need is an adjustable bench, a power rack, an Olympic bar, a pair of adjustable dumbbells, and plates.

  27. If i'm gonna take up online coaching packages he'd be the one i'll probably go to in future. I like the fact he's a PT and knows much about the human physiology such as postures fix etc rather than pure all out bodybuilding.

  28. If you weigh 200 lb and you can push 200 pounds you seriously exceeded the strength of that bench my Marcy home bench press only has the white capacity of 300 lb

  29. I have he same dumbbells I’ve had since I was 14 and I’m almost 27. Doesn’t feel like I been at it that long 💪🏻💪🏻

  30. Get a bench and barbell with weights. Yard salez or craigslist. Can do everything with a bench and barbell. Flatbench, mil press, squats, bent rows ect..

  31. I went from having a beer belly to a six pack using nothing but a doorway pull up bar and the ground. The only other piece of equipment I use in workouts is a backpack I put heavy objects in when I work my arms and shoulders.

  32. great video in every respect. I also had no idea that those blocks and that movable pull up bar existed! Thank you for showing us around at home xx

  33. For dumbbell flies and triceps extensions, I use a stability ball instead of a bench. Takes up less space and recruits core muscles while stabilizing.

  34. I've owned a set of power blocks since around 2002. I'm a huge fan and have taken them all over the country in my travels. Jeff, glad to see you partnered up with them. I also recently picked up their bench, dip and pull-up bars off of Craigslist and love em too

  35. Jeff is on course to be a legend in the fitness world in a hundred years his name will be used in conversation in the gym.

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