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Hey, Alain Gonzalez here for
and in this video I’m going to share my 1,000 calorie homemade weight gain shake. Okay, when I first started training I was
in my early 20s. I was 107 pounds. Just to give you some context, that’s probably
the size of a high school girl. Okay, and this shake was one of the staples
in my diet when I finally was able to transform my physique. Now, let’s talk about why you want to consume
these homemade weight gain shakes. It’s very simple. In the research we know, or from the research
rather, we know that semi-solid foods produce a weaker appetite response than solid foods. And although the majority of your calories
should come from solid whole foods, these are going to be great to get a lot of calories,
also micronutrients and still be hungry a few hours later so that you can consume the
rest of your calories for the day. Alright, so without further ado, let’s jump
right in. Alright, so first let’s talk about what you’re
going to need in order to make this shake or a variation of it. Okay, you’re going to need your foundation. In my case, I’m going to use almond milk,
but for you if you can stomach it, whole milk is probably going to be a bit better because
it’s going to give you more calories. Whey protein. The reason I use whey protein is just because
it’s a quick way to help me reach my protein goals for the day. Peanut butter. I would recommend a creamy version. Although you’re going to blend it, the creamy
one is probably going to be easier to blend than the crunchy. Chocolate syrup for some more fast digesting
carbs. A banana. I typically keep all of my food frozen, just
to make these shakes throughout the week. Some Greek yogurt. This is going to be great for increasing protein
intake, carb intake with no fat. And then lastly some oats. For all those writing there, blend them right
up and get some nice carbs and fiber from this 1,000 calorie shake, so without further
ado, let’s jump right into actually making this thing. So the first thing we want to do and this
is something that I had to learn the hard way, is you always want to start off with
your base, right, so your milk, water, almond milk, whatever you’re going to use because
what happens is if you don’t start off with the base, you’re going to get a little messy
at the bottom of the blender. Now, next, we are going to put in our protein
powder. In your case, if you are struggling to hit
your protein needs for the day, you probably want to do two scoops. All right, I’m going to do one. I don’t really have trouble getting my protein
intake for the day. In fact, I could probably go without it, but
just for the sake of this video, we’re going to add one. Then we’re going to add one cup of oats, okay. Make sure not to make the mistake that I did
before. I got steel cut oats. Those don’t blend as well. Old fashioned is the way to go. We’ll pour those right in there. The next thing we’re going to do is add a
banana. So I keep mine frozen as I mentioned before. I like to keep most of my fruit frozen just
so that I can make these shakes, but it doesn’t have to be. Go ahead and add some Greek yogurt. We want to go about five ounces, okay. We’re just going to toss that in there. For the peanut butter, here’s a quick hack. Okay, because the peanut butter tends to stick
to the spoon a lot and that can create a mess. Alright, what I want you to do is just wet
the spoon a bit. If you wet the spoon a bit, you’re going to
see that the peanut butter comes right off. What you’re going to do with the peanut butter
is weigh out two tablespoons. And then lastly we’re going to top it off
with one serving, which is two tablespoons of chocolate syrup. This is a great way to get more carbs and
to also make it taste better, right? If you don’t like chocolate, don’t use this. Maybe use honey, something like that. Whatever you want to use, just use something
in order to get you those extra carbs that we’re going to need. Okay, if you’re a skinny guy like me and you
find it hard to gain weight. One of the hardest things is eating enough
carbs. Okay, so we’re going to put in our two tablespoons. And this actually looks and smells delicious. I actually can’t wait to taste it. But, now, once everything’s in there, all
we’re going to do is blend her right up. Now for the fun part. Just make sure with these that you give them
a good blending, right. You don’t want to be trying to chug chunks
of oatmeal. Probably not going to make for a good experience. But there you have it guys, this is my 1,000
calorie homemade weight gain shake and be sure to make this a staple in your diet if
you’re having a hard time consuming enough calories to gain weight and build muscle. Delicious every single time. Alright guys, I appreciate you guys watching
the entire video. I hope you found this helpful. If you enjoy this video and want to see more
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13 thoughts on “Best Homemade Mass Gainer Shake Recipe For Skinny Guys (1,000 Calories)

  1. How much almond milk tho? 6oz? 12oz? 16oz? I'm actually trying to make this and the video doesn't specifiy…>.<

  2. I'm almost 15 and I'm only 86 lbs! Sometimes I make it to 90 but then it goes back down so I need help

  3. Can I take this shake without working out? I really just want to gain weight, i’m 6”4 165lbs and don’t want to look like a spaghetti anymore.

  4. So basically, his is a mass gainer…but not shit. It's nice to see an alternative to the off the shelf brands containing low quality carbs and protein

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