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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to bring you something different. I promised you an ab exercise, in particular
for the lower abs, as you’ve never tried before. I’m going to take it a step further than
that. I think what I’m going to show you here
today is going to be the best lower ab exercise you’ve done for a lot of reasons because
it’s going to be able to challenge, and help a lot of different people, no matter
what ability level you’re at right now. We know when we’re training lower abs you
want to pick some movement that moves the pelvis up, toward the shoulders. Curls from the bottom, up. We might try lots of different exercises to
do this. Like, hanging ab exercises. Hanging knee raises. Hanging leg raises. But there’s a problem with these exercises. A couple, actually. Number one: beginners sometimes find it very
challenging to hang out and hold themselves up on the bar for any meaningful amount of
time to be able to get enough reps in to challenge themselves. The second thing is, these exercises – if
not cued properly – can become over reliant on the hip flexors to do the movement. I’ve talked before about the key in showing
your ass. Meaning, show your ass and curl your pelvis
up while you do these exercises. But sometimes, because of weakness in the
lower abs, people aren’t able to do that, and they tend to just use the hip flexors
to lift the legs. We could also do a ton of exercises on the
ground to hit the lower abs with the same concept being ‘pull the legs up’, or ‘move
the pelvis backward’. But again, the same things apply here, too. In that, you’re actually using your hip
flexors far too much, shutting down the lower ab activation, and defeating the entire purpose. What we can do is this exercise right here. This is called a screwdriver. Guys, you set yourself up into a dip station. The key to this exercise here is, you really
don’t have to worry too much about curling the pelvis up. This makes it a lot more tolerable for beginners
because all you have to do is learn how to posteriorly tilt and lift yourself up. For those who have watched this channel for
any length of time, you say “But Jeff, that’s your gymnast ab exercise. I have tried it before because I’ve watched
you before.” Well, it’s actually a little different. All you have to do now is hold yourself in
this position – which, by the way, is a lot easier and a lot more helpful for those
who have any kind of shoulder problems because this compression of the joint provides more
stability in the shoulder than that distraction does when you hang from a bar. It’s actually a lot easier. So, what we do for the exercise is, we come
down, we screw drive ourselves down to the ground, and we pull up, and then down, and
pull up. You’ll see, I’m trying to keep my elbows
relatively straight, so all the work is being done by the abs and the obliques. That’s one of those added benefits here. It’s why I love it so much. Any time we can take muscles that prefer to
work together and get them to work together, like the abs and obliques, then we’ve got
a winner. We just do this for time. The other benefit to this, and why I really
like this, is what happens when we have an overreliance on those hip flexors? We tend to get tight hip flexors, which will
cause low back pain. So, anyone that gets low back pain from doing
ab exercises runs out of options and things to do to hit your lower abs. This actually gives us an opposite effect. We get decompression of the spine because
once we let our arms post us up here, and let our pelvis drop, we have decompression
of the spine. You can literally feel your pelvis drop and
open up some nice room in your low back. So, it should feel pretty good, in terms of
that. It’s like a distraction. So, from there, again, just up, and down,
and that’s it. Again, I actually have had to move to these
kinds of exercises over the years because of the issue I had with my shoulder. I’ve found that the added benefits of getting
that compression were helping that out, while at the same time, working together in a way
that it hasn’t been working before. So, give this one a try, guys. It’s the screwdriver. I promise you, even the beginners, to do this
as long as you can hold yourself up – which shouldn’t be that much work because you
don’t want to sit here with bent elbows the whole time. Let your joints hold you up there. It’s going to work for you, guys. I promise. If you’re looking for a program that puts
the science back in strength, has lots of criteria of how we arrive at the exercises
that we use in our program – because they have to work. They have to be safe. We have them all put together already for
you in our step by step program. That’s over at In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days, and weeks ahead. See you soon.

71 thoughts on “Best LOWER ABS Exercise You’ve NEVER Tried!

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  2. Their is a myths in south asia..that abs trainning effect remain all body parts espscially chest size..
    Its reality or myths????

  3. Hi Jeff, I worked my best out but instead of losing weight I added 5 kg's for God sake?
    What is the thing I'm doing wrong
    And how on earth I can tone my body just to be like you guys?
    And the more I apply all this techniques the more I feel starving day after day?

  4. Nice I will give it a try. I'm just worried about what other people think I'm trying to do dips
    And end up in one of those Fitness fails videos hahaha
    thank u for that tip

  5. I swear memes are dead everywhere else but on Jeff's comment section, says a lot about him that he has such a original fanbase, as I'm typing this I'm sitting on a yoga ball to avoid internally rotated shoulders

  6. I don’t normally have equipment that’s in gyms so can you preform more home based exercises

  7. Hi AthleanX..I LOVE these lower ab hanging exercises you do on the captains chair however I am trying them at my gym but find they are DIFFICULT for me to perform because I keep falling off balance I nothing to support me using the outside bars!! I tried to do them on the resting pad position in the back but I don’t feel they are that effective!!

  8. But Jeff, supporting your weight like that will jam the humeral head against the tendon of the supraspinatus, which exacerbates the shoulder pain for those of us with shoulder issues. Just a thought. I do, however, agree with the mechanics of the exercise and its efficacy.

  9. Thanks Jeff, really sir. Appreciate it. Broke my collar bone and couldnt do upper body got out of working out got fat and tricked my lower back. I decided to get back into it and bought a tower the collar bone feels fine for dips but the back is feeling old. Thought I might have to knock off the rust with lat pull downs and rows and some back work still might but I can see the logic in this movement . Thanks for making a video on this

  10. I think it's becoming a bit too much now. Stop this, stop that. A few days later it'll be "Stop working out! Do this instead…just watch videos…and sleep…"
    You cannot alter every single exercise.
    Remember there has been an Arnold Schwarzenegger who did not follow any of these channels.

  11. Jeff is so fucking real with his workouts that I have been watching him for 3 years and I have never seen 1 comment about him being on steroids

  12. Wish this guy had been about when I first started training 35years ago …"time travel is possible with external rotation and facepulls "

  13. My lower back killing me i tried many things even one of your videos man i got this small balls in that spot it hurt more and more each day. Any sugesstion

  14. People do realise this guy will say anything to get views and increase his bank balance yeh?! No way that works lower abs

  15. I tried this. I guess I was doing it wrong – I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything. My gym has a "total gym" for abs – I went back to that.

  16. I ran into this problem today trying a lower average exercise. I was lying on my back try various leg lifts and KILLED my lower back as I’m terribly out of shape. I’ll try this tomorrow!

  17. Hanging is fine as long as you are retracting your scapula to prevent shoulder injury…. that abs shiit workout is lame… try a full leg raise to bar then to inverted hang on knee…. much harder and effective

  18. Oki….YuM! I like that move! The muscle definition and being able to see the action of the muscles is hot! I've been a good student learning but damn! That was the 1st time I was truly distracted! #eyecandy #thankyousir! #screwdriver

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