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Hey, what’s up Nation? I’m Scott from and today I want to share with you guys one exercise to help you get tighter and deeper cuts throughout your obliques. Now as you guys know when I do my ab training and when I create my programs. I like to incorporate movements where you do heavy weight for low reps or light weight for higher reps. Your abs are one of those muscle groups that are gonna respond to both and traditionally when I do my oblique training you guys see me do a lot of wood choppers and you see me do a lot of these a standing dumbbell oblique crunch where you go side to side like this. But I’ve been looking for something new to do and I wanted to put a twist on an old-school exercise and so what I started doing recently is a floor oblique crunch however I was able to intensify the exercise by bringing my legs into the movement and not intensify it like just making it harder to do but actually feeling a lot more engagement and down the entire side of my body. So check this out traditionally when you do a floor oblique crunch you bring one leg over like this and then you crunch to the ceiling. So only your upper body is coming up off the ground. You guys have seen me do this a ton of different times. If you want to make the exercise even more intense, what you’re going to do is bring your feet together lift your toes off the ground about an inch and then every single repetition you’re going to come up and you’re going to bring your knees in and crunch at the same time and when you go back to the starting position your feet never touch the ground they’re gonna stay hovering and you’re gonna continue to do this for 15 to 20 repetitions and you’re gonna do 15 to 20 repetitions per side and you’re gonna do a total of 5 to 6 sets of this exercise. And what makes this exercise so great and this variation so great as well is that if your core isn’t as strong as mine what you guys can do. Let’s say you’re doing 20 repetitions. You want to really go for it let’s say you’re only able to do this for 8 repetitions as soon as you finish those 8 put your feet on the ground and then finish your 12 the regular way and every single time you start your set do as many as you can like this and then put your feet down when you get tired and do it the traditional way guys when you’re training any muscle group you don’t have to find new exercises to do. A lot of times you can take a traditional movement and add a twist or spin to it to make it a bit more intense but still make sense with your training so if you guys want to give this a shot, let me know and if you want to see more exercises made better smash that like button and if we get over 5,000 likes I’ll keep the video short and you’ll keep making those gains and we’ll all have a nice day. And as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

100 thoughts on “Best “OBLIQUES” Exercise You Thought was TOO EASY! | NOT ANYMORE!

  1. Everyone is always trying to come up with new ways to build muscle & shredded abs. When exactly do traditional exercises stop working? The answer is they didn't and if you put your mind to it you can always find new ways to make the exercises you love MORE INTENSE to spark MORE GAINS! FULL WORKOUT PROGRAMS! –

  2. Great vid! Keep going with home videos for the entire body. I only have access to a bench, dumbellsbars with weights and a pullup-bar for the next five months.. I sure destroyed my chest, shoulders and triceps today though! Would really like a dumbell 3 part series with push, pull legs that i can repeat with one rest day a week. I dont think i would be the only one that would appreciate it and hope you have the possibility. Thank you for doing what you do by the way. You videos and the knowlage they gave me really kept me motivated when i started lifting six months ago. I would definitely have stopped know when im nowhere near a gym but ive gotten so in to it that i solved it with my own equipment. I am really, really greatful for that and my gains are really serious! I thought i was a hard gainer but i was just uninformed.. So thank you for making my life a lot better!

  3. Pitty you didn't find a way how to incorporate a baaaahbel into this excercise … just to hear you say that. It's your trademark after all 🙂

  4. great one try standing in the starting position of diPs and bring your knees towards your chest in an alternating pattern and while your knor is up exhale and hold for 1 second and give me your feedback scott it's a very strong exercise for obliques

  5. Right on!!!! This reminds me of the kickstand poses and crunches I do in the "Diamond Cutter" and "Double Black Diamond" workouts in DDP Yoga, except these here are harder. I'm so happy these series have continued and I look forward to more! 💪👍

  6. How’s I going man. My current work schedule consist of working two graveyard shifts a week. I don’t know if for those days I should restart my calories at 12am or continue as if it were the same day. Any suggestions

  7. Smashed the like button with extreme delight.
    Darn coach scott always one step ahead of me. I was just about to ask about obliques on the forums.
    You reading my mind?

  8. Will give these a shot. Right now I’ve just been doing ab pulldowns, woodchoppers and some captains chair leg lifts…this enough for a beginner-intermediate or do I need to revamp my core work?


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  10. what is a good Program/split for naturals Who wanna get Stronger and bigger but can only train 3days a week?

  11. Scott I may have found the reason why you get so few views compared to how many subscribers you have. It's called "click through rate" not really sure how it works but it affects how well your video does

  12. Hey scott, I need to get a lot of intense cardio in for stamina but i didn't wanna take away from weight/strength training. Should I set it aside from a different day entirely than strength workouts or keep it at the end of my workouts?

  13. Isn't the giant gorilla from the intro is from one punch man.I see Scott is a fan of anime.Dragon ballz merches,One punch man characters.This is why I love u more not only u share quality knowledge but you're also an anime fan & good looking.

  14. This is why I love your videos; you tell me its OK to do it one way or the other as long as I put in the work actually do it. You don't like the easy way, but its a stsrting point especially if were not super experienced. Thank you Scott! ^0^

  15. Adding a twist or spin to a deadlift sounds like a great way to hurt your back. Haha just playing. Great video as always Scott!

  16. The burn from this is ridiculous! You feel the activation immediately. I normally have difficulty feeling the obliques during other exercises (wood choppas, etc.) With this exercise I instantly felt the activation of my obliques. Thanks Scott!

  17. The oblique exercise you did in the beginning, when you twist side to side while standing up is not Good for the back. Why Do you Do that exercise???

  18. Hey scott wondering if you can you help me out. I’ve recently switched my training to full body training three days a week, usually go early morning big breakfast post workout shake etc. Problem is towards afternoon I’m getting super tired and taking naps which then affect my nighttime sleep cycle. Any tips?

  19. Sir I want to know how to start for 6 pack and for student and what to eat and diet plan I daily watch your videos sir big inspiration for me sir plz reply how to start with gym

  20. Is your cheat and recover programme also for beginners? I feel it may be too intense for beginners and could possibly lead to injuries as beginners do not have the strength base to do cheat reps and could lead to injuries

  21. good day sir i know it may vary for different people but what would you suggest would be an ok amount of bcaa per day for muscle building

  22. I would say that he's doing a marvelous job and the fact that these videos are shorter than before makes focus easier.

  23. i did standing dumbell oblique crunches with a 100 kilo (220 pounds) dumbell for 10 clean reps yesterday but i still dot got that killer obliques.

  24. Started C&R on Monday and I’m beyond excited for what the next four months of this program is going to do for my body. I appreciate the hard work and good quality material you put into your videos. Enjoy your day bro.

  25. I'm sorry, but isn't that standing oblique crunch really hard on your spine? Why would you ever want to twist your spine in such an unnatural way while loading up with weight?

  26. Do you have any major tips for training chest? I've been struggling to get much growth when compared to other body parts

  27. Dude I beat my 3 rep max today then added 10 more pounds and got 2 more reps beyond that. Strength window is open right now and im taking advantage of it. I will try these workouts tomorrow.

  28. Bro. I am very busy guy. I just have few hours to excercise after Long day Job and feel Exhaustive after comming back home and skip workout so I can get better sleep qnd wake up Early morning giving Fresh start for my Job.

    Is there any Fix to this routine!. Well you might be a trainer so you can spend in Gym,but my situation isnt same.I just got Few hours before landing in Bed for good night Sleep.

    Cant follow Diet too.😢


  30. Dyou have suggested rep & set ranges on an ab routine for hypertrophy on a bulk? I always stick to 13-17 sets and 8-12 rep range per muscle group but with abs I see a lot of different suggestions.

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