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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The best way to work your Outer thigh & hips at home is to take an empty box Put some weights in it or anything heavy… And then kick the box with the outside of your foot like this Right now I’m kicking a box filled with TWO 17 ½ pound dumbbells or 35 pounds total BUT YOU need to find a weight that is right for you and You wanna make sure you use enough weight where you don’t end up kicking the box all the way across the floor Now an even better way to do this exercise for an even better Outer thigh & hip workout is to add even more weight so you’ll have to drag the box across the floor like this because when you do it like this you really have to stretch out or extend your Outer thigh & hip so you can work your Outer hips thru a fuller range of motion And as an example here I’m dragging 55 pounds instead of just kicking only 35 pounds like in the previous example You can also do this exercise using a weight plate On the left I’m dragging a 45 lb plate And on the right I’m kicking a 25lb plate using my Outer thigh & hip.
But Whatever way you do this exercise Make sure you always use a weight that you’r e comfortable with that’s not so light where you can get the weight across the floor in ONE kick & not so heavy where you can’t even drag it a ½ foot For a tougher Outer thigh & hip workout you could also use dumbells that don’t glide easily across the floor like weight plates or even a box to put stuff in… Then you can simply use even a box up a step in differently use any heavy object to kick or drag across the floor to work your Outer thigh & hips
Now if you’re lazy you can do this exercise sitting down but whether you are sitting or standing it’s best that that you do only 2-to-6 sets where you kick or drag for 1-to-5 minutes with each leg 3-to-5 days per week.
Now even though this exercise is good for firming up your Outer thigh & hips, if you’re overweight or have saddlebags you still need to go on a diet and exercise to lose fat all over your body including your saddlebags) to truthfully get slimmer Outer thighs & hips

8 thoughts on “Best Outer Thigh & Hip Exercise At Home

  1. I didn't have any weights but I did have a huggies box. So I thought I need weight so I put my 21month in it she is about 27pounds. It work and she had fun too!

  2. Thanks for the amazing videos…is this exercise to make the hips smaller? And if so, is there something to widen them?

  3. Thanks for the amazing videos…is this exercise to make the hips smaller? And if so, is there something to widen them?

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