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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of,
with another Muscle in Minutes Q&A, where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questions
in two minutes or less. So, today’s question comes from (Gerard Birchen), he wants to know
what the best post-cardio meal is. So, what to eat after a cardio session? The short and
simple answer here is that it’s really not something to concern yourself with. The specific
foods that you eat following cardio session are really of minor importance. And I’ve said
this so many times before, but the main thing you want to focus on when it comes to muscle
building or fat-burning nutrition is quite simply figuring out your daily calorie needs
in order to reach your goal, as well as roughly hitting your protein, carbohydrate and fat
needs for the day, and focusing on hitting those in blocks of about 24 hours, 95% of
the results you’re going to get are going to come from the big picture. And focusing
on nitty-gritty details like what you eat before a cardio session or after a cardio
session is really going to do nothing more than overcomplicate your plan without providing
any real additional boost to your results. The other thing to keep in mind and I’ve said
this again, so many times before is that nutrient absorption is a very gradual process. So,
if you ate a meal within a few hours of your cardio session, those same nutrients are still
being broken down and absorbed even after your cardio session is finished. And also
on the issue of glycogen replenishment which a lot of people want to talk about, you know,
saying that you need to immediately replenish your glycogen levels following cardio or weight
training. Again, weight training and cardio do not deplete glycogen levels to any significant
degree. And even if they do, there’s no need to immediately replenish those levels unless
you’re training the same muscle groups again on the same day. So, again, short and simple
answer, hit your calories and your macronutrient over 24-hour blocks and don’t worry too much
about the specifics of your pre and post cardio nutrition. So, that’s your question answered.
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25 thoughts on “Best Post Cardio Meal: What To Eat After Cardio

  1. There is a big difference between altering growth hormone output and altering it to a level that is actually going to have a measurable effect on body composition. The actual % increase that would be necessary is not something you can simply accomplish through nutrient timing.

  2. So here's the deal,
    I want to know what quality cardio is because obviously there's a difference between being out of breath and actually getting the burn you need haha lol.
    So what is identified as "quality cardio" and how long should I be aiming for to get a really good fat burn? Looking forward to your reply, Sean!

  3. The purpose of cardio is to burn calories, and this can achieved through a wide spectrum of methods from all-out intensity intervals of 10 minutes or less to walking on a treadmill at 3.5 mph for 45 minutes. They all work. High intensity cardio does burn more calories and spare more muscle but it is also more draining on the body. The short answer is that a mixture of both high intensity ("getting the burn" cardio) and low intensity cardio is ideal for most people.

  4. Worrying about insulin is pointless. Proteins are insulinogenic too, and often to just as high a degree as carbs are. For example, beef causes an insulin release just as significant as oatmeal does.

  5. hey sean i've started working out im obese i weighed 259 pounds since i started working out this was 4 days ago but since Saturday i've done 1 hour and 30 minutes everyday of just cardio which excludes walking to the fitness gym and walking back which around roughly just over 1 mile of steep hills. i've started eating more chicken and cut down on general unhealthy snacks fatty foods etc i've started eating foods like tuna, pasta etc but i wasn't sure if milk was good post workout and stuff like chicken soup was any good because im just trying to get a good idea on whats good to eat but what makes it worse for me is im allergic to eggs but also get bad reactions to nuts because of my asthma would there be any other types of food thats any good?

  6. I eat a good healthy meal before I play soccer. But if i play for 5-6 hours and get into a car i feel dizzy. Why does this happen? Is it because i am only drinking water and not replenishing what i lose in sweat?

  7. I like the information you give it is black and white you cut through all the bullshit. You tell it like it is no hidden or mixed information thank you.

  8. My post cardio meal:

    Taco bell mexican pizza
    Taco bell chicken quesadilla
    Taco bell cheesy gordita crunch
    Large coke
    Cheesecake for dessert

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