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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

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If you’re connected to my channel so some days before I’ve upload a video on pre workout
meal plan so that you can get enough energy to do workout now we are going to talk about
the post workout meal plan so that you can grow insanely and you’re muscles will repair
as fast as possible and will grow rapidly and build bigger and stronger .
After workout your first priority is to consume protein diet and in that you can consume 8
white eggs only white part bcoz the yellow part is of no use and it contains only fat
and cholesterol . If you can afford supplement it’s well and
good as you know well during workout your muscle fibre and tissue starts tearing and
you have to repair them by putting protein in them and BCAA’s help you to repair a them
and whey protein contains different types of amino acids.
After 30-35 mins you have to consume a balanced diet which contains proper amount of protein
carbs and healthy fats You can consume chicken fried rice
Roasted chicken Fir vegetarians
They can consume tofu spinach caps I Cum paneer etc.
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2 thoughts on “Best post workout meal to gain mass fast and repair muscle fast in 2017

  1. Post workout meal is to repair your muscles fast and build them bigger and stronger
    Faster recovery
    I hope you'll like my video and share my video

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