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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here with
I want to share with you guys my favorite pre-workout meal for bulking today. First
I want to show you guys a little tour. We got the cabinet of gains right here. I got
some crazy stuff. It’s supposed to be all the supplements I take throughout the year.
First off I’m going to talk about pre-workout. I’m going to talk about why I’m actually currently
not taking this for bulking season and why I’m going with a little bit more of an all-natural
pre-workout mix right here. One of these days I’ll show you all the crazy stuff in here
I have. I’ve got pretty much the basics here. I’ve got some Carbo Gain. I’ve got some Biotin.
Actually it’s good for your hair and skin or some shit. I don’t even know. We’ve got
some MusclePharm Combat protein, spirulina. We’ve got micronized creatine powder. I’ve
got some crazy Peruvian Maca powder. What else do I have in here? We’ve got grape seed
extract. We’ve got ZMA for night-time recovery. Got to stay healthy so we’ve got my Green
Super Food right here. Got some crazy stuff back here. We got some Leucine. This is one
of your most vital amino acid for building muscle. One of these days I’ll give you guys
a little tour on why I take everything and basically the importance of each one. For
right now we’re going to talk about bulking season and my favorite pre-workout meals.
First of all I want to talk about this. I’m actually currently not taking this anymore
for bulking season. I’m going to tell you why. Being a naturally skinny guy, you have
to keep in mind how your metabolism is. This pre-workout is super strong right here. This
is honestly, my opinion, the strongest pre-workout I have ever had. I have tried them all. I’ve
tried C4, all the mainstream ones. I’ve gone to the expos, tried little samples of pretty
much all the different pre-workouts. This one right here, NitraFlex, it’s super strong
because it is all stimulant based. This one has so many different stimulants in it. The
reason I don’t like it for bulking season is just because stimulants are going to really
boost your metabolism. It’s going to make it really hard to get in that healthy calorie
surplus. You’re going in the gym. You’re killing the different compound exercises. Then you
throw a stimulant into the mix, you basically are burning like 4 – 5,000 calories a day
when you mix a hardcore workout in with a stimulant based pre-workout like this. What
I’ve been trying to do too is just get healthy this year. I don’t want to rely on stimulants
and pre-workouts. I want to try and go with a really clean, all-natural diet. I actually
came up with my own pre-workout drink. What I do here is I use Matcha green tea powder.
This is the world’s most effective anti-oxidant drink. This has a super high concentration
of this antioxidant called EGCG, which is incredibly healthy for you. It’s got some
metabolism boosting properties as well. It’s going to be a lot better for bulking season
then a stimulant based pre-workout. I also use coconut oil, really good for energy. It’s
actually not very likely to be stored as body fat, which I think is really important during
bulking season when you’re eating a lot of calories. I notice that it gives me a nice
little boost for pre-workout energy. Then I throw a little bit of cinnamon in the mix
for flavor. Throw it in my Leonardo DiCaprio, not Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo the Ninja
Turtle cup and we are good to go. That should taste pretty good. One more thing, I actually
throw in some lemon in there too, just to give it a little more flavor. I know you guys
want to hear about the pre-workout meal because that’s what the video is about. What I have
here is believe it or not, I have salmon in a can. Now this sounds gross, but for all
you college kids out there, anyone looking to save money, this is only $2.19 at Trader
Joes. The thing I really like about salmon pre-workout is for me it digests really easily.
It’s got really high omega-3 concentrations. Most people don’t get enough omega- 3s in
their diet. When you have enough omega-3s in your diet, you’re going to be a muscle
building machine. You are actually going to notice a big difference in your energy levels.
It’s one of the most common things that most people are deficient in, so just making sure
we get omega-3s in our pre-workout meal is really essential for going in the gym and
hitting those weights hard. This is 39 g of protein. Only grams of fat. We’re actually
going to add more healthy fat. We have this frying up. What I did here, I’m going to turn
the burner on here a little hotter. I got these little chopped up green onions. I’m
just going to throw these in to give it a little more flavor in them. I do black peppercorn.
Now black peppercorn has this ingredient called bioperine, I believe it’s pronounced. It actually
helps with your natural digestion. This is actually an ingredient in the post-gym and
I think pre-gym supplements. He talks a lot about the science of why bioperin helps your
body digest and absorb the nutrients. I try to include these rainbow peppercorns with
all my meals. Then another thing we’re going to add to it some going on over here. Pre-workout
meal, trying to get in a lot of quality calories. We’re going to add these hemp seeds. Hemp
seeds, super high in protein. It is the highest plant-based source of omega- fatty acids I
believe in the world. This is just such an incredibly healthy mean. We’re going to actually
add a couple tablespoons of these hemp seeds on top of the salmon. The last ingredient
I’m going to get into which is brown rice. I’ve been using this Organic California brown
rice. Really good brand. I actually picked it up at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks. I’m
going to give you 2 other options for pre-workout carbohydrates. I really like doing the ancient
grains. It’s kind of like a whole grain pasta or I’ll sometimes do the organic quinoa. I
usually mix in one of these three carbohydrates sources. I don’t usually do oatmeal and I
don’t do sweet potatoes. They tend to kind of upset my stomach a little more. I notice
that brown rice and the whole grain pasta and the quinoa is a lot easier on my stomach.
I just enjoy it more for a pre-workout meal. Let me grab a thing here. My typical routine,
so I’ll make this drink before I start cooking, so I’ll kind of sip on this. About 45 minutes
before my workout I’ll finish it before I get out the door. Then I’m frying up my salmon
here. This basically is just going to add in some better flavor. You don’t want to eat
it straight out of the can. It’s going to have a little bit of that fishy taste. What
we’re going to do here is I’m actually going to add in a little more healthy fat too, so
just let it fry up. We’re going to add a little bit of coconut oil. This actually is a pretty
high calorie meal. That right there just added about 200 calories. Just in here alone we
have about 400 calories and then what I did here is I already cooked up brown rice. I’m
not going to use a cup of brown rice, cup to cup and a half depending on what time of
the day I’m working out. If I’m doing a leg workout, I’ll do a little bit more, like a
cup and a half Today, I’m just doing back and thighs, so I’m going to do just a little
over a cup. Just moved in here by the way, so I don’t know where anything is. Here we
go. See what about a cup of brown rice looks like. A pretty good portion and we’re adding
a lot of other things to it. That’s what a cup of brown rice looks like. I’m just going
to throw this in the microwave for about 1 minute. We’re going to let that cook. Another
option, if you guys, I’m not doing this for this meal, I’m actually trying to stay fairly
lean during this bulking season, trying to get to like 6 – 7% body fat around March and
April. Another thing you can do that will add in about 240 calories is half of an avocado.
Slicing half of an avocado on this meal is incredibly delicious. This meal actually is
about 1000 calories if we’re talking a about a cup of brown rice, a can of salmon, a couple
tablespoons of hemp seeds, the coconut oil and half of an avocado. That is a crazy high
calorie meal. It’s super healthy. It has so much protein, healthy fats, carbs. It’s got
everything you need. I’ll just finish up here. Police coming for me. I’m just going to finish
frying the stuff here. Pour it here. I’m going to turn the burner off here. Just throw that
over the brown rice. If you guys have any veges lying around, I just had some extra
green onions, one thing you want to be careful of though is you don’t want to throw in a
bunch of broccoli and cauliflower and green beans, asparagus in your pre-workout meal.
It’s going to upset your stomach. It’s really hard to digest. Just not a smart move for
a pre-workout meal. Not the best looking dish in the world. I don’t know if Wolfgang Puck
would endorse it. But Wolfgang Puck sure doesn’t have many gains, so maybe he should be watching
these videos. Hemp Hearts, what we’re going to do here now, I got these on Amazon. These
are so good. I literally add these on everything. They add tons of omega-3s. They’re also going
to add in proteins. One serving of this has 10 grams of protein, 13 grams of healthy fats,
3 grams of carbs and I believe it has like 2.5 grams of omega- fatty acids, which is
way more concentrated than even taking like a fish oil supplement. I’m going to add this
on, the hemp seeds. Then I’m actually going to squeeze some lemon just to give it some
more flavor. And last but not least, we’re going to add pepper. Boom. This is, you can
search the internet, go all over, blogs, fitness channels, you will not find a healthier, pre-workout
meal for bulling than this. You have like a healthiest drink in the world that’s going
to boost your energy. You have a plethora of omega-3 fatty acids, slow-digesting carbohydrates,
high-quality protein. You guys will not find a healthier pre-workout meal for bulking than
this. Glad I could show you guys into my new place here in West Palm Beach. By the way,
this is my roommate, Hello Kitty. This is Troy signing off from West Palm Beach. This
is the best pre-workout meal for bulking.

23 thoughts on “Best Pre Workout Meal For Bulking: Pro Diet Tips For Gaining Mass

  1. Fantastic Video… Looks Delicious ! Will Generate Recipe Soon..Can You Still Take Biotin,Spirulina,and L – Leucine After Meal ?!

  2. nice video , I came here to get better knowledge in weight gaining foods the healthy way.  I need some help with that. Not so much to bulk up but to put 10 20 pounds on. I'm really underweight for my age.

  3. Great Vid and I will definitely try thsi pre workout meal, but that is alot of food to take in at one time for me. After that, I wait like 2hrs? then hit the gym.

  4. No potatoes?? Wow! Whenever I bulk I cannot go without potatoes. Potatoes (for me) are the essential carb/starch when it comes to bulking. I usually prepare my meals similar to how Troy prepares it (very healthy) but the only difference is I always add in potatoes and a ton of raw vegetables/salad in my meal. If I don't add potatoes in my meal then I'll continue to look like a skinny stick. Troy seems to have more of a mesomorph body type instead of a ectomorph body type since he can still bulk up without eating any potatoes. And also because he seems to have more of a wide and thick bone structure.

  5. Love your videos! Super helpful
    I'm new to gymming! Confused whether to take protein or carbs meal before and after pre-workout?

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