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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m about to show you the best
pre workout supplement make your own (DIY) three simple ingredients it’s quick it’s easy might
even be more effective for you! The experience starts right now! What is
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stay tuned to the end I got your next steps to optimize your workouts muscle
growth fat loss and athletic performance. Now ingredient number one may be
ingredient zero is so obvious it’s caffeine I’m not even going to count it
that’s why it’s ingredients hero I just take two hundred mgs before a lift I
take a lot of caffeine throughout the day so 200 milligrams not a big deal I’m
not recommending caffeine it’s just what I use to help get me up before a workout
and I like the precision this is why I do my own pre-workout I like the
precision dosing don’t worry about proprietary blends I mean if you make
your own you know what you’re getting you know what you’re putting your drink
that’s why could be more effective for you you get more the stuff you need less
of the stuff you don’t and it’s going to be cheaper so key ingredient number one
tyrosine it’s an amino acid something we need to survive I’m not recommending a
specific brand I don’t make money from any of this stuff I’m not giving you
links to any of it it’s just what I use what I think is a fact so this is just
regular l-tyrosine not a big deal but it’s going to be very very effective
this is the neurotransmitter precursor all that means is that our
neurotransmitters epi norepi or what you might call adrenaline
noradrenaline if you’re outside north america or if you’re on TV for some
reason people like to say adrenaline noradrenaline I don’t know but it’s made
from this stuff if we don’t have enough of this stuff kicking around it’s going
to be a problem we’re not going to be able to get the maximum effectiveness
from our caffeine or a pre-workout whatever it is we’re taking so that’s
why I use a lot of the tyrosine I’m going to come back to tyrosines there’s
a bonus tip for you and that has to do with the dosing.
Quick SideBarr this principle is actually related to some of the masters research
I did research idea for NASA at Johnson Space Center and a talk I gave for the
NSCA personal trainers conference I will link to as much of this as I can
there’s a lot of information here but I really want to keep it simple for now
but just know there’s a lot of science behind this ingredient number two is
going to be BCAAs branched chain amino acids this is something that we can use
to not only stimulate muscle protein synthesis keep in mind it doesn’t last
long I’ve done my research on this one I don’t mean literary research I mean
literally I’ve been in the lab studying muscle protein synthesis on the stuff I
mean we had to puncture arteries and dock I think it gets guy messy but the
research shows it’s great for stimulating muscle protein synthesis but
it doesn’t sustain it I have a video on this three tips for optimizing your BCCAs
because right now people love these BCAAs but they don’t work they’re broken I
show you how to fix that in the video I’ll link to that in the top right in
the description but specifically for a pre-workout yeah great to kick off that
muscle protein synthesis it’s like a key turning on the engine to a car doesn’t
last long without the gas the rest of the amino acids over gas so we’re just
talking pre-workout use right now there’s possibility of BCAAs to block
another neurotransmitter we’ll call it brain chemical if you want kinda like a
short-lived hormone but we don’t want this one you know from the whole
Thanksgiving turkey myth tryptophan converts to serotonin not something we
want kicking around when we work out these days will help block it but hey so
will tyrosine now here’s your bonus step this is a big one a lot of people just
use pcs the key is to combine the tyrosine and a BCAA’s because if you’re
using BCAAs to block amino acids – guess what else applause piracy that means
there’s no raw building block no material from which to build our
excitatory neurotransmitters excitatory hormones those things we walk the EPI
norepi that we talked about earlier adrenaline noradrenaline respectively
they can’t get built if you’re blocking it with watch out for dogs they can’t
get belt unless you’re using both these together so I do what’s called neuro
balance I balance them out one to one ratio ideally using tires and be safe
together so it’s going to be a one-to-one ratio so I’ll use about three
grams season three grams with Tyrus again not
recommending a specific brand yeah I know I wear the hat but not specifically
and meant to be in the doors so ingredient number three is going to be a
fast absorbing fast digesting carbohydrate
this is the key to everything you need to clear out your blood you need to not
only get the fuel to the brain the muscle that kind of thing that’s what
carbs do right it’s our high intensity fuel like you also want to make sure if
the tyrosine that BCAA’s have access to the brain is CNS central nervous system
whatever you want to call it it’s going to help get them where they need to go
now specifically this is bottarga I mean yes I would recommend this I would use
it if I could afford it full disclosure I used to work for the
company cool thing is I don’t work for them anymore
but what that means is I have no actual conflict of interest of recommending
this it means I also know behind the scenes stuff there’s a lot of research
on this one it is fantastic fast absorbing carbohydrate you’re on a
budget you know that glucose maltodextrin in combo again I recommend
using your own really really cheap stuff should be pennies per use okay this is
why we’re talking about making your own issues super super inexpensive but also
very very effective because you know what you’re getting so additions are
caffeine we got the tyrosine that’s going to build those neurotransmitters
that we want -the epi/norepi it’s going to have the BCAAs to stimulate not only
muscle protein synthesis but also help block the neurotransmitter we don’t want
getting to our brain that tryptophan stay away from that one then we’re going
to have our fast absorbing carbs this is not only going to give us fuel for the
workout that rocket fuel that we want it’s actually going to help clear out
the blood of the rest of the amino acid and make sure if the tyrosine the BCAAs
get where we want them to get so real quick what are you using before a
workout I don’t care about brands I’m not going to accept any links or
anything but I do want to hear about what ingredients you’re using let me
know in the comments below so your next step to optimizing your workout muscle
growth fat loss athletic performance check out the video I did on tyrosine
caffeine that kind of thing it’s going to go into a little more
depth give you a bit more background really help optimize your performance
I’ll link to that in the top right and the description
It’s called the best supplements for Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters –
optimizing strength power speed that kind of thing but anyone can use it it’s
great for pre-workout so there’s the best pre-workout make your own it’s
cheap it’s easy it’s a few simple ingredients thanks for watching I’m
David Barr until next time, Raise The Barr

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  1. Whats the ratio you'd recommend between l tyrosine and caffeine. So what it be using a dose of 200 mg of caffeine?

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