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This is Lincoln from Muscle Factory BD. Welcome to the new episode. In the last episode we talked about the importance of protein in bodybuilding. Today we will talk about the best natural Protein Sources for bodybuilding. So without further adieu let’s start. Number-1: Egg Whites One of the most widely used protein sources.
Available almost everywhere at affordable prices. Egg White contains 67% protein of a whole egg. And contains 9 essential amino acids Which helps to maintain various body functions. The white portion of an egg contains 4-5 grams of protein. But in a whole egg, it contains 6 grams of protein with 5 grams of fat and 211 milligrams of cholesterol.  So the white part of the egg you can eat freely.
But it is better not to eat more egg yolks than necessary. Number-2: Tilapia We could have mentioned any other fish,
but it is the cheapest and most available fish in the market. Apart from this, Fat Percentage in it is much less. For every 100 grams of tilapia fish you will get 20-25 grams of protein Which is not too shabby and Fat is less than 3 grams. These fats, however, fall into the list of the essential fats. Number-3: Lentils or pulse, whichever you like to call it. If you are not into dairy based protein or meat based protein, you can give this plant based protein a try.  For every 100 gram pulse you get 8 grams of protein. Here I am talking about cooked lentil. The advantage of being a plant based protein is that it does not contain fat. And there is more fiber in it. Number-4: Chicken Breasts This is called the king of all proteins. No
I’m not talking about Deep Fried Chicken or Chicken Burger. You will get more unnecessary fat that way than protein. The best form of chicken you can have is boiled, smoked or grilled. And you will get 25 grams of protein per 100 gram. Not all body parts of chicken have the same amount of protein. It’s not like you can have all the chicken you want
And you would be getting all those
25 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken. There are some precautions to be taken in this regard. Dark meat is better to be avoid. E.g., drumsticks, thighs, etc. Then what is left?
So what part to eat? You get better results from white meat. For example, chicken breasts, tederloins, and wings. Never eat the skin. 100 grams of poultry with the skin has an extra 8 grams of fat, which is absolutely unnecessary. Number-5: Cottage Cheese No need for parmesan, cheddar or mozzerrella. Locally available ones are sufficient. For every 113 gram of cheese you get 13 grams of dairy based protein It also has a lot of calcium. The food must be thoroughly washed before the meal, otherwise the sodium level will be higher. So this was a list of some good protein sources. Here I have put together an array of plant based, meat based and dairy based protein
We have adjusted it so that you can mix and match. Because one type of food is not good to eat for long. Tastebuds do get bored at one time. Thanks for being with us. Inshallah will see you again next week with a new topic. You can tell us in the comments below about any of your favorite topics. Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already and click the bell icon. Please join our Official Facebook page for more updates and info. This is Lincoln , signing off.

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