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In this video I’m going to show you the best exercise for scapular Dyskinesia. Hi and welcome back to physiotutors. Scapular Dyskinesia can be one factor which leads to subacromial pain and should thus be assessed and treated in order to improve shoulder function. In order to assess Scapular Dyskinesia check out our video on the scapulohumeral rhythm. If your patient experiences less pain with the scapular assistance test or the scapular retraction test There is a good chance that he or she might benefit from Scapular exercises You can check out those two tests by a click in the top right corner The Y lift is such a valuable exercise because it targets a lot of different areas like the upper and the lower trapezius which are both key muscles in creating Lateral rotation of the Scapula. At the same time it produces a high force in the supraspinatus tendon Which is important in controlling the humeral head and at last it promotes thoracic extension Which is important for full shoulder range of motion. To perform this exercise Lie on the bench in prone position with the affected arm hanging over the edge of the table Then lift the arm up and out to raise it above your head with your thumb pointing upwards to ensure external rotation according to Ekstrom in 2003 and Reinold in 2007 an angle of 120 degrees provides the strongest contraction of the supraspinatus and the lower and upper traps make sure to focus on a controlled eccentric movement. Of course this exercise can also be done with both arms simultaneously While you are in prone position on a swiss ball for example. You can progress this exercise by using a small weight or by using a thera-band or cable pulley While you are performing the exercise in standing Alright, this was our video on the Y lift. Give this video a thumbs up if you like our recommendations and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos on therapeutic exercises and physiotherapeutic assessment. This was Kai for physiotutors. I’ll see in the next video. Bye

14 thoughts on “Best Scapular Dyskinesis / Dyskinesia Exercises

  1. Hi, in the video portion using the theraband, you don't externally rotate your arm when lifting it, but you do in the prone position (Thumbs up). Should I externally rotate with the theraband? Many thanks for the video!

  2. What are your thoughts on dynamic neuromuscular stabilization for scap dyskinesia. Strengthing has done nothing for me in the past 2 years

  3. Is it normal to feel click whenever i raise my arm during this exercise? I mean is it normal with dyskinesia??

  4. I have this shit from like 3 years and i finally found how its called in hospital fkn doctors said im just growing and i have nothing wrong sorry for verbal now im wondering in what time i can fix this like 5-6 months?? I know it depends on how bad it is but if someone know who is more experienced

  5. guys do you think is possible to have scap dysk becuase of a tight rhomboid that inihbites the serratus?

  6. Hey guys, i am at the very start getting a handle of a problem that i have. If i cant lift my arm above shoulder level (referring to the exercise lying on the stomach 120degree thing), what muscle is not strong enough? I never had problems im pretty fit but a bunch of things happened after a workout to my left side, medial winging, thin overactive traps,weakness.its getting better but im looking for more to learn. Any pointers?

  7. Hello and Thank you for the information given, i Saw a few videos of your chanel that says scapulothoracic rythm cannot be changed. However, i dont know why but when i Warm up my shoulder having a mirror in my back and try to work my muscles together i can feel an inproven movement in my scapula for a time, the scapular diskinesis is a realy wide topic and it is hard to state that it cannot be cured or changed because the causes could be a lot, nervous, muscle inbalance, etc. Thank you

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