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hi this is Harbir Singh from @AskHarbir and
today’s question was sent in by wanderlust on Instagram and the question
was can you recommend any exercises for Coccydynia Coccydynia is pain on the
tailbone which is usually caused after direct trauma most often falling on to
the tailbone it’s an incredibly painful condition and
it makes sitting very very uncomfortable most common treatments are sitting on a
doughnut-shaped cushion which takes a pressure off the coccyx when you sit and
a corticosteroid injection into the tailbone to reduce inflammation and
reduce pain Coccydynia is an incredibly difficult condition to treat and last a
long time during my training we did have the option of learning intra anal
technique where you go in through the anus and correct the tailbone from
inside although I opted it out of learning this technique looking at the
evidence base is very little in terms of exercises for Coccydynia
however exercise is known to benefit every condition known to man and so
there will be a benefit of doing exercises if you suffer from this
condition even with the exercises and treatment it will likely take a while to
get better there is my top three exercises for Coccydynia
exercise number one is called a butt clench you clench your buttcheeks as
tight as you can for five seconds and then relax and you repeat that ten times I’m clenching my butt on Instagram
okay the next exercise is a forward bend really common stretch from this position
you lean down as far as you can comfortably hang out in that position
for 10 seconds and then come back up and you repeat that three times the last
exercise is the Pilates bridge exercise one of my favorite exercises lying on
the floor lift up your hips hold this position for three minutes
come down and relax you want to repeat these three exercises every couple of
hours and also incorporate application of ice to the area to reduce
inflammation this will help to reduce the stress and strain in the muscles
around the coccyx and relieve pressure on the coccyx that’s it I hope this
video helped if you found benefit in this video please share it with others

32 thoughts on “Best Self-Treatment Exercises for Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain or Coccydynia | Feat. Harbir Singh

  1. Hello! I need to join army but d coccyx is making life difficult for me. I can't even lift in d gym. I can't even sit for 5mins to study even on that soft cushion. M 25. R all doors closed now?

  2. Its really painful. I am 28 years old. Athletic . Work in a law enforcement agency but unfortunately i am suffering from it and can't sit for more than 10 minutes on a chair. I had a fall when i was a child and it seems like it has come back

  3. Sir,im suffering from coccyx pain since 2 yr age25 .I have tried stretching exersize but it hurts more.Dr adviced to remove entire coccyx.Really it will help me ?Can i healed completely by Applying ice for 10 mints a day ?

  4. I recently fell and have sacrococcyx dislocation, I’m 28 female! It’s been one month and no progress This is really painful. Does this dislocated bone heal on its own? Doctors had been prescribing me painkillers.

  5. I have problem in l5 and s1 and disk dehydrated issue i feel pain in tail bone also in leg and left foot plz recomend me exercise or diet i m 25 and student i feel so much difficulties plzzz give me some suggestions

  6. New subscriber. I hurt my coccyx from a fall down the stairs on 9/11/17. I am still in excruciating pain at night. It feels like it's being pressed upon. I started researching and voila. Your video stands out from the rest. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. I am 19 F. Past 2 months I'm suffering from tailbone pain and last week I fell on my buttocks. It is paining a lot now. I developed a swelling in my buttocks line and that pains. Please help.

  8. im 21 year old my tail bone hurt after seating in a hard surface for an hour…. but now its been 5 month and it still hurt, please help.

  9. My daughter is 11. She fell right on her back at the beach on holiday. Ever since she’s been screaming in pain and it hurts to know as I mother I can’t do anything to help her. Well I stumbled on this video and did the exercises with her so she would feel comfortable and within 2 weeks she was showing signs of improvement. Thank you so so much! She is fine now because of these exercises! All I can say is thank you!

  10. I'm so sad. I'm a 16 year old girl that had this pain for a week. I feel pain while sitting leaning backwards and jumping. But I have no pain while walking and dancing. The muscles feel so tight in that area and when I touch it, it's tender. I feel like it's never going to heal and I start school so I have to sit down for 10 hours. I feel like it's gonna be there forever 😭😭

  11. I have same broken and i have six month old I get into this trouble during child birth. Can have an idea of tail pain after child birth

  12. I suspect my coccyx is deviated right laterally (to the right watching the back from behind, like so >>), and inwardly. What I would like to understand is:
    what kind of muscles, and stretched in which/what way, would tend to pull my coccyx toward left and outwardly (toward out or dorsally).

    In practice I would like to know what kind of exercises, besides their generical benefit, would tend to balance a dislocated coccyx, moving it back to the left and outward.

    I hope You / The reader can figure out what I mean and thank you for advice or referral to another video.

  13. I am suffering from tailbone pain
    I have done MRI … MRI findings
    Mild increase in the distal intercoccygeal segments with subtle edema in the distal coccygeal segments without effusion in the joint space

  14. I had a crash when i was 18 on a motorcycle and fell down straight on my bottom, and doctor says my tailbone is injured and had to undergone a therapy. Its been 8 years since and it hasn’t healed not even the slightest. I’m so sad because I can’t work out anymore and i gain 30kg for the course of 8 years.. is there anymore?
    Operating it will only make it worse and I WILL be worse and might be unable to even walk. 😥 its disheartening cus I really want to be back to what i used to be.

  15. I am sad because i suffer tailbone pain i can not sit and my exam is to near sir….and my dream is doctor

  16. Iam also suffering from this past 7 months its very painful.when iam driving car or bike. I have to stop vichle each half an r once then only I can drive…..

  17. wha beta wha I am Impressed hey beta please do make more vedios for old people like me. wahe guru

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