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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, you guys! I’m Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women and today
I’m going to put together a workout for you that is some of my best thigh exercises great
for burning fat. Let’s go! This is going to be a fun workout today because
I changed up the format a little bit than what you’re used to me putting together for
you. So there are six different exercises. You’re going to complete one exercise for
three rounds before going to the next exercise. For example, number one is going to be a jump
lunge pulse and you’re going to do that three times in a row before going onto exercise
number two. So set your timers for 18 rounds, 10 seconds
of rest, and one minute of work. So your first exercise, I have light weights
here, but if you guys can go heavier I recommend that. But because we’re jumping I always want to
be careful with how much extra weight that you’re holding onto, because you can do this
exercise without any weight at all. So what I want is you to get into lunge position
and I want you to give me two pulses, then switch. So it’s jump, pulse, jump, pulse. From this angle I want you to see my form. So from here I’m jumping, pulse. Look how low my back knee is toward the ground. Obviously you don’t want to touch it to
the ground and get hurt, but I don’t want your leg almost straight, okay? I want you deep into a lunge, and then jump
switch. Keep your shoulders and head back as much
as you can. Exercise number two: you’re going to need
a box. Box, bench, chair; anything that is stable
enough to jump up on. You’re going to give me – you’re going to
jump, both feet up onto the box, into a squat. Jump down into a squat. Jump back, jump forward. So you’re going to do these exercises – when
that buzzes, after that first rep/round – you’re going to have 10 seconds to rest. It’ll buzz, you’re going to do it again, right? I’ll do this a second time and then you’ll
have 10 seconds to rest, then you’ll do it again, okay? Then you’ll go onto exercise number three
which is going to be a skater – I’m going to move this aside – a skater with a jack
knife. So you’ll start on one side. The leg to the outside, I want you to jump
and it’s a skater. So you’re going to try to touch down on the
ground and then jack knife. Jump to the other side, jack knife. You’ll do that for one minute, it’ll buzz,
you have 10 seconds to rest, then you’ll do it two more times. Then you’re going to move onto number four. Number four and five are the same exercise. So you’re going to do a lunge back kick out. You’re going to do one leg for three rounds. Then you’re going to do the other leg. Exercise number five. Lunge back, kick out. You’ll do that for three rounds. Your last exercise, you’re going to need these
weights again. This one’s kind of fun. Kind of fun. Working out is awesome. It’s fun. All right, so what you’re going to do, you
can actually start with your weights in your hands, or on the ground. It’s up to you. We’re going to be doing squat jacks. This is a squat jack, right? You’re going to put on down. Squat jack. Put the other one down. Now I want to pick them up. Squat jack. Pick up one. Squat jack. Pick up two. Now let’s do four jump lunges. One, two, three, four. That’s the last exercise. So you’re going to complete each one three
times before moving onto the next one. So what you need to do is set a timer for
18 rounds. I’m out of breath. 10 seconds of rest and one solid minute of
work. And that’s it. That’s your workout. Great job, you guys! I hope you enjoyed that thigh burning workout. I am Melissa for ATHLEANXX for Women and I’ll
see you guys next time.

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