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– What’s up, Elite Thenex Athletes. I’m Zay. – And I’m John. – And welcome to another
video of Official Thenex – Today we’re gonna be
showing you the best tricep workout for calisthenics. (edm music) – Alright, so let’s get started. So, if you have seen our last video, Chris showed you guys
the best bicep workout but today we’re gonna be showing you the best tricep workout. – As Chris said last week, most calisthenics movements
are compound exercises. Meaning exercises that target
multiple muscle groups. Today’s exercises we’ll be showing you are specifically gonna
emphasize on your tricep. – So we put these exercises
together in a workout. And the first exercise for
this routine’s gonna be dip. Now, when it comes to dips there’s many different ways of doing em. The angle and position your body is in plays a huge factor on what muscle groups are really being targeted and emphasized. Now when you lean back
from this dip position you’re putting a greater
overload on that tricep, making it harder and making
it way more effective than a traditional dip. You ready? Let’s go for 15. (edm music) Alright, here we go. Next exercise we have: diamond push ups. Let’s go for 20. Alright, guys so for this exercise you want to consciously
be squeezing that tricep all the way from the bottom all the way to the top. Make sure you’re squeezing
as tight as possible. Let’s go for 20. (edm music) Alright, there you have it, 20. Diamond push ups, in
our opinion is the best push up variation when it
comes to targeting that tricep because of that hand placement. So, just like the angle plays a role in which muscles are being targeted, hand placement is also a huge factor when it comes to which
muscles are being engaged in an exercise. Alright, guys so next we
have tricep extensions. – So, an important thing to
note about this exercise is the closer your hands are to your chest the more it’s gonna target your triceps but also it’s gonna be harder
to perform the movement. The further away your
hands are from your chest, the easier the movement becomes but is less of an
overload on your triceps. So, find an angle that challenges you but allows you to perform
the movement correctly. Let’s go for 20. (edm music) Alright. Next up is my personal favorite which is skull crushers. So, as you guys know your
tricep has three heads and in order to get an
effective tricep workout you wanna target all three
areas of your triceps. So, as you seen with dips,
we had a downward angle. And then with tricep extensions
we had a foreword angle. And for skull crushers we’re
gonna go for an overhead angle. Let’s go for 15. (hip hop music) – Alright, moving on. We got straight bar dips next. Now for this exercise
you normally wanna do shoulder width apart but
we’re gonna do it close grip which is gonna force
more tricep activation. Let’s go for 20. (hip hop music) There you have it. Close straight bar dips. – Now, we have advanced bench dips. The key to this exercise is to lean back. You wanna have your hips up, you wanna be looking forward and you really wanna squeeze
when you get to the bottom and also when you get to the top. You really wanna focus
on squeezing that tricep. Good work. – Alright, bro. Get it. – Alright, we’re gonna
move into our last exercise which is negative impossible dips. – Alright, so this
exercise is very advanced. Me and John are gonna use some assistance. We’re gonna use some resistance
bands for this exercise. If you guys don’t have
your resistance bands, get yours. Now, what you wanna do is you wanna place a band over the bars. Get a nice grip and you’re
gonna hop over the band, you’re gonna sit on it and what you wanna do from here is you wanna lean back and come
down as slow as possible then back up. We are working the eccentric here which is also very
important to incorporate in each exercise. Let’s go for five reps. (edm music) Alright, guys there you have it. Negative impossible dips. Again, if you don’t have
your resistance band That’s gonna complete round
one for this tricep workout. You wanna do a total of three rounds to complete this workout. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to smash that like button. – And for more workouts just like this to get in the best shape of your life go to and become a member. – [Zay] Get full access to
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Thenix app in the app store to take our workouts with you everywhere. – And join the millions of
Thenix athletes around the world changing their life today. Again, thank you guys
so much for watching. Comment down below, and let us know what you want
our next video to be about. – We’ll see next Sunday at 8 PM. Peace out. (high energy beat)

39 thoughts on “Best Tricep Workout (Calisthenics) | 2018

  1. Hy, i'm a fighter, and i wanna know how can i train calisthenics for complement my fight. I don't know how can i train… full body… isoled muscles…
    If you can answer me, thanks
    (i'm brazilian, so, sorry the english mistakes haha)

  2. Thank you so much I’ve been trying to find a good tricep workout for ages and even with weights at the gym my triceps weren’t sore the next day. I’ve been doing calisthenics for a year now and this workout kicked my ass I did it a few hours ago and my triceps are already super sore this bodyweight exercise has left me sore more than any type of specific tricep weight training ever could. Thank you 🙏

  3. Hey sir! I wana ask you that can we do calisthenics in the morning and weight training in the evening? Will that be good for me???

  4. Please help I have unbalanced triceps my left side is a little bit shorter and my right side is a little bigger I hope you guys reply

  5. Hi everyone. Question:
    I'm a great fan of your trainings.
    Can I do instead of the 1st round completely, make 4 rounds of 1st exercise and go to next in the same way?
    Best regards

  6. 15 Dips
    20 Diamond Push ups
    20 Tricep Extensions
    15 Skull Crushers
    20 Straight Bar Dips
    10 Advanced bench dips
    5 Neg. Impossible Dips(with rb)

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