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Brent: Do you find it easy to lose weight but hard to keep it off? Stay with us and we’re going to share with
you the best weight loss strategies that last. Jennifer: For the best weight-loss strategies, meal plans, diet plans, workout routines and accountability. Subscribe to our channel and hit the bell
to be notified each Wednesday when a new video posts. Brent: If you’re tired of yo-yo’ing, bouncing
from plan to plan, settling on a weight loss that you’re like, “Oh, this is okay,” stay
with us and at the end of this video we’re going to share with you weight loss secrets
that last. Jennifer: When you’re trying to lose weight,
a lot of times people jump right into it with two feet before mapping out what it really
takes for successful longterm weight loss results. We at EC, drum roll please, we use three pillars: fitness, nutrition, and accountability to make sure in your results last. Brent: For you to have success, you truly
do have to have all three. Do you remember what they are? Fitness, nutrition, accountability. You need to have it mapped out in front of
you. So that way when life throws you curve balls,
it won’t squander your weight loss journey. Jennifer: A very common motivational quote
is by a very wise man, Benjamin Franklin. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” And I couldn’t put it any better way. I can’t think of anything that I’ve executed
well that didn’t take planning and prep work to make sure it was a huge success. So let us show you the best weight loss strategies for successful results. But first, comment below and let us know where you personally get stuck. Is it with the fitness, the nutrition, or
the accountability part of weight loss? Brent: So for the three pillars, each
one of them, you’re going to want to ask yourself the five W’s. Who, what, when, where, why. Jennifer: So for fitness, the first W, who. Who are you going to do this with? Are you going to go after it alone? Are you going to do it with a significant
other, your son, daughter, your neighbor, a friend? Just know that you take responsibility for
your results. And this just means that if you’re at the
gym and they decide to stand you up, that doesn’t mean that you can leave without getting
your workout on. So there’s a reason why you personally got
started and why it was important to you. So make sure that you take responsibility
for your own weight loss journey and don’t allow them to derail your progress. Brent: Moving along. Next one is what. What type of budget do you have for this journey? Are you going to make a little small space
at home? Are you going to join a gym? Are you going to start taking some classes? Are you going to hire a trainer? Those are the type of questions you need to
start asking yourself. Jennifer: Where. You need to narrow your options by doing a
little research first. You want to make sure that it’s close so that
way it’s convenient. You don’t just go to this person one time
on a monthly basis. No, you’re going to be going there three to
five times a week. So you want to make sure that it’s close. So do your research. Make sure that it’s in your backyard. And just know workout places are a dime a
dozen. So you really need to make sure and do your
homework about their reviews. Do they have great reviews? You’re going to be getting up close and personal
with these people. So you want to make sure that it’s going to
be a good fit. And lastly, for where, do you want to go to
a big box or is that just too intimidating for you? Do you want to go to boot camps or do you
feel like you need more accountability than that? Or maybe you feel like small group or a more
private setting would be perfect. Then you need to research your personal training
studios. But again, make sure that they’re close and
local to you. Brent: When. We’re at when. When is this all going to happen besides now? So you made the decision. Now is the when, but now when during the day? So you need to be consistent with your workouts,
so you need to choose it, whether it’s going to be morning, evening or afternoon. So if you know that your work schedule is
crazy and you never know when you’re going to end at work, then don’t plan to do it after
work. Do it in the morning before work. Sometimes it stinks getting on a new schedule,
but you just got to do what you got to do. This is your lifestyle. This is the decision you made. You’re not a morning person. I don’t want to wake up in the morning. I know that I’ll be out of work consistently
at a certain time. Then choose the evening. You can do this. You just got to make that decision, commit
to it, make it happen. I know personally I’ve tried it every different
way. I’m not an afternoon or an evening person,
so I have to get it done before everybody gets up actually. So I get up at three o’clock in the morning
and train at four prepping for helping to change people’s lives here at our facility. So my win is 4:00 a.m. but I feel great the
rest of the day. I’m ready to attack the world. I feel on top of the world. I’m pouring into people. So, and you’re going to be that positive citizen
out there helping other people out too because you just made that lifestyle change and you’re
feeling pretty good about what you’re doing. So when. Jennifer: Okay, so now we’re at your why. And this is the most crucial part of your
fitness and weight loss journey. Brent: It’s the glue. Jennifer: You need to figure out your why
and it can’t be some stinking superficial why like, “I need to lose weight,” or “the
doctor told me I need to lose weight,” or, “my pants don’t fit anymore.” Brent: Dig Deep. Jennifer: Dig deep. This needs to be something like, “Man, my
husband hasn’t touched me in six months. I want him to want to touch me again. I want to feel confident so that way I’m putting
on some sexier clothes and making him want me again.” I see you looking at me. Or you just had kids. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “God,
I can’t even keep up with my kids right now. Imagine when they get older, I’m going to
be even slower. They’re going to be even faster. I’m going to be not able to teach them how
to bike ride, not able to teach them jogging, not even able to throw a baseball around with
them because I get so winded so easily.” Whatever the case may be, you need to make
sure that it’s really going to drive you. So that way when life gets tough and it throws
you curve balls and your boss wants you to stay late and your workout time is in the
evenings or traffic comes up, it’s going to drive you to make sure that you get there
and you get your workout in because this is for you and why you’re getting started is
going to drive you to get those final results that are going to last. If you make it superficial, I can almost promise
you that you’re not going to last very long. Brent: All right. Now that we’ve got that all figured out for
the fitness, we get to do it all again for the nutrition. All right? We’re at the who, right back at the top. So when you’re doing this with nutrition,
we need to figure out who’s going to be doing the meal prep, who’s going to be doing the
grocery shopping? Are you going to split jobs? Are you going to order stuff in? Are you going to have someone else do it? Whatever you need to do. You just have to decide, “Hey, you know what? Who’s going to be responsible for this?” And at the end of the day, like you know,
it all comes back to you getting it done. This is your journey. Jennifer: All right, the what. So here you’re going to need to decide what
type of diet plan or meal plan you’re going to follow. You want to make sure that it stands the test
of time. So meaning it’s going to be one that you can
do and sustain for the course of your life. So you don’t want to make it too restrictive,
something that you can’t follow or can’t do on a daily basis and be consistent with it. A lot of times people jump both feet in to
not only fitness but also to the meal planning portion. And they don’t think through the fact, “Oh
man, I’m on a 500 calorie diet. I can’t make this for the long haul.” Or, “Oh man, I signed up for Keto. I can’t really do Keto. I love carbs.” So you just want to make sure that whichever
diet or meal plan you choose to follow, it’s one that you’re going to be able to also sustain. So think through that when you make your choice. Brent: Where. Where is all the magic going to happen? Grocery shopping, talking about grocery shopping
people. So anyways, pick a place that you’re going
to like to go to, whether it’s going to be like Sam’s, BJ’s, Whole Foods, Costco, Harris
Teeter, wherever it is, your local grocery store. But just make sure that if you go somewhere
consistently, you’re going to start to know your little kind of route in the grocery store. It’s going to be in and out 15 minutes. It doesn’t need to be all day. Everything is very time efficient. So all these things that we’re trying to get
you to think through, it’s, at the end, is to make everything faster and easier. So that way just you thought about it once
and it’s done and now it’s just attack. So pick your grocery store, map it out, that
way you have it all…. we’re going to, we’re going to give you the grocery shopping lists. So, but anyways, have it mapped out. And then also if you do want to do online
ordering, so that way you don’t even have to go into the grocery store and-
Speaker 2: That’s what we do. Brent: Yeah, this is awesome. So anyways, especially if you got little kids,
you don’t want to go in the store, they’re running around grabbing everything, throw
it in the cart. But we won’t go there either. So, but online ordering is great, but obviously
if you choose a certain grocery store, you want to make sure that they do have that online
ordering. So that way when you show up, they actually
have your groceries ready for you. So, but anyways, if that’s important to you,
check that out as well. So where and then get the map in there and
go for it. Attack that grocery store. Jennifer: All right and now we’re to the
when. So when are you going to do your grocery shopping
and your meal prepping and your cooking and all that good stuff. We personally strategically decide when we’re
going to go each and every week. You need to choose this for you and how it
best fits your lifestyle. So for example, we typically go mid-day when
we know the kids are at day camp or school during the week. But we also have that flexibility because
we typically work in the mornings, really early in the morning, or late at night. And if we don’t make it there during the week,
we go first thing Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. We are there waiting for the doors to open
because we know that we don’t have to fight the crowds, we don’t have to fight the traffic,
the crowds, the lines at the checkout and like you know, we also scan and go. We know our route, we do it. We’re in and out in 30 minutes. We don’t fool around. If the kids are acting up, we throw them in
the cart and that’s it. And we may, we take another cart for our groceries. Brent: When they turn 16 it’ll be funny
though. Jennifer: Yeah, it’ll look kind of weird. I do agree with you. We’ll have to think that through later. But anyways, he’s got anyways and I’ve got
anyways. Okay, so you just need to decide when you’re
going to go and do your grocery shopping. The meal prepping and cooking is the same
way. We’ve got meal prepping down to a science. Once you get the routines down and you keep
following our channel, we’re going to give you meal prepping hacks and stuff like that,
too, to make it a lot simpler, but just know each and every time you do it, you’re going
to get quicker. We’re going to give you tips and tricks so…
and the cooking. So you guys are going to work it out so that
way you become really fast and efficient at getting the job done. And before you know it you’re going to be
doing your grocery shopping, your meal prepping and your cooking all in less than just a couple
hours each and every week like we do. Brent: All right. It’s the why, the end. We can do this. A lot of times people think that the why for
nutrition should be the same as the why for your fitness, but it shouldn’t be. If you really want to get great results, they
should be a little bit different because sometimes your why will get you there for fitness and
it won’t make you do it at home for the nutrition portion of it. We work with a lot of clients and at the end
of the day when they get done with a meal plan, they’re like, “Man, I really just think
it lacks,” because they don’t have the accountability when they come to the fitness portion of it
to the gym. They’re home, they’re cooking. It’s a different why. So dig down deep. Also find that good why, why you want to change
what you’re eating, Do you want to feel better? Do you want to sleep better? Do you want to teach your children how to
eat better? So get that big deep why of why you want to
change your nutrition. And that way you have two good nuggets to
keep you so accountable that you’re going to have that success. Speaker 2: All right guys, you guys are moving
right along with us. We’ve already covered fitness, we’ve covered
nutrition. Now it’s the last pillar towards your success,
which is… Both: Accountability. Jennifer: So, for the accountability, we
like to use the SMART acronym because really at the end of the day, in order to know where
you’re going, you need to know where you’re at. And then this way, if you’re measuring on
a timely basis, you can actually make tweaks to improve your results each and every week. So the SMART acronym, if you’re not familiar
with it, the S stands for specific, M, measurable, A, achievable or attainable, R, results-driven,
and T, time-based. So in order to do this, we really need to
think through what kind of measurement means the most to you. Okay? We are going to go into that in another video
talking about the difference between body fat and weight. But for you, you need to decide what’s most
important. Do you want the number on the scale to be
what you’re measuring each and every week or do you want it to be your body fat? Because dependent upon your answer to this
is really going to determine the type of scale that you need to measure. Okay, guys? So SMART acronym is what you’re going to use
to make sure that you’re staying accountable towards reaching your goals. Brent: We’ve already done the homework
for you. So one of the scales that we recommend is
the Renpho scale. And the reason we do this is because we, at
our facility, we actually have an InBody, it’s a medical grade device. So this actually goes into depth about your
body fat, skeletal muscle mass, water weight, all that stuff. And Renpho actually is really good. And the best thing is it’s a whopping 30 bucks. So what it does is it syncs up with a mobile
app. You can have multiple profiles, but it gives
you a lot of baselines. So that way you got good measurable goals
you’re shooting for. Oh yeah, great news. All you have to do, there’s a link below to
the Renpho scale and Amazon will get it home to your door in one day. Jennifer: Renpho. Brent: Renpho. Yes. Jennifer: Renpho. R-E-N-P-H-O. Yo. All right, you guys. So we made it, we’ve gone over the three pillars,
the five W’s for both fitness and nutrition. And we’ve talked about your SMART goals for
accountability. Brent: You’re almost there. The goodie, the goodie’s almost-
Speaker 2: You’re almost there. Brent: It’s at the end. You’ve got to get it. Jennifer: It’s super exciting. So what you need to do now is find out where
you’re at today. And then choose a goal that’s attainable for how long you want to work towards it. Okay? So for instance, what I mean by that is Karen,
we’ll take Karen, for instance. We just had a client come to us and she started,
she’s about 70 years old, so we said about a year for her to hit a goal of 100 pounds. Okay? So I’m excited to tell you that she actually
hit 108 pounds in eight months, which it normally takes us about seven to nine months to get
a person to a hundred pounds. But the most important thing is is when we
were working with Karen, we knew her goal was 100 pounds. We estimated about a year to get there. And so we worked backwards. Meaning we took 52 weeks and we divided 100
by 52 and then we actually got 1.9 pounds. So when you do that, you’re like, “Oh my God,
two pounds? I only have lose two pounds every single week? I can do that. That’s awesome.” But when you’re looking at 100 pounds, it’s
self-defeating. It’s totally overwhelming and it makes it
really hard for you to focus on your short-term goals. Okay, guys? So when you have short-term goals, it allows
not only you but those around you to celebrate with you when you hit those. And it keeps you super, super fired up towards
continued success. So make sure you find out where you’re at
today and choose a goal that’s attainable on when you’re going to reach those goals. Brent: So now you know the recipe, the
strategy for successful results and all you have to do is do these things to maintain
it. Jennifer: And guess what? The best part, we’ve actually done all the
prep work for you. So we’ve created a guide and if you click
the link below in the description of this video, you can grab the guide. And we’ve… it makes it nice, short, sweet
and simple for you to follow the steps right along and get all the organization and prep
work done. Brent: If this stuff excites you and you’re
in a super pumped up and ready to just attack the world and you know you’re going to get
those long lasting results, we have a community of people that are just like you. So click the link below, join the community,
get the latest stuff out as we launch it. And that way you have those long lasting results. Jennifer: If you like this video, make sure
you let us know by liking it below and make sure that to subscribe and share this with
friends that you know may be struggling also with their own personal weight loss journey. And if you have any comments whatsoever, let us know your favorite trick or tip that we shared with you today or even give us some feedback on maybe some content ideas that you’d like to hear us go over with you. We’re here for you. We are definitely here for you. So whatever way we can support you, just let us know and share it in the comments below.

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