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100 thoughts on “Best Workout Music – Best Gym Music – Best Trainings Music 2018

  1. 🤷‍♀️the actual song names bc these are remixes 😪 it said it at the top, but those are the original songs I want the remixes!!!!!

  2. You guys are gay and shit. Listen to As I Lay Dying or some Rammstein I guarantee you to pump out 10x more reps while listening to that than this shitehouse little list.

  3. Although this may be old the music was great I was on the elliptical for 1hr I just repeated the vid it was great love this!

  4. Hi! For the people who came here to work out i say ( FOR PC PEOPLE ) bring a bottle of water with you tablet ppl your fine 😛

  5. I totally recommend this to people like me who need motivation when working out to lose weight and shape up!! Luv the music really keeps me going when I work out , keep up the good work

  6. Can someone please tell me where can I get that music playing at 1:10 before ed sheeran. It's used in a movie too and I can't figure it . Driving me nuts!!

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