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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys I’m Yasir Khan and today I’m
going to show you how to build a strong chest like me with these five exercises so I’m gonna show you how to lift
properly with the right form and then the weight is not that important that
the form is but if you follow the form you will start lifting heavy weight
eventually if you are doing it properly with the
right form eventually you’ll start lifting more and more weight and you will have
a bigger chest with the right shape it shows your manliness it gives you a
proper frame of your body and of course girls love it as well so the first exercise which is inclined
dumbbell chest press which is one of my favorite exercises, so incline dumbbell press
is very important for your upper chest which usually people have problem with
it and even I had it like 10 yearsI was confused like why it’s not growing so I started doing sets of between 15 to 8 reps of incline
dumbbell press as my starter so the form for this incline dumbbell press is like
you do it slow keep it in control don’t try to lift too heavy if you cannot
control it usually I do is squeeze on the top and hold on the bottom I start with 15 reps I just activate my
muscle in my pecs in the first set I’m gonna start lifting heavy and then come
down to 10 reps do it very slow hold a bit and then slowly up not like just
like keep trying to push the weight you know so if you’re doing it do it
properly if you want to grow I mean I got the results I’m sure you will get
the results as well so this is a flat bench dumbbell flyes
it’s very important to activate your chest again and because as we have just
done incline dumbbell press that was the compound movement and this is the
isolation this isolates your pecs more and then whatever you do aftert this you
will even feel more and if everything will become even harder so don’t focus
too much on lifting heavier weight because trust me if you have done these
two exercises properly the third one will be very difficult for you to with
the weights, your muscles are like really burning at this time like you can see my pecs are really burning at the moment
so let’s say the range of the movement for the flies is that you do not put
your elbows too low or too out it should be in the line of like a little below your
shoulder and do not keep your hands too straight just slight bend and not too
much bend otherwise it will become a press so if it’s a fly and it has to be a
little bit open and just not completely straight
just be very careful when you’re smashing the Dumbells together, just hold
it right there and then as you can see right now this thing you you will work like your pose even if your lifting light but you are
working on point when you’re going down try to go slow slow slow hold there
pause there for like two seconds and then start coming back up like this
so you need to like constantly focusing in your pecs so the third exercise is a flat bench
dumbbell press this is for your entire pecs for the full chest upper middle and
lower many people do this exercise in the beginning also but in the beginning
you should always work on your weaker points so my weaker point was incline
chest when I do this in the third so I feel more in my pecs I do it with the
right form again I don’t try to lift as heavy as possible
but I try to do it properly with the right form and whatever the weights I can
lift that’s okay for me but as I am doing it right now so my
pecs are really activated right now right form for bench dumbbell presses
like the same you should not keep your elbow too out of too much in, it should
be in the middle and take it slowly down the weight and then hold there, pause
there for two seconds and slowly up and squeeze again on top so that you can
actually feel your all the fibers and from internal to external chest you need
to feel it all. so this I do usually 5 sets again because this is the number 3
exercise so I would do 5 sets of 10 to 8 reps but the last set is usually 25 to
30 reps so I drop the weight and then do more reps so you I can really feel the
fill the pump and the blood circulation in my muscles this is the number four exercise which is
cable crossover I love this exercise so much because this works literally for
your entire chest especially the deeper inside which you see you know like how
you get the density in your chest that’s because of this exercise which is very
important and I love it don’t drop your elbow down and then do
like this otherwise literally it’s coming on your traps in your back that
has to go up so you keep the tension on your pecs, stretch properly not like this
so keep the tension in your chest and then keep it bring it forward and
squeeze hard and as hard as you can like you’re posing your most muscular pose
you know so if you’re doing the most muscular that’s how you do it
right so initially you start with slow and
then you take it all the way up slow pause for one second and slowly bring it
down and squeeze at least for three seconds you can see how I’m doing it I’m
trying to squeeze as much as possible if you are a beginner and do it even slower
pause for three seconds there and slowly bring it down so you understand that the
meaning of muscle and mind connection so your muscles are working properly and
then you know like to actually feel what so this is the one of my best finisher
dips for your chest but usually when you’re doing that this be very careful
because if your elbows are going too in, it’s coming all on your triceps so make
sure that your elbows are out you’re feeling right there in your decline
chest so usually if you’re doing it in the end of the chest routine it works on
you especially on your decline this part which you can see right here but at the
same time it works all over your chest also it’s a very good finisher that
gives you the best pump and again do not lean your back like this because
then it becomes again it’s coming on your triceps so always keep a little bit
you’re bending a little bit forward so you’re getting the proper swipe you know
in your chest the proper flow so always be a little bit forward when you’re
doing even on this machine or the bar machine as well
just make sure that you are not trying to lift too heavy because this is the
finisher you’re not supposed to lift heavy in this you’re supposed to lift
heavy in the beggining but if you can hold your form on point you can go as
heavy as possible mainly it’s all about the form this is just polishing your chest it
gives you a better definition and better pump so this is the last exercise
and I hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe to the YouTube channel
and I hope I see you soon


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  2. feel like after my 2-3 chest- exicies, im so done and tired. Should I take less weight or is this a common thing?

  3. wow! just wow! look at all these shameless, hypocrite, treacherous Indians, they are proud of this well achieved guy. Otherwise one can find them cursing muslims wherever they can. Its sign of a fake, hollow country, crafted by the british.

  4. Yasir sir amazing physique.
    Its really inspiring.
    Specially chest and abs. And well shaped beard.
    I need to follow you.
    Thank you for vdeo
    Best luck. 🙌🏻👍

  5. Yasir sir amazing physique.
    Its really inspiring.
    Specially chest and abs. And well shaped beard.
    I need to follow you.
    Thank you for vdeo
    Best luck. 🙌🏻👍

  6. Brother can you tell me that how can I increase my chest without any Gym equipments.At Home

  7. আমার ভাল লাগে যখন কোন এক ধরনের কাজ করতে

  8. Sir ji my chest is shape out lower chest looks like boobs what workouts to get perfect shape i can lift 20kgs dumbell

  9. is that eye liner,I know aloooooooot of Indians and it looks like you have tattooed eyeliner…..dude.

  10. Anyone else noticed that his chest looks like a butt when he was doing the dumbbell chest press🤣

  11. My upper chest is underdeveloped so now i try to only train the upper chest. I do some flat benche bar/dumbell press to. But my main focus is now incline flyes and so on. Thoughts ??

  12. 5 sets of 15-18 reps of each
    1)Incline dumbell press
    2)Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly
    3)Flat Bench Dumbbell press
    4)Cable Crossovers
    5)Parallel dips

  13. 6-8 reps is muscle hypertrophy training 15 reps is endurance that won’t build muscle, and 1-3 reps is for strength

  14. Haha hey dude, my names also Yasir. In Arabic and stuff but I came to the us when I was young so I speak more English naturally than Arabic. Thanks for the tips!

  15. I love how he explains absolutely everything! It would be great to see him in other videos for other workouts.

  16. Sir when I doing inclined chest press at that time my chest is not in work I feel my triceps and biseps going work , what can I do sir

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