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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey man, I know a lot of guys over 50 don’t have a whole lot of time to work out and you may not be able to go to the gym. But stick around and I’m gonna show you what you can do at home. (high-energy rock music) What’s up guys, Gary Walker
here with In this video I’m gonna
take you guys over 50 through a dumbbell workout
you can do at home. Cool workout. You’re gonna get a whole
body workout, all right? Great exercises designed to really bump up your hormone profile, get your metabolism boosting, all those wonderful benefits
that us older guys need. Okay, so it’s gonna be
something you can do two or three times a week,
depending on your starting point, your fitness levels,
your conditioning levels. So what you’re gonna wanna do is make sure you’re taking
a day off in between. So if you’re gonna do
this three times a week, something like a Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. That usually works nice. If you don’t have that much time, just shoot for a Monday,
Wednesday, Monday, Thursday, but this is definitely
something you can do. It’s only gonna take 40 to 45 minutes. Not a lot of time, all right. That being said, let’s get
into the actual exercises. First exercise we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a quad and glute focus. So we’re gonna focus on dumbbell squats. All right, but here’s the thing. You wanna make sure you’re
doing dumbbell squats with your heels elevated. Get a small elevation of your heels, either a little weight plate,
a little piece of wood, whatever you have at home,
just to put your heels on. That’s gonna put more emphasis
on your quads, all right. A lot of older guys lack,
also, mobility in their ankles. This will also help eliminate
some of that lack of mobility. So the key point when
you’ve got your dumbbells, you’re gonna hold the
dumbbell to your side. You’re gonna wanna make sure you’re keeping your core tight,
chest out, shoulders back and then you’re gonna lower your weight. All right, lower the body weight. You wanna make sure your toes
are rotated slightly outward and keep your knees in direct
alignment with your toes. So do that, it’s gonna
help keep your ankles, knees and hips in proper track. So that’s gonna help
with your hip mobility, your knee mobility and
your ankle mobility. All right, next exercise
after you’ve done that, we’re gonna go into
dumbbell incline press. All right, dumbbell incline press, basically what you’re gonna
wanna focus on, again, is keeping your core tight. Keep that lower back into
the bottom of the pad. People tend to wanna really
arch their lower back when they’re doing those, I
don’t want you to do that. I want you to really focus
on keeping that lower back into the pad, keep your
shoulders locked in tight, go with a nice range of motion. However I know, once you get older, a lot of time you lack
shoulder mobility as well, so do what you can under control and without agitating your shoulders. So a nice stretch at the bottom and go ahead and focus on a contraction, nice contraction at the top. And just do those reps under
slow and controlled motions. All right, from there we’re gonna go into a chest supported back
row utilizing dumbbells. So basically once you get
off of the incline press, after you’ve just done your incline, you’re gonna turn your body around, place your chest against the
incline bench, all right? Place your chest against the
incline bench for support and the focus here is
keeping your core tight and make sure you’re keeping your abs and your chest against the
pad as well for support. That’s gonna help keep you from getting any of those lower back issues. All right, once you do
that, you’re gonna hold the weight directly below
you and you’re gonna drive the weight back utilizing your elbows. That’s the key focus when
you’re working your back, don’t pull with your hands,
even relax your grip slightly and focus on pulling with your elbows. Pull those elbows back as far as you can, hold that nice squeeze and then go back into your stretch position. So do that under slow and
controlled movement as well. All right, so we’ve got a leg exercise, a chest exercise, back exercise. Now we’re gonna go into a
dumbbell seated overhead press. Once again with the seated,
make sure your lower back is pinned against the pad, all right. That’s gonna help protect that lower back. Also, really flex your core
when you’re doing this. So one other point I would
like to make when you’re doing, you can actually if you have
any shoulder issues at all, you can use a neutral grip. Neutral grip is basically
palms facing one another. All right, if you don’t
have shoulder issues, it’s okay to put your
palms towards the front. So all you’re gonna wanna
do is lower the weight and then lower as far as
you can, lower comfortably. Once you get into the lowered position, then you want to make
sure you’re contracting your weight up, so just
make sure you’re pushing the weight as high as you
can and you’re gonna do that again under slow
and controlled movement. So that’s your dumbbell overhead press. From there you’re gonna get
into your dumbbell curls. So get two dumbbells, I
actually like to rotate my palms to where your palms are facing forward. That is considered a
supinated grip, all right. Also to get a more peak contraction, try to elevate your pinky
higher than you thumb on the way up with every rep. So you’re gonna, two arms,
nice stretch at the bottom, bring them up nice, slow, and controlled and elevate the palms as high as possible and then rotate your pinkies
towards the top, all right. Here’s one of the key
points I want to make, when you’re doing biceps, keep
your shoulders pinned back. A lot of people tend to
draw their shoulders forward and that actually puts too
much emphasis on your shoulders and it’s actually gonna create a little impingement syndrome. So you basically want
to completely eliminate the shoulders as much as
possible by bringing them back and keeping your palms in front of you. All right, last exercise
we’re gonna do in this circuit is the dumbbell overhead tricep extension, utilizing one dumbbell. You’re basically gonna
grab the one dumbbell, get your dumbbell overhead and then you’re gonna
lower it behind your head. Points of emphasis here, make sure you are bringing your elbows as close together as possible throughout this whole range of motion, that’s gonna help protect
your shoulders as well. So go for a really deep
stretch at the bottom and then contract the weight back up, lift it up over your head. And then again, under slow
and controlled movement, stretch it and then go back
to your contractive position. So you’re gonna wanna do
that for each rep, all right. And here’s the thing, you’re
gonna wanna go through this two to three times. So you’re gonna do two to three sets. You also wanna make sure you’re doing 8 to 12
reps of each exercise. So that’s the plan. If you do this in a circuit fashion, you go through each one
of these exercises once, you’re gonna wanna rest
about 60 to 90 seconds and then go into your second set. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds again and then you’ll finish
up with your third set. But, keep in mind, go at your own pace, if you can only start with one set then that’s gonna
provide benefits as well. Just make sure you’re
focused on progression, go from the first set for a couple weeks, build up to a second set and
then gradually building up to a third a set. Three sets of this will take 45 minutes, not a lot of time at all
and then before long, you’ll be building that
body that you used to have when you were younger. But all right guys, if
you have any questions about any of these
exercises, comment below. Let me know if you need
clarification on anything, I’m more than happy to clarify anything. But other than that, if you
haven’t already subscribed to the channel, guys please
subscribe to the channel. I’ve also got a ripped
after 40 program out there that’s a tremendous program
designed for men like you. All right, 40’s, 50’s,
60’s, 70’s and beyond. So it’s something that you’re
gonna be able to utilize for the rest of your
life that’s gonna help take stress off of your joints, you’re still gonna be able to build muscle without utilizing really heavy weights and you’re also gonna be able
to maintain that lean body. All right guys, that’s all I got. Get busy, get after it and God bless.

54 thoughts on “Best Workout To Build Muscle After 50 (Dumbbell Workout Over 50)

  1. Hey man, in this workout I'm going to give you an awesome workout you can do at 50+ using only dumbbells. Comment below and let me know what you think of the routine!

  2. Nice variety of exercises.
    I actually incorporate most of them in my routine except I do goblet squats instead as they are easier to maintain my balance with, and since I don't have a bench I do 1 Arm DB Rows, and floor bench presses.

    Also I do the heavier lifts (Squats, Bench Press, & Rows on Mondays & Thursdays 5 x 8; and Shoulder Presses, 2 hand Tricep Extensions & Curls on Tuesdays & Fridays).

    Wednesday's & Saturdays I do H.I.I.T. with Dumbbell Swings & Rotator Cuff DB Side Swings.

    Am working on getting a bench.

    Must say that working out this past week has really helped me get through a very difficult time as my Dad died last Tuesday from a sudden heart attack – just 5 days after his 91st birthday.

  3. Great video for us older folks, but heck it would work for anyone!! Thanks Gary!! I am 58 with a boatload of injuries but still manage to get er done!! God Bless

  4. Hello Gary my name is Manny I'm new subscriber to your YT channel I hope all is well with you Thank you for this video I'm turning 50 now in November I played high school ball back in the 80's 2 sports baseball and basketball I've stayed in decent shape through 90's and 00's but I'm noticing my skin after i work out is not staying tight around the muscle What do you recommend please Thank you Best Wishes Always πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  5. If you can, try incorporating most of the moves into one total rep. Example: squat, row, curl, military press, triceps extension…all in the rep without putting down the weights. A.k.a. "manmaker" drill.

  6. Great content but cut out the wacky sound effects, they are really annoying and detract from your message

  7. Any opinions on Boron supplements?? 63. Down from 310 to 220 on keto. Potassium and magnesium have really helped blood pressure as much as weight loss. After 60 lbs cleaned up keto and lifting has really helped.

  8. No time,busy day… Are there any time that you yankees are not "busy"? Fast workout,for mo time people…

  9. Over 50 no time to workout. But time to watch video on workout. Over 60. Nothing but time.

  10. i'm 60 and 2 hours per week using the right workout along with a good diet is all you need…the key is intensity and the right exercises..

  11. Most guy my the time there 50 could not do a squat let alone have weights in their hands. A big problem is there potbelly. Good video.

  12. Hi. Is there a way that you can still get rid of mid section. At this pojnt i only have 1 pack, 1 pack of tummy πŸ˜‚. It's not that bad, but i tried ways to flattened but it's just so stubborn. Can you please make a topic on this. It's the part of my body that i wanted to give more of a focus. Thank you

  13. HEY, caught your video for the first time. Quick critique if I may. Im 56 so take this from a guy in your age group. I love all the routines, GREAT SOLID advice, and GREAT method, but…, The SOUND EFFECTS, AND THE GRAPHICS, stop 'em. They detract from the message ..YOU HAVE A GREAT MESSAGE. Don't trample it with useless gee gaw! I think I like what you have and will check you out a bit. The home gym thing works. I have one and use it about 2-3 times a week when I can't get to my regular. Keep up the good work, just dump the sound effects and crazy graphics.

  14. I was told by a 'specialist' that lowering the DB's to the max on shoulder press is not necessary and dangerous for older joints. He said they only need to drop barely below horizontal.

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