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Hey what’s up, this is Sean Nalewanyj of
and today I want to talk about the muscle building benefits of Beta Alanine and how
to incorporate it into your supplement plan for the best results. Now, finding muscle
building supplements backed by reliable research and solid real world evidence can be a pretty
difficult task these days, but Beta Alanine is one of the rare muscle building compounds
that really does deserve your attention. So what is Beta Alanine? Well, it’s a non-essential
amino acid (meaning that the body can produce it on its own, it doesn’t literally mean that
it’s not essential) and it’s a pre-cursor to a substance called carnosine which is found
primarily in fast twitch muscle fibers. Carnosine’s main function is to buffer hydrogen ions,
which are a by product of muscle contractions. When hydrogen ion levels increase the muscle
becomes more acidic and this is what causes that burning sensation you feel in your muscles
as your set progresses. You start feeling more and more fatigued, and eventually you
hit muscular failure, which is the point when your muscles basically give out and you have
to drop the weights. So this is where Beta Alanine supplementation comes into play. Beta
Alanine increases intra muscular levels of carnosine, which buffers those hydrogen ions,
which prolongs the point of muscular failure. And as a result, you’re able to lift more
weight, perform more reps and recover quicker in between sets. Although Beta Alanine is
a relatively newer supplement when compared to others like creatine or branched chain
amino acids, the research is pretty solid. At a dosage of 3.2 to 6.4 grams daily beta
alanine supplemention has been shown to increase intra-muscular levels of carnosine by up to
64 percent in just 4 weeks, and after 10 weeks those levels can increase by much as 80 percent.
But the real question is does that increase in carnosine translate to a boost in gym performance.
Again the research is pretty solid in this area as well. Now I’ll provide you links in
the description box for you to check out, to read about the studies in more detail,
but just to summarize a couple of them. One study showed a 16 percent increase in work
capacity during a period of high intensity cycling when 4 grams of Beta Alanine was used
over a 6 week period. A second showed that Beta Alanine increased “PWCFT”, which is physical
working capacity at threshold fatigue, 61 percent greater than a group using creatine
alone. A third 10 week study on collegiate football players showed a significant increase
in muscle mass as compared to a placebo group which showed that in addition to enhancing
performance, Beta Alanine might also have direct effects on body composition. And finally
an 8 week double blind study on collegiate wrestlers showed superior results in anaerobic
power based on 300 yard shuttle time in comparison to a placebo group. Now this is just a small
sample of the available research and again you can check the references in the description
box for more information or do some more research on your own. Keep in mind that Beta Alanine
supplementation isn’t just limited to bodybuilders either. Pretty much anyone performing any
form of high intensity exercise will benefit, including powerlifters and athletes. So again
the formula is simple, when hydrogen ions increase, muscle contractions shut down. By
supplementing with beta alanine you buffer those hydrogen ions and you prolong the point
of muscular failure which allows you to push more weight for more reps and improve your
bottom line muscle gains as a result. In terms of specific dosages, I recommend going with
about 3 grams of beta alanine per day. Most of the research has been done using 3.2 to
6.4 grams daily, but the lower dosage does appear to be just as effective as the higher
one, so I typically just go with 3 grams per day. For the very best results I’d also recommend
combining your beta alanine with 3 grams of creatine monohydrate, as the two appear to
have synergistic effects on strength and performance. You can take this mixture once a day, the
timing really doesn’t matter, you can take it pre-workout, post workout, really whenever
you want, and after a couple of weeks you should notice a clear improvement in your
overall gym performance. If you want to check out a really good product that combines a
study dose of beta alanine and micronized creatine monohydrate, along with l-taurine
and branched-chain amino acids, I’d recommend checking out MuscleAmp. The link is in the
description box for that. MuscleAmp is basically an all in one muscle building supplement that
helps to increase strength and power, volumize muscle cells, reduce muscle breakdown and
improve recovery, and it’s all combined into a really good fruit punch flavoured drink
mix that you can easily include in your muscle building diet. So thanks for watching this
video lesson. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and also make sure to join
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night. Talk to you later.

39 thoughts on “Beta Alanine Benefits For Bodybuilding

  1. No, there is no need to cycle it and you can just take 3 grams a day continuously. The goal is simply to raise carnosiine levels and then keep them elevated. (Same concept as creatine)

  2. Thanks for the kind words – glad you find the info useful. You can still purchase from Australia but yeah, the shipping/import costs can get high depending on what you buy.

  3. So Sean, pills or powder? I tried many beta-alanine pills, and they didn't give me any jitters. Maybe that's positive, however, it can also mean, there's absolutely no beta-alanine in there. Some are just hoax dough pills. I tried 30 pills (30!) from a bottle pre-workout, they did absolutely nothing. However, even when I take 1.5 grams of beta-alanine powder, just 1.5 grams, I already get strong jitters.
    Bulk beta-alanine powder, cheap and effective (or combination powder products). What you say

  4. Yeah, that's also the BS around. Creatine/Beta-alanine slowly build up levels in your body, which can take several weeks, so I don't see how timing on a daily basis would affect it. At best, on a rather empty stomach to me seems the most logical way to take both creatine and BA.

  5. Thanks for sharing,Sean….I was struggling to add something more to the daily meal routine….and now it seems this so-called beta alanine is very helpful…by the all matters,thanks for information

  6. great video again…I've read a few studies that suggest BCAA would be beneficial before and after workout. You think you could do a video on this too?

  7. yup. thats a normal symptom. but just because you dont get any itchiness (paresthesia) it doesnt mean theres no actual ba in it. when i first started taking BA i got alot of annyoying tingles but for some people, like myself, stop feeling the tingles after using it for a few weeks. as long as your beta alanine is manufactured by a gmp certified facility, it should be fine. or you can just look for beta alanine that is made of carnosyn, a patented form of beta alanine and really high quailtiy

  8. also beta alanine is not a supplement that will make a difference after taking it. you have to build it up just like creatine. you should notice a difference within 3-4 weeks of extra reps you put in than normal

  9. I took the beta alanine pills while never having tried BA before. They were my first beta alanine supplement. The pills did nothing. I first tried 3 pills, nothing. Then tried 5, nothing. Then 10, nothing, then just 30 (all that was left). That's an extraordinary dosage that's not even healthy, felt nothing. Empty stomach. That's not beta alanine period, it's a hoax. And carnosyn isn't a patented form of beta alanine man. Beta alanine increases carnosyn levels in the muscle, that's how it works.

  10. why would you take more then the recommended dosage (3.2grams per day)? just because you dont feel the tingles it doenst mean its not working. again beta alanine is just a supplement you need to before working out. taking it on a empty stomach wont enhance the effectiveness as you might think caffeine would since its not a stimulant. its a supplement you NEED to build up in your system for atleast 2-3 weeks. and carnosyn is a patented form of beta alanine. you can google it if you'd like.

  11. and you're thinking of hte wrong "carnosine." carnoSYN is a patented beta alanine while beta alanine does increase carnoSINE levels in the muscle.

  12. Oh so now there's multiple beta alanine's? One that doesn't give an itchy feeling and one that does? I call BS. Those pills were a hoax, I cracked em open, smelled and tasted just like flour. And you're contradiction yourself, first you say beta alanine is just a supplement before working out, then later you say you need to build it up for 2-3 weeks, which implies it hasn't got anything to do with pre-workout, but with taking it regularly. BA hasn't got anything to do with a pre-workout.

  13. Just don't waste your time trying to give me advice. I'm doing whatever the F I wanna do! I'm building up my carnosine levels with 2-3 grams a day of cheap effective powder, on a dailYYY basis!

  14. its not there's multiple beta alanine but i think carnosyn is just a really high quality and pure beta alanine like creapure is a really pure and high quality creatine. and no i didnt mean to imply that some beta alanine causes paresthesia and others dont. i was saying that some people experience it due to their sensitivity while others do not. for example, ive been using hte same brand of beta alanine for the past 2 month and in the first 2 weeks the tingles were really noticeable

  15. however after that, my body got use to so now i barely notice any. so just because you dont feel any tingles, it doenst mean theres no beta alanine. but it may mean that the brand you used has low quality. however, as long as its manufactured by gmp certified facility, it should be fine. also sorry about that contradiction. i meant ot say "again beta alanine is NOT just a supplement you need to take before working out."

  16. i was trying to imply that BA is not a supplement thats suppose to make you "feel" pumped or energized if thats what you were expecting before a workout.

  17. I have self-induced facepalming so hard right now. I convinced myself this had to be taken pre-workout to get the effects. The research I've seen lately says it's just a daily.

  18. Creatine/beta alanine "WORKS"! Been taking it for 1 month now and, more reps, bigger pumps, fuller muscles! Ty for the tip Sean!!

  19. Hey will this have the same effects at creatine, like with the whole water weight thing? I don't want to gain anymore weight, like I would with the creatine. thanks!

  20. I love that you give the scientific side of everything. That's all I really care about when choosing supplements.

  21. i followed the link for muscle amp but it just took me to your website. i checked on and was having a hard time finding one that didnt have preworkout " quote un-quote" pre workout burst.since i havea pretty good meal before i dnt feel i need a crapload of caffine if any. can you reccomend another one you use?

  22. Great info! Just wondering, I read that beta-alanine isn't good for beginners. Does anyone knows about this? [:

  23. Beta alanine may not actually raise carnosine so I would recommend someone try actual carnosine if BA does not work. Ham is one of the best food sources of carnosine with 450mg per 100g.

  24. ccreatin and beta alanin can reduce 1600 meter run time,,bcoz my running time is very very bad it's 6.30and i want 5.30to 5.40 so should i take both supplements together??????

    reply fast sir…

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