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Is beta-alanine just another thing that supplement
companies are trying to jam down your throats? Or are there actual benefits?
Beta-alanine is an amino acid, and alongside histidine, are the two substrates that makes
up the peptide carnosine. During exercise, carnosine acts as a hydrogen
ion buffering agent. Since hydrogen ions are released during physical activity and raises
acidity levels within your muscle fibers, having high concentrations of carnosine is
able to counteract the acid buildup, thus, allowing you to increase performance.
Most studies show that exercises lasting between 60 to 240 seconds benefit the most with carnosine,
and in the gym, that might help you eek out 1 or 2 more reps in your sets, which also
means it can help you with your gainz. Unfortunately, carnosine supplementation isn’t
very good at increasing muscle carnosine levels, since it’s not really good at getting absorbed
by the muscle fibers. Beta-alanine, on the other hand, does get absorbed by the muscle
fibers where it then can then be used to produce carnosine.
So yes, beta-alanine actually has its benefits. Roughly 2-5 grams a day is recommended, but
be careful, as some people do get a tingly feeling on their faces, known as parasthesia,
if taking too much. This usually goes away after taking it for a while.
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83 thoughts on “Beta Alanine Explained in 60 Seconds – Better Than Your Typical Supplement?

  1. I always thought that my pre workout gave me that tingling feeling because of the high amounts of caffeine some of them contain, but it being caused by beta aniline makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

  2. If you can do a video about caffeine effect on strength and what supplements will help increase it that will be so useful please

  3. Guys please tell me how to increase strength…. and also tell me why I feel so tired everyday

  4. i cant believe you deleted my comment when i was just giving some critisism that apperently you cant take… i bet you will delete this one too!

  5. Please Explain every Supplement +PictureFit , your channel is surprisingly informative , great job so far

  6. hey picturefit! can you make a video about water fasting? like the pros and cons and everything we need to know? thanks! nice vids btw, been a subscriber since the beginning 🙂

  7. if youre new to it, it feels very unpleasant and kinda like burning in your veins,.. fuck that stuff

  8. Wish this channel was around a few years back! Instead I was watching a 40 year old geezer on the gear, telling me his was fully natty brah

  9. Great content! Question. Since weightlifting exercises don't typically last anywhere near 60 s, is it useless to take this supplement?

  10. @picturefit where did you go to school, what was your course of study? unlike most YouTube vids these are based on science and research instead of uneducated opinion.. great vids!!

  11. Do you build up a tolerance for it? Is that why the tingley face feeling goes away. Like caffeine, should I cycle it?

  12. I got the tingly feeling on my hands like pins and needles lol, my face got very very little tingling, I can pretty much say I got near enough no tingling on my face what so ever.

  13. first time i took it i almost called 911. I thought i was allergic to it i was itching and tingling so bad. But then i looked it up and i was like "oh its supposed to do that" then i went in the gym and had the best workout of my life! Amazing stuff!

  14. im a distance runner in track and field but im also trying to put on muscle (not like the hulk, just more lean). As a skinny individual of 5'7.5 and 122 lbs, can i take beta alanine to fuel my workouts and will it help me build muscle?

  15. I work for a nutrition company that makes workout suplimients and lemme tell you, this stuff makes you itch like all hell. I can't imagine what it does to your insides, lol.

  16. Please tell about 1600 meter run,,, I mean it can help to do 1600 meter run 6.30 minute to 5.30…please reply faast I am waiting..

  17. So I started taking preworkout today. And I got tingly and kinda itchy on my hands and face, of course that concerned me and I went to Google. After reading that it's normal, I wanted to know what's happening and came here lol

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