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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, welcome to Ric’s Corner I’m sitting here with Stephen Hercy, Dr. Fitness
USA We have a lot to talk about And we’re gonna get to a point of his method
of training to get you in shape Because he’s proven it, he showed me pictures
of before and after And he’s not like a normal personal trainer It’s not like a normal workout in the gym It’s not all about the diet as well It’s his theory on how you get in shape And it’s very very interesting and I’m excited
about it So I wanted to just have him explain to you
what it is Stephen, let’s talk briefly about your program,
what it is? Well we talked about before in previous interviews
about mind set Environment and education But it goes away beyond that One is, people men or women are looking for
spiritual balance in their life And they tried different methods What they don’t understand is that most of
the methods out there are cerebral It’s in their head and what I do in body design
is I construct the bridge so the women or the
men can cross it And get back to the center of their universe
which is their body And when you’re grounded in the world, things
happen for you So the benefit for women is Is that we teach process of performance which
is diabetically opposed to performance That trainers, us do teach because training
on performance Puts women back into their intellectual mind And the downside of that Is when they’re in their intellectual mind
24 hours a day They impede their immune system and they could
get ill So we get women out of their head and back
in their body By teaching them never to do anything that
feels uncomfortable And when they require their boyfriend or their
husband To consult Dr. Fitness USA at I create a musical score that’s gonna get
men to treat women better That means that the women can have a better
deal I like that, because women are faster thinking Their formining or taking deals or getting
into situations without pondering long enough Like men do because we could have it up to
8 weeks to decide on something That’s a little humor there, we have 8 weeks Oh yeah, when my other half ask me question She gets very frustrated because I say She says, oh I guess you’ll get back to me
in 8 weeks Yeah I need 8 weeks to process That’s a long time I know but it’s true Women can process their thoughts and feelings
instantaneously And a lot of times they get into situations Where they accept a deal or a situation And they have to stand beside it because they
use their male energy to say yes to it Right, then we got to back it up, right, okay So the thing is that, your program, you had
mentioned earlier That sometimes you need to train a muscle
everyday Yes, I agree with that on some muscles, need
to have work everyday Like I said to you before, mechanics work
with autos Are using monkey wrenches, one of their power
tools When I was a kid, we use wrenches all day
long And I’ve had huge forms And my theory was, whether working them everyday Like cabs, they have everyday just to get
any results out of it Some body parts, you do, some you don’t, right?
Absolutely But most people, here’s the thing that happens
is this is my thought is That if you have a person that knows how to
train It’s not that they don’t know how to train It’s just that they don’t know what’s missing So they keep hitting the same body part because
of ego or stubborness, yeah And they whine up on the same spot as they
were before Not realizing that as they age, you don’t
get better with age, only wine does That there’s sever consequences that will
happen to them And I’d like to see people that have more
of an open mind And practice coming from their love side Absolutely, so is the
answer to this, absolutely And they could reach you through that website? Yes And you can set up a whole program for them? Yes, they can sign up on a news letter, they
can call me and leave their number And I will call them back and ask clarifying
questions Sometimes you have a person that calls up And then when you call them back, specially
a women It’s like they have a bad hair day, you have
to stay focus Wait wait wait, we can’t talk about bad hair
days Oh yeah, there are bad hair days I don’t have bad hair days, how’s that? Yeah
everyday, I look my best regardless of it Well, I’ve seen the pictures, the before and
after and I’m amaze at what he’s done I’m really am, it’s a truth success story
and I think that it’s worth your time, to look on his website And see if he can do something for you, Stephen
Hercy And thank you so much Stephen for letting
me have this interview Thank you for having me, it’s a pleasure and
I’ll be as Arnold would say Yes, I’ll be back! And thank you viewers for
watching Ric’s Corner Excuse me, remember if your mind can conceive
it and your heart can believe it Then you can achieve it So nice, this is my show Stephen Thank you so much for watching Ric’s Corner
and stay tuned for the next cause I’ll be back

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