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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Are you a bicep non-responder? In other words,
you band away at your bicep workout, you never really feel them working all that much, maybe
other areas fatigue faster than the biceps do themselves so you don’t get that much
out of your training, and more importantly you don’t see the results that you think
you should from all the time you spent training them. Well, I can tell you this: it’s not about
how much time you spend training them, it’s the effort and the quality of your training
that matters most. So when it comes to the biceps it takes a little bit of an understanding
about what they do so that you stop avoiding 50% of the function of what they do. At least
in terms of overloading that function. If you look at the biceps, yeah, they bend
at the elbow. We know that. They flex the elbow here, they close down this joint; however
you want to talk about it that is a function of the bicep. But that’s not it because I
can take my elbow joint, flex it all the way with the pronated position here of my hand
and I don’t have a complete contraction of my biceps. Even though they are contracting, it doesn’t
become complete until I supinate. So they will supinate the forearm because of the biceps
attachment to the radius and our forearm, and it’s a very important component of a full
bicep contraction. But guess what? It’s one of the components – the 50% – that we never
overload. Remember, the key is to overload. If you’re
not overloading all functions of a muscle then you’re not going to see the maximum development
of that muscle. So I kind of removed the excuses for you here in this video because I’m going
to help you to do it and I don’t care what you’re going to use to train with, I’m going
to show you how. If you decide you wanted to do bicep curls
and you wanted to get more out of them – a lot of guys will just take their bicep curls
and do this. Some of them won’t even really worry about how they’re turning, or whatever
they’re doing with their wrists or forearm at all. They just do a straight curl. You
can get more out of this by overloading the supination and you can’t do it by just gripping
the dumbbell in the middle here. Yeah, you can twist, but at this point you’re
actually taking the force away from the supination. So what you do is, you grip the dumbbell all
the way here at the end. Put it between your thumb and your forefinger and let the other
fingers just loosely grip on. But you’ll see that it creates a sort of downhill slope of
the dumbbell. Well, as I’m curling back, if I want to get
the dumbbell straight I’m going to have to supinate and overcome the force that’s pushing
this thing and weighing this thing down because of how uneven my grip is. So I have to do
that and when I do that I’m overloading the supination. I’m going to get better results
training the curl just by changing the position of my hand. Maybe you want to train at home and you want
to use bands and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean – as we say all the time here at ATHLEANX
– that the excuses begin because you don’t have something, or you don’t have access
to a piece of equipment. That’s BS. You can do something with anything you have if you
have the right understanding of what you’re doing. So you take this band, instead of gripping
it here, okay, which is right here in my palm like that; you can influence the overload
on supination by putting the thing between your two fingers here. Your middle finger
and your pointer finger, and then letting it rest through the rest of your palm here.
So this diagonal angle here, when I go to curl, now I have to overcome the supination
here. I have to supinate in order to overcome and
add more resistance to this band by doing that. You could see, just doing that creates
more band resistance. So of course, when I go back here to curl, as I’m curling I’m getting
more resistance here through supination. Therefore, a stronger contraction, therefore better results
in the long term. Maybe you’re at the gym and you use a machine. So you’re at the cable curl machine. Again,
another popular way that guys like to train their biceps. A lot of times they’ll just
train it like this. The same thing happens here. You’re not really overloading the supination
component. To do it you take advantage of this handle that a lot of us don’t even
know how versatile it really is. It’s not meant to just stay here in the middle, guys. That’s why it actually moves. So what you
do is, you put it all the way to the end, like that. So a straight line. Then you grab
it from the outside in. Now what have we done? We’ve created an overload supination. I can
move the stack and lift this thing just by twisting the wrist and twisting the forearm
here into supination. So when I go back to do my curls I’m actually loading up – not
just an elbow flexion, but a supination as well. And you wouldn’t want to start these things
– not really the cable so much as the dumbbell – you wouldn’t want to start turning when
you get to the very top. I see it all the time and I don’t understand why you’re getting
all the way to the top and then turning. There’s no real resistance on that motion when your
arms are already at the top of the contraction. What you want to do is start it as you’re
doing the curl so you’re against gravity the whole time and working on that supination
so that, again, you’re at least experiencing overload. So guys, we put the science back
in strength here. Not to confuse you, not to bore you, not to get to be a geek on you;
but to help you to get more out of every workout that you do. If you’re looking for a complete training
program to get the most out of every workout, then head to, guys. We put the
science back in strength to do just that. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. By the way, if you want to kid of get more
work on your arms we have a program for that. It’s called Ultimate Arms. It is a complete
training program. We never dismiss leg training, back training, shoulder training, chest training;
we never dismiss anything. But our Ultimate Arms program influences the arms a little
bit more to make sure, if you’re one of those guys that needs a little extra help there,
that this program will do just that, okay? All of them are over at All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days.

100 thoughts on “Bicep “Non-Responder” Solution (BICEPS WON’T GROW!)

  1. Your videos are really helping me get gains again and understand what I'm doing more. Starting to spot people in the gym [Planet Fitness] doing stuff wrong that you've pointed out. Thanks for posting!

  2. Nice. Have real trouble wth bicep gains using dumbells… will definitely focus on the grip here to see if it helps!

  3. Well I have got under 30 seconds into this video and I just want to say Thank you!! After watching your other videos I know this one is going to help me out. All your videos are spot on pal, I am on my second month back in the gym after about 5 years off and I have been making considerable gains in rapid time from adopting some of the techniques in your other videos along with the basics, Biceps tho have continued to let me down and just can not feel the pump. I can hammer curl all day long but I turn the wrist 90% no chance. maybe after all of this the video will be useless to me but your track record says otherwise and im sure I will once again learn something new and effective to take to the gym tomorrow. good work ATHLEAN X
    Nice 1

  4. and then you'll have dislocated or twisted point finger .. got a point on how to get full bicep responding, but your biceps examples are shit, there are so many other ways to get full curl advantage.. people gonna believe you anyways based on your look 🙂

  5. This was exactly the problem I was having, tried this on my dumbbell curls and the next day I was sore!
    Thanks, Jeff!

  6. Thx Jeff! Certainly a timely reminder. I play the violin and somehow my left bicep has a much better peak than the right! I guess some genetics is in play but I can’t help but think the 35 years of supination on the left has some part in it. To make things worse, the right hand is always pronated when playing. Any violin players who work out would care to share? 🙂

  7. Thank you Jeff, I was twisting the wrist at the top. Oh shit. I am gonna try to hold the dumbell incompletely and twist. Thanks Jeff.

  8. My biceps muscles are getting stiff and not even growing whenever I started working on bicep it get so much stiff now I want the solution will u please help me out

  9. Very informative video. Thanks, Jeff. I'm looking forward to putting this idea to use on bicep night and give my biceps the boot in the ass they need. Thanks again.

  10. All personal trainers over here should watch your video and apply these to their programmes. Especially avoiding internal rotating even while sleeping lol

  11. Jeff …sir…you are the best teacher in the world. You taught me a lot of important things through your videos. I wish you good luck. Thank you.

  12. If my biceps would grow do to all the videos I have watched about it……..that is all I am saying. 😞

  13. Thank you for the video, I wasn’t getting a response on my left bicep when I concentrate on it, I check my form all the time and ask around to check on it. I’m not too worried on growth, just if I’m doing it right or not.

    I have better control on my right bicep like when you concentrate as you do a curl or something but when I do the same thing for my left bicep, I do not get the same response as I do on my right. I’ll try that different hand position on the dumbbell and see if I can get control over my left bicep when I concentrate on it.

  14. Ive filled a bag with encyclopedia books and straight curled them b4 so u can use basically anything u just have to get creative if u have real determination!

  15. HOW can i get my forearms to stop being synergisticly dominating when I do biceps and back? It stops my biceps from working. 🙁 That working sounds weird, but my forearms keep taking over and I am not feeling anything in my biceps.

  16. My issue is that my left forearm gets fatigued alot more than my right when i do biceps i fixed my form and its still happening its really getting in the way of my bicep workouts not surw what to do

  17. Being working out at the gym for over 2 year on and off and my biceps look like I have never lifted a weight before. Will definitely give this a try. Thanks Jeff!

  18. My elbow had injury and now I can barely turn it when doing curls to maximize contraction. Is there an exercise to overcome this? Thanks

  19. Youre a fucking genius, my left bicep is like 1 inch smaller than my right and i had no idea that my right arm was doing it right and my left wasnt hahahahahaha

  20. I not often trust guys pretending to be trainers because I can see lack of knowledge, but this guy knows what he is talking about, I've been doing the little tricks he show us and yes they work perfectly. 1000 Thumbs up for his videos

  21. Excellent advice, I only struggle with my left bicep responding for some reason, whatever form I use on the right, seems to pump it beyond belief. I compensate with reps and loads of them and have seen nice growth but the peak of my left bicep won’t form, on the first attempt at this addition, my left bicep finally felt as fatigued as the right! Subscribed!

  22. Ok i hope a professional sees this. So my trainer gave me a course of 3 days where i do the same exercises twice a week and rest for a day. The course consist of legs and abs first day, back and shoulders the second day, and arms (bi, tri, and forearm) and chest, then repeat. So i've heard overtraining is bad. So i'm just asking, am i overtraining my arms? Because considering the strength in my arms, i'm very strong compared to what they look like. I'm bothered by it as when i was younger my arms were not an issue and i could easily get them in shape, but it is only recently that i started having trouble with arms and cant seem to be able to get them more defined, its just one chunk of meat that looks like Everest. Please help.

  23. Thank you for the video. I started working out again 4 months ago but have always struggled to see gains. It's also very hard for me to feel a real tight burn in my right bicep.
    I used the dumbbell grip you demonstarated & I definitely felt it this time.

  24. Tried this method today for the first time, instantly noticed the difference. Definitely looking forward to doing bicep excercises again. Thank you so much for this advice!!! Edit: Over 1 hour later and my biceps are still pumped. 🙂

  25. I saw this guy on youtube years ago when he was only with 300to400 views i used to ignore his videos but one day i just clicked on his video and since then we watch his each and every exercise ….. Awesome work dude and great progress from 300 to millions isn't a joke …👍👍😊😊 Good job

  26. I have been lifting for 33 years and always had trouble hitting my biceps. All the other muscles seemed to want to work for them. Today, I watched this video, got up, went into my weight room (yup. I work out at home with Olympic bars and the whole lot) and tried these with the grip that has the strapping on it. I have never used that one before because I thought it was a joke thrown in with my other gear to make me feel like the shop gave me a free gift. I will be using that grip all the time now! Thanks so much for the tip!!!!

  27. I dunno man….my biceps and triceps have just maxed…and arent that big. Ive tried all SORTS of shit. Depressing!

  28. So I used to workout a lot. I used to get a pretty good pump on my biceps and triceps etc… I recently started working out hard again. My back, chest, and pretty much my entire body gets pumped after a good workout. But my biceps aren’t. Every time I work them out they just get weaker during the workout. Not swollen or pumped with blood. I feel no tightness in them as my workout progresses. Instead I feel like I’m not activating my bicep during the workout. It just feels weak. When I’m working out and I get all that blood flowing to those muscles I can flex them and it feels good feeling that pumped muscles. But I can’t even flex my biceps properly their so weak. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  29. Wtf, I'm only doing biceps but only my for arm is building, I have a very strong for arm but the biceps won't grow, please help

  30. Just refound this "old" gem and immediately started seeing results in my bicep gains (its EFFIN SORE!!! and grows like a weed) by doing Rope Curls, the suspination pump feels GREAT!!! THX JEFF!

  31. Jeff,
    First, thanks for all the videos. You’ve been the greatest influence in my fitness life.

    Do you have stretching exercises that may help with re-gain full contraction of the bicep and tricep?

    I’ve gotten checked for shoulder impingement and tendinitis, but nothing. Doctors say I’m fine. I believe I’m suffering with the tightness of my shoulders/back that’s holding me back from curling, tricep pressing and benching.

    Let me know if you (or anyone here) videos about this issue others may be suffering.

  32. I have always had a problem flexing my left bicep and I still do. But I recently tried what Jeff said I can definitely feel more contraction in my left bicep. Wont say my flexing problem is fixed but it definitely good to see some sort of improvement! Thanks Jeff

  33. My 'goal' for now is 15 inch biceps. With extreme maximum pump they are 14 inches flexed. They dont grow. I do bicepscurls and hammercurls. I am also using a good form. I do a 90 min upper body workout with 12- 15 reps. I contract and all the tension is on the biceps. I get frustrated. Any tips?

  34. These tips were brilliant – this video was really worth watching – I wish I'd known about this stuff before.

  35. Vince Comerford (RIP) showed me this a few years ago. This worked wonders for my bicep development.

  36. I am an ectomorph. 28 years old. 6ft 2. Slim. Am starting to build some muscle.

    Been following athleanx on you tube since last March.

    I train like this:

    Mon: Triceps + Abs
    Tue: Biceps + Abs
    Wed: Shoulders + Abs
    Thur: Back + Abs
    Fri: Chest + Abs
    Sat: Abs only
    Sun: rest

    I try to eat 6 times a day. (Healthy) proteins, carbohydrates etc (no sugar)

    I spend like 40 mins working out everyday, following workouts suggested by Jeff here.

    Does anyone know if I’m doing things correctly?


  37. Hi Jeff, I have tried what you have advised for a while now but I'm still finding my forearms are doing most of the work instead of my biceps. Could you please do a video on some more activation exercises for biceps please? Thank and love learning from you

  38. The weirdest thing in my situation is that when doing curls my left bicep is weaker and overall the contraction doesn't feel as tight as on my right bicep but afterwards when I have a pump and I flex my left bicep feels a lot harder and solid

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