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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We start this video with a pop quiz utilizing
Jessie. Jessie is going to perform an incline dumbbell
bench press. You are going to watch and see if you can
spot what Jessie does wrong. Okay, Jessie? The floor is yours. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, There you have it. The big reveal, why Jessie actually stares
into the camera. Now the fact of the matter is he’s getting
better. He’s getting more comfortable in front of
the camera. I think we could chock it up to being uncomfortable,
but he’s also getting more comfortable in his own skin because you have seen him now,
or are starting to see him, transform into a bigger version of himself. And his confidence is growing because of that. Today we’re hitting the biceps and we’re going
to do the Hard Gainer Edition and I’m going to throw at you a lot of the tips that I use. Not just with Hard Gainers, but with anybody
trying, or struggling to build bigger biceps and to help them to try to get better at doing
that. So it starts right here with one of the concepts
I’ve been talking about numerous times in the Hard Gainer series with Jessie. That is activation seems to be one of the
problems. Being able to activate a muscle, and getting
it to contract under your own will, your own control. So here’s what we start with. If you have a hard time – even if you’re
not sure if you’re having a hard time with this – try this with us, okay? The first thing you need to do is you need
to try to put the bicep through the different elements of its full contraction. We know that the first thing it does is it
bends the elbow up and down. It flexes the elbow. So what we do is, we’re just going to bend
the elbow in a hammer curl position and you try to squeeze as hard as you can to see if
you can feel any discomfort here. That’s the goal. We’re actually going for that, actually, that
strong of a contraction to cause discomfort. The next thing is you supinate at the forearm
here. Now you can start to feel a little bit more
discomfort in there, right? I wasn’t joking when I was talking about this
kid’s arms, right? So you can feel that? Now at the top you should already be able
to start to feel a little bit of discomfort. Then we just raise it because we know that
the bicep will also flex the shoulder. When you get up here I can feel discomfort
in here. It actually hurts, right? I can’t hold it for all that long. If you’re not getting that discomfort you
need to practice this more. You could do this on non-bicep days if you
want to just get a better mind-muscle contraction here. Step 1. Step 2: when we go to our dumbbell work, how
you contract during the dumbbell work is going to make all the difference in the results
that you see. There’s a lot of back and forth on how that’s
actually done. There’s really only one way. This is why it works. Jessie is going to grab this dumbbell. Now we know that we just went through the
components of the bicep contraction. The elbow flexion, supination, and even a
little bit of shoulder flexion. The most important thing are the first two,
obviously, and we want to make sure that we’re overloading both the flexion of the elbow,
and we’re overloading the supination. You can stand here and preset the dumbbells
here, but you’re not really doing what I’m going to show you here, which is much more
beneficial. That is, you’re going to slide the dumbbell
to one end of your hand. Jessie’s got it all the way up against the
top part of his hand – his thumb and his forefinger – so that the dumbbell, when
he holds it this way, is weighted downward. It wants to fall down because he’s holding
it in the top part and it wants to fall down. So what’s the only way he’s going to straighten
this dumbbell to get back to flat? He’s got to supinate. So he’s got to supinate. So now we’ve just overloaded supination, which
is one of the major components of bicep contraction and you have to have it. A lot of hard gainers will miss the contraction
entirely, but now they’re not going to miss anymore of these individual components. So now you start with your dumbbell down at
your side. This applies to all different variations of
dumbbells curls. Whether it be incline, whether it be standing
dumbbell curls. And as he curls up, he curls, he’s flexing,
he’s overloading that, and he’s overloading supination, and he curls all the way up. Now when he gets to the top here you don’t
want to rest the dumbbell over here because that takes all the tension off the bicep. So you keep the tension in the bicep to about
that much – turn a little bit – that much bend, and then I said you can even just raise
the elbow just a little bit at the top there as you’re contracting, right here, to get
that little, added component of shoulder flexion. It doesn’t have to be much. Just curl, curl, and then just to there, and
lift up. Come down. Do a couple reps. Up, curl, overload, and just a little lift. Good. That’s it. Down. Minimal lift. Up, curl, there, little lift. Right there. Boom. That’s it. You feel the contraction all the way down. So no matter what you’re doing those have
to be there. The activation has to be there and how you
actually curl has to be proper. Now the next component is overloading because,
again, we still need to get you stronger. But we have to do the exercises that are going
to allow you to get stronger and allow you to still overload the exercises right. For me, growing up, one of the only things
I was doing for a long period of time – because I wasn’t lifting weights – was bodyweight
stuff. I was doing chin-ups. Lots of chin-ups. The chin-up is one of the best exercises for
overloading the biceps. What we want to do, there’s a couple things
in particular. Jessie, get up on the bar. When you do your chin-ups you can’t pull all
the way up to the top like that because he’s closed this down so much that there’s nothing
really, no work really being done by the biceps here. He’s actually resting. Oh, you’ve got some mice underneath your arms. JESSIE: It’s from the beard. JEFF: Oh, the beard’s growing out of his armpits
now. Good. That’s good. I don’t want to hear about your grooming
habits, Jessie. So we go all the way to the top of the bar
and he’s maintained the work on the biceps by just backing off to about 90 degrees as
you see here. Instantly you can feel that, right? Now come down. The next thing you do is your grip and how
you actually grip the bar. So we just talked about how you can manipulate
the dumbbell. If you are on the bar and you grip through
your fourth and fifth finger – your two smallest fingers – what you’re doing is
you’re actually overloading and providing some resistance for supination. But if you have to squeeze, squeezing it is
what will turn your hands into supination. The other fingers can rest on top of the bar,
but the squeeze and the effort is being put through the fourth and the fifth finger. That’s going to give you a little bit of resisted
isometric – because the bar won’t let your hands actually turn through it – but supination. So you’ll feel that instantly. So go back up to the bar. Now you’re going to perform your chin-ups
that way. So you’re squeezing through your fourth and
fifth fingers, you come up, you’ve maxed out at the top so you’re not taking the tension
off the biceps, and you do your reps that way. You keep going all the way to failure. The last component – I told you this, not
just about creating the overload – then it’s taking it through failure. So as soon as you go here and do an eccentric
only rep. So you either step yourself up to the bar
once you fail, or you jump yourself up to the bar. So either way. Go ahead. So let’s say you’ve just failed. Now you’re down, and you’re just fighting
it down. Fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, and
fighting. The same reason, all the way through the elbows
like that, the same way we did on the curls. Now just show them the step up. They’re in a cage, they could just step up,
step up, boom, boom, get in position. He’s already up at the top. He doesn’t have to worry about the concentric
and then he lets go, and then he comes down, and he fights that all the way down. So lots to work with here guys, as you can
see. Come up here, Jessie. Give them a flex. Okay, good. That’s enough. He’s actually – Jessie’s doing a great job. As I said, it’s not just the exterior that’s
grown, but it’s the interior, too. The confidence grows as you start to look
better, and I know the struggles that a hard gainer faces. I was there myself, guys. The more muscle you build, the more confidence
you get in yourself, and more importantly, the more confidence you get in what you can
achieve. The greatest thing about lifting weights is
that you prove to yourself you can change your body in some pretty magnificent ways
and by actually doing it through your own blood, sweat, and tears, and hard work. It’s very, very empowering. So guys, if you’re in the same position as
Jessie use him as a motivation to get yourself out there. Save the beard. Leave it for him. Get yourself out there and training hard. If you’re looking for a program that puts
all these concepts into action and allows you to go step by step, and make the same
gains that Jessie is; head to and get our ATHLEANX training program. Whatever else you want to see me cover here,
let me know below and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon. JESSIE: Jeff, I really think you’re just jealous
of the beard at this point. JEFF: For the record, I cannot grow a beard
guys. So I stopped a long time ago. I’ll save that for Jessie, too. JESSIE: Your beard questions can be directed
to me. JEFF: No problem.

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