Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Big Ramy just literally walked off stage From being crowned second place in Mr. Olympia Second in the world Ramy.. Ramy you’re an amazing champion, you got fans all over the world. You may be the most popular bodybuilder here tonight. And to stand up there next to Phil Heath.. That moment of truth. Must have been very exciting to be just you two left. Look how you moved up this year.. Every year.. EVERY year you have moved up. If Ramy steps up his game which he has been doing every year.. He’s VERY DANGEROUS. A lot of people are saying that you’re the man that’s gonna stop Phil Heath from getting that eight sandow. I’m a big fan of Phil Because Mr. Olympia has changed all the time.. The body of Arnold is different, or Dorian, or Ronnie Coleman.. When I’m thinking about them I ask myself ”Can I do that?” I say YES. YES! Nobody stays number one all the time in life. And I’m working for that. Mr. Olympia is my dream. It’s my dream, yeah, to be Mr. Olympia.. I hope this year. I will do my best to be Mr. Olympia. We’re working for that for a long time.. I hope this year to bring that Sandow to Kuwait. I do my best to be Mr. Olympia and I think this year I will do that.

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