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There’s only been a handful of times where I’ve been sitting in the audience of a bodybuilding show.. And some guys comes out and you just go ‘WOW’. You know, Dorian the first time he came out.. The showdown between Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman in ’98. There’s just been a few times where you looked at somebody and they were just.. INCREDIBLE. Mindblowing.. and Big Ramy is THAT guy. The thing is Ramy is DIAMOND. But the diamond is RAW.. The diamond has no value unless you go polish it. Now you have something that’s very very expensive. Ramy is a greater and different type of freak than me and Jay was. It’s almost like he’s a mutant of both of us.. Because he has the size of Jay but then he has a small waist And he flows like crazy. There’s never been anybody like that at all. That guy is dangerous There’s never been anyone that’s built like that guy ever in the business of bodybuilding. If this guy puts it together.. EVERYONE IS IN TROUBLE. Sometimes the Olympia is about callouts Ramy had good callouts and anyone who is compared next to him in prejudging.. In terms of density, hardness, muscularity, polish.. He overwhelmed Still the biggest guy for sure. He has the body to do whatever possible.. He can do whatever he wants with his body. We’re gonna see the best Ramy we’ve ever seen And that’s a very dangerous look. Because he’s bigger than everyone else, his symmetry is better than most of those guys up there.. If his conditioning is as good as these other guys, how does the guy lose? I think when they put Ramy next to Phil he’s certainly challenging and pushing him And he has the ability to beat him. People who know Ramy he’s probably not only going to take it to the next level.. But redefine the sport. That guy is a definite contender for the Mr. Olympia. He’s got the size, obviously some condition and they talk about seperation and maturity but the guy is young. RAMY!! He has the mindset to not only reach those high expectations but go over them. And that’s with it takes in bodybuilding.. You have to have a mindset to be able to go and take your body to the next level. You have to have the mindset to when you come away from a contest that you don’t win To be able to sitback and say ‘What can I learn from this and how can I get better?’ He’s like the 100 year wait. He’s the guy that comes along every once in a while and just BLOWS EVERYONE OUT OF THE WATER. I guarantee that he will be Mr. Olympia within the next 3 years. Big Ramy is definitely what I would consider when you look at Mr. Olympia and you wanna see a FREAK On all levels. Size, condition, package, everything. I still believe that Ramy is the biggest a treat.

100 thoughts on “BIG Ramy – NEXT LEVEL GENETIC FREAK – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. As promised, here is Big Ramy's vid. ''There's never been anyone that's built like this ever in the business of bodybuilding. If this guy gets it together.. EVERYONE IS IN TROUBLE.'' -Jay Cutler

  2. Sickness , his size and conditioning are insane , the proportion of waist to shoulders are insane , the quads and his back are out of this world. . He will win next year if this sport stops being about money and politics.

  3. i am body builder of india but my role model for markus ruhl and big ramy hes motivation i am impress thanks nick vision motions

  4. Nickvision I became your videos fan because they had great music but the latest video didnot have that kind of good music ,I should tell you that music makes a video different from other channels and please make more videos on big rammy because I am his fan and I assure you that I will see like and will give a good comment

  5. big Ramy equals big Heart, big lungs and toxic liver! Just ask Rich, Nassar and Dallas! RIP bro! U MTF need to start telling the truth about this BB get big [email protected]!!! 15%training  85% PURE DRUGS!!!!!!!!  not hating here just stating 100% pure fact!

  6. He needs to get his conditioning down.. If he does not this is all a waste.

    He always comes in soft.

    HUGE Big Ramy fan and I cant wait for 2018!!

    LETS GO!!

  7. He would be soon like like Dallas McCarver or Ronnie Coleman or Dorian Yates etc too many sample!! Actually not only he all the top ten of mrs.Olympia somebody has to stop this shit out of sport competition, shows like WWE

  8. If army wants he could lift more heavy than any bodybuilder alive including what Ronnie Coleman did but why risk injury .take that put it in your pipe and smoke it .! Lol and that's the bottom line

  9. Tu bíceps femoral es pobre comparado con tu cuadríceps . Trabaja más eso ramy. Ya te he escrito en otros videos que tus antebrazos son pobres sobre todo comparados con los del puto phil y también tus pantorrillas son muy pobres necesitas darle mucho volumen como las tenía dórian yates en sus mejores años. Aun con todas tus desproporciones si sales con la piel pegada al músculo como dórian en 93 tendrías Muchas probabilidades de ganar.QUITA VOLUMEN A TUS PIERNAS

  10. Winkllar n Ramy should be fighting for 1st n 2nd.but they give it to big as Ramy is his gut is better than Phil is.phil will look the same as always n is a sad contest

  11. Wow !! Ramy if freakishly huge and looks good !! But I know in my gut phil will be working Harder than ever this year I feel ?? Show me some Kai !!

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