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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– What’s up, elite Thenx
athletes it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video of OFFICIALTHENX, with today’s routine, I’m gonna show you how to get bigger arms with
just a set of dumbbells. (upbeat music) Now if you want bigger arms, then you wanna make sure that
you’re increasing volume. Whether it’s adding additional sets or increasing the amount
of reps in your routine or gradually increasing the
applied weight over time, you’re gonna need to be stimulating the muscles in your arms consistently along with proper nutrition. Eating enough calories and protein to fuel your muscle growth. If you guys wanna check
out some of the stuff I like to eat to stay fit, then go ahead and visit my vlog channel. There I’ve made some videos on what I like to eat to stay
fit on my training days. Now, aside from increasing
volume, and the proper nutrition, to really see your arms get
bigger and develop more mass, you need to be constantly working on developing the muscles
that make up your arm. That’s gonna be your shoulder, your bicep, tricep, and your forearms. And we’ve done many videos before showing you the breakdown
of each muscle group and how to properly develop them. If you’re trying to work
out a specific muscle group, you need to make sure
that you’re targeting all aspects of that muscle group. For example, if you’re
training your shoulders, you need to make sure that
you’re not just training your frontal delt, but your frontal, medial, and rear delt. And the same goes for your entire arm. If you really wanna build bigger, fuller, and more complete aesthetic arms. And that’s why I specifically designed today’s workout routine to break down each muscle group in your
arms, from your shoulder, bicep, tricep, and your forearm. Well, before we get into
this workout routine, I also want to add that
the proper muscle recovery and the proper sleep is also just as important for building muscle. As I mentioned in one
of our previous videos, The Best Home Chest Workout, muscle is developed when
you tear your muscle fibers during intense training, feed it protein, and allow your muscles
to repair as you rest, growing back thicker and
stronger muscle fibers. So let’s get right into
this workout routine. We’re gonna be doing
this routine together. All you’re gonna need is
just a set of dumbbells. And I’ve broken down this workout routine, starting off with our forearms to warm up. We’re really gonna pump up
our forearms at the beginning because all the other exercises, just by holding a dumbbell alone, is gonna be working your
forearms indirectly. Then we’re gonna start the real routine, we’re gonna move into
biceps, then triceps, and then shoulders, and then
we’re gonna finish it off with exercises that are gonna require all the muscles in your
arms to work together. Increasing the blood flow
throughout your whole entire arm, allowing you to reach that full pump, developing, not just
bigger, but stronger arms. So if you guys are ready to get
this workout routine started let’s do this together. We’re gonna begin with wrist curls. You can start with a
light set of dumbbells. Let’s go for 20. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – All right, now we’re
gonna do the same thing, but we’re gonna have our hands supinated. Let’s go for 20. (energizing music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – All right. (sighs) Next we’re gonna move in to farmer walks. This is a great exercise for your grip, but it also engages your entire arm, so the heavier you go, the more you’re gonna be
challenging your grip, and the more you’re gonna
be working on your forearm as well as the rest of your arm. Let’s go for 40 seconds. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – (sighs) All right, so I’m
gonna go ahead and do this for two more rounds. That’s gonna complete this little warm up. So, if you need to, pause the video, complete this warm up two more times, and then let’s get this workout started. The first exercise is
gonna be cross curls. Use a weight that’s gonna challenge you, but you’re still gonna be able to complete the required amount of reps. All right, let’s go for 20. We’re gonna have our
hands slightly forward so that we’re really engaging our biceps right from the start. We’re gonna curl up to
one shoulder, back down. (upbeat music) Definitely wanna make sure
that you’re engaging your core. Tightening your core,
and breathing properly is gonna allow you to perform
this movement even better. All right, cross curls. A great exercise for your biceps, and if you were having your
hands in front of your body, then you would’ve felt that
emphasis on your biceps way more, making this exercise way harder, but also way more effective. So we’re gonna go for
isometric bicep curls. So we’re gonna start by
the peak of the bicep curl, we’re gonna allow our arm to go all the way down full extension, and then we’re gonna come right back up. That’s gonna be one rep. Let’s go for 10. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – All right, let’s switch up the arms. All right. So if you just tried that movement, you can really feel that having your arm resting against a surface is gonna demand all the effort
to perform this bicep curl strictly from your bicep, versus just curling from up here. Sometimes you’re gonna
be helping a little bit with either momentum, your
shoulder, or even your tricep. We’re gonna go ahead
and move on to triceps. The next exercise we have is
gonna be tricep kick backs. We’re gonna go for 12 reps. Let’s get it. (energizing music) All right. I’m gonna pick up some heavier weight. We’re gonna go for
overheat tricep extensions. Allow the dumbbell to slowly lower down, keeping your elbows up. Bring it back up. We’re gonna go for 12. (intense music) All right. (pants) Now we’re gonna start
moving into shoulders. This next exercise is gonna
engage a bit of your triceps, but mainly your rear delt. We’re gonna be doing dumbbell skies. Let’s go for 12 reps. All right, start with your
feel shoulder width apart, engage your core, engage
your shoulders, up. And we’re gonna go down. Keep your back flat. All right, we’re gonna swing back, right here. 12 times. (intense music) (sighs) All right. We’re gonna be going for
hammer press 10 times. Let’s get it. Remember, feet shoulder width apart, firmly planted on the ground. Squeeze your hands, engage your shoulders and your core, look forward. We’re gonna curl up to a hammer curl, up to a military press. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – All right. Now it’s really important that
you’re engaging your core. Try not to swing while
you’re doing that movement, to really make this exercise effective. Next, we’re gonna be moving
on to lateral raises, which are gonna be building
our side medial delts, which gives you your
roundness of your shoulder. And the bigger your shoulders are, the bigger your arms will actually look. Let’s get these lateral raises. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – Woo, all right. We have two more exercises to go. We’re gonna be working on our
rear delts with this next one. Reverse flyes. Let’s go for 10. Feet shoulder width apart. Core tight. Shoulders back. We’re gonna lean forward
with our backs straight. Right here, we’re gonna
come all the way out in a reverse fly. (intense music) Woo, all right, we are
on to our last exercise. This is gonna hit all our arms. We’re gonna be going for upright rows. And I know some people online
don’t like this exercise, but in my opinion, any
exercise or movement that you’re not doing, is where you’re gonna
find your weaknesses. So you need to train
every angle and position, of course with perfect form so that you’re never risking injury, and so that you’re able to do the routines that nobody else can. So let’s get right into
these upright rows. Now for this movement,
I like to have a slight lean forward with my back straight, just so it gives me a
greater range of motion when I pull my arms up. Let’s go for 10. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – All right. That’s gonna be round one of this routine to build bigger arms with dumbbells only. So we have two more rounds to go for a total of three rounds to complete this workout routine. If you enjoyed this workout routine, then definitely smash that like button. Share this video with
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guys so much for watching. I will see you guys Thursday,
2:00 p.m. on my vlog channel, but right here, I’ll see you next Sunday, 8:00 p.m. USA Eastern time. Mad love, peace out. ♪ Listen right here,
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