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What’s up Team Furious, Furious Pete here and truth be told this is my second time recording this video I did this entire video with my fancy Lav mic that I never really used and I was wearing my D4L weight plate necklace That I never take off I never take this baby off But when I was wearing it It was just clinging and clinging and clinging and in fact every single TV show that I do they tell me to take it off And I was just like nah, it’s not going to affect it and the whole time It sounded like there was a cat playing in the background and playing with the toy or something like that So ah necklace is up first time in a while I will put it right there for now. Today’s video is going to be a fun one I did a little vlog about this years and years ago I talked about a story called the biggest cheater in competitive eating And I really just talked they didn’t really show a lot of evidence Which is something that I wanted to do and new evidence has actually surfaced within the past week about this competitive eater doing it again getting exposed by another big YouTuber Nate figs another big eating challenge guy on the YouTubes and he Exposed this competitive eater dale boone the mouth of the South like the mouth of the south I can’t do accents if you if you took a Georgia accent a southern accent And you said the mouth of the south And you’re really yelling and you really want to say if that’s what it would sound like alright That’s what it would sound like. In this story this story is just a fun one and Hopefully you guys enjoy it but before we get into it I’ve got a question for you guys you see this, this beard has finally grown And it’s growing in thicker than it’s ever grown before so chemotherapy I lost everything I lost everything and then the beard started growing back And it’s not as, it used to be to be really patchy and not anymore in fact It’s way thicker than it used to be and so I want to ask you guys And all you got to comment down below is like do it or like grow the beard and tell me if I could grow it For one year straight I’ve never done that in my life But I want to ask you guys since you guys are like family To let me know if I should do it alright So comment down below or give this video a thumbs up either one. You know I’m taking your advice I’m taking her advice if you guys tell me no, I’m not going to do it if you guys tell me do it I’m going to do it, so let me know in the comments below, but getting into the story Dale boone, dale boone So I start a competitive eating professionally in 2008 so a year before then in 2007 I discovered that I was really good at this through a bet from one of my best friends Mike after that I just started Doing different eating challenges online restaurant Challenges eventually after breaking a bunch of world records and just destroying every single record, in 2008 I was asked to come down California for an eating contest I won that contest won 20 in a row after that pretty much undefeated in 2008-2009 so they did eat contest for two reasons one because it was a lot of fun Initially and it was just you know it’s something that I was really good at you know when there’s something you’re really good at in This world you pursue it you pursue it and it led me to my life today. You know Doing these doing YouTube doing TV shows owning an awesome apparel company a supplement company Being able to meet all these cool people around the world it just it opened up all the doors I never thought would be open right doing engineering and that degree just Well that fifty thousand dollar piece of paper is just hanging up on my wall at home But you just never know what’s going to come your way I did that obviously for fun to get that Adrenaline Rush whenever you’re competing and you’re and you’re trying to beat everybody. It’s much like any sport you know when when you’re competing against someone And you are you know going to beat them or you want to beat them or it’s really tight that Adrenaline rush is real and it’s just it feels good. It’s like a preworkout you. Take a pre-workout You’ve you took some goku games, you’ll feel awesome, right you get that energy get that energy up And you feel good much like any contests like that you had energy goes up those that Adrenaline goes up and you feel good You want to win you want to compete so the stories in regards to the z burger eating contest? I had won this contest already three years in a row. I was the returning champ from Canada ironically This was like a contest that happened right before independence day on july 3rd. So I’m going down there They obviously wanted like an American chance at the beginning, but I was there for the first year of it for the debut I won and they they kind of embraced the Canadian Canadian champ mind you Canada day was like two days before That so you know it’s kind of appropriate that I want as well this contest was very well Ran there was a lot media that showed up to these contests. I mean a lot I don’t know what kind of connections these guys had or maybe it was just a convenience of the location But there was a lot of media that showed up more media than any other contest that I’ve ever been to this is a 10-minute Eating contest with burgers substantial size burgers about that big you know bigger than your usual like fast-food burgers maybe and unlike the years before this time around We actually had to eat one burger and open up our mouths in between each burger just to show the kind of that it was Empty just how it ran for this contest? You know it’s kind of unusual because I personally just like to eat a burger And then take the next burger and move you know push the burger that’s already in my mouth with that Burger to get it down and and you know everyone’s got their methods But that was those were the rules and gotta follow the rules and so we’re competing and I’m one of those guys whenever I start an eating contest I I jump out to the lead. I’m a sprinter. That’s what I am That’s that’s why I’ve always been good at Guinness world records I’ve always been good at the little speed stuff short stuff capacity wise I never really trained it. I was always pretty damn Good when I was doing eating contests, but I never really trained it speed just seemed naturally to me I just I was just good at it so what I would do in contest is just go start up a lead and just coast, coast with that lead all the way to the End and it worked for a lot of contests and so this contest right off the bat I had a three burger lead. I was doing awesome. I was just kicking ass and I was doing awesome It was a ten-minute contest mind you right and so eight minutes of the contest go by and I still have a three burger lead There’s one minute left in the contest and all of a sudden I only have a lead by a burger and a half. The contest is over and there’s a tie. There’s a tie there’s a tie with none other than dale boone now dale boone always wears these overalls to these contests and Unlike the other eaters instead of drinking water he drinks a dark crystal light and so the contest was done And you know I was like damn. I can’t believe I tied the sucks it’s gonna be an eat off You know I’m prepared for this eat off, but this kind of just sucks, right, and mind you so there’s money on the line right So if it was just like just for fun Then it would be like whatever you know tied whatever would have really really care for there Three Grand on the line for first place And I think second place was 1,500 or even a thousand dollars, so you wanted to win I didn’t go down there to not win you know and and I thought I would have won No problem, whatsoever, and so we step back from the tables after this contest, and we’re all just like You know ever all the eaters are kind of just like I could even better It could have done this could have done that surprise that dale boone actually caught up And then we started looking at the tables where we were eating media is still hanging around until the contest winner is Officially announced and we started looking at these tables and it was a nice and bright sunny day and like I said dale boone was using crystal light a dark red crystal light for His beverage and he had a lots of these cups lots of these cups in front of them And so we started looking at this table And it gets pointed out that those cups are Kind of the color’s kind of off in the sense that half the cup was super Super dark and the other half of the cup Was a nice light red Like you would see a crystal light and so I was like what the hell is that I know exactly what that is I know exactly what that is this guy put food in the bottom of his drink and so I was just like I’m gonna Expose him right away. I’m gonna expose him right away I start running to the table and dale boone tries to stop me. He’s like, What are you doing? What are you doing? He knows exactly what I’m about to do. He knows exactly What I’m about to do, and so, I’m like no move out of my way I need to see something and he tries to stop me But no, I put my hands straight into his cups and I’d take out those chunks of burgers I take them out. I’m like look at this look at this, media all around, cameras just start going They’re like taking pictures and recording video and they see this they see what is going on. I exposed him right there and then This was not the first time that I’ve heard about this I was warned about this guy in fact a contest before he was calling everyone At a hotel that the host put us up in the night before and trying to like keep everyone up at night so that we’d Be super tired going into the contest. He was doing stupid things like that It was just just what he was known for trying to get ahead in any sort of way I exposed him and for some reason I don’t know why he was not disqualified, instead We were told to still do an eat off anyways long story short I kicked his ass in the one minute eat off, I ate three burgers – he ate one And I took home the first-place trophy. But I just still can’t believe that that guy was not Disqualified and that he would do that. Now jumping forward to about a week ago the exact same scenario Happens, Nate finally competed with dale boone for the first time same thing happened. He started chirping everyone beforehand I might have not mentioned that earlier But he just chirps every one before the contest he just he tries to get everyone down tries to say like how good he is Like nice try time you know good luck getting second or third Just try to feel like getting your head so that you start thinking that you don’t have a chance so anyway So he did that for all the contests that I’d competed with him against and unfortunately I did a bunch of contests with him But he never once beat me, but that being said the same thing happened to me So he started chirping started talking with his big mouth before the contest during the contest the exact same thing Happened hot dogs everywhere hot dogs in the bottom of cups He has like half the tray of buns sitting inside of the water, and it’s like a water bucket Full buns, so I’m definitely writing off Dale boone like first time meeting him He’s exactly how people said he was, he’s a cheater Sloppy sloppy sloppy, and the guy ended up with a victory as a result and was not disqualified, but should have been I’m sure he’s done this his entire career In fact the guy actually does most of his contests over in India he hosts he has his own eating Organization over in India where he decides as to who the competitors are in his Contest and kind of makes sure that he wins every single contest that he enters that is dale boone the mouth of the south And it’s just it’s hilarious that these stories exist that these characters exist I don’t know why people even let him into contests You know moving forward to like today is It’s funny to reflect on this it’s funny to reflect that stuff like this exists and there I have plenty more stories of the competitive eating scene like I mean plenty more so if this is something that you guys found entertaining if you guys found some kind of Joy in this let me know in the comments below give this video a thumbs up Let me know if I should do more of them because I’d love to share them I’d love to share him because they were funny funny funny. I had a good time on the circuit You know eventually it didn’t really make sense. You know financially most of all especially as an independent eater, so let’s say a contest pays $1,000 sounds pretty good right first of all you have to win that contest to get $1,000 you know sometimes these contests would pay a little bit more. Maybe two. Maybe three maybe $5,000 in which that’s not fantastic, but let’s say it pays $1,000 right? I would have to fly myself out to these contests so yeah, I would try and find the cheapest flight, but sometimes a flight out There is 500 sometimes thousand dollars you know, but let’s say it’s 500 dollars, right? So I guess they’re $500 then I sometimes have to stay there overnight So have to get a hotel I get a cheap hotel hundred bucks if it’s a more expensive city. It’s going to be 150 Maybe 200 bucks. I have to like feed myself before or after maybe maybe the contest will fill me up Let’s say I win, so I just made 300 dollars for an entire weekend, and that sounds good But what happens if I didn’t win when I was if I came in second place? I would actually be out of money I’d be out of money. So you know during university I did really well, and that’s why I did these contests after you know for a career on a day to day It just didn’t make sense and so I pursued TV shows, I pursued Youtube pursued other businesses and hence here I am today telling these stories But they were a lot of fun, and if you guys want to see more, please let me know. We’ll catch you guys on Friday at 3 p.m.. Eastern Standard time with another eating challenge Go ahead and subscribe click that notification Button that little bell turn it on turn it on control if it’s on you’ll be the first one to know anyways guys Thanks again for your daily support check out Furious Apparel furious formulations in the description below Thank You again for your continued support your support continues to fund awesome projects that I share with you guys Right here on the YouTubes. We’ll catch you guys next time as always my friends you guys stay sexy stay hungry get gains get laid boom boom


  1. This "sport"(?) is disgusting, tbh. First vlog I've watched about it, and all disgust aside, I like OP's flare and his vlog persona.

  2. When your life has sunk so low that you cheat at eating…. It may be time to just put a pistol in your mouth

  3. check out this guy called S7S he is a beast. he arabian he tries all restuarants and make eating challenges probably 3 challenges a week he's amazing and a great dude. you probably wont understand him but he comments on the food he is eating and how great it is.

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