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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys it’s Thursday morning and I just got back from the gym so I figured let me shoot a video for you mostly because liquid just got it tada yeah I totally just whacked myself in the face with that box they are my competition here there were a little bit under $30.00 something like that on I just got the plain ones that so they just have this and they don’t have the strap here and mine as you can see doesn’t have a huge platform now I’m just under five four and I do mean just under like a smidge so I will be competing in Class C which is I believe five two to five four and so you know they want you to have a five inch heel which this is if you count the platform and the heel and you know I wanted to what I’m going to talk about today and I’m gonna try to keep it brief but I’m just a Jabberwocky so yeah sorry about that anyways it’s preparation and planning so yesterday I put something on my Instagram account and it was my version of the fitness pyramid of success now I know a lot of people say you know it’s 70% nutrition and 30% exercise but for me I don’t 100% agree with that and here’s why I think that there are more factors in play there is your mental and emotional state so I think that’s about 15 percent of it 20 percent of it straight up I don’t care how much you you know everything else is perfect and on point if you’re not prepared forget it you’re gonna fail that’s just the way it is if you don’t have meals prepped out or you don’t have a solid plan for how you’re gonna eat clean every day when your body comes calling for food then you’re going to fail that’s just as simple as it is so 20% for me is preparation that’s food knowing what my workout is what I get into the gym you know my motto in the gym is be brief be brilliant be gone I don’t want to be in there all day I don’t want to be one of those people that’s in the gym for you know two and a half hours a day unless you know you’re coming into those final weeks right before competition that’s completely understandable but for me it’s 45 minutes of really heavy not even necessarily heavy rapid sets of whatever it is I happen to be targeting that day so you know whether it’s glutes or legs or arms or whatever and then three times a week I do hit training and I only do that for 15 minutes so I’m not a steady-state cardio person that does not work for me my body does not respond to that plus I have AI B which is exercise-induced bronchospasm so that is just not something that works for my body I shed weight like this when I do high-intensity interval training otherwise known as hit training so from the top so that’s 15 percent mental and emotional that is in my opinion giving yourself permission to succeed and a lot of people might think that’s kind of silly but it’s really not because we run this tape in our head you know I’m too old I’m not pretty enough I can never have that body you know she’s genetically gifted blah blah blah and all of that quite frankly is horse you know what it’s horse crap okay because and you know I’m sorry if you think some of the things I say are sort of silly I just really desperately try not to cuss in my videos because my children who are young they do watch YouTube all the time and so I always try to be mindful of the fact that you know children watch YouTube and sometimes you know they may see mommy on YouTube and I do not want them to see me cussing so nor do I want any other little people to see me cussing I think you can get your message across without doing all that but don’t get me wrong when I’m not on camera there is definitely occasionally you know the f-bomb or whatever that will fall out getting back to the point at an so mental and emotional what I was saying is you know you need to give yourself permission to succeed you need to give yourself an opportunity to see if that tape that you’ve been running in your head for however long you’ve been alive it’s true you know can you really have that body yes you can absolutely if somebody else can do it so can you unless you know there’s some you have some health issue and then you go ahead and you deal with your house that health issue like I did and then you find a different way to Train periods so you know the only person that stands in the way of you having that body is you okay you know you know you have your doubters and your hate so the people around you that say you know you don’t have time for that or you know that’s not healthy or whatever it is auto disregard okay I hear that stuff and I just auto-delete auto-delete I don’t even listen all that okay because it’s not their life so of course they don’t appreciate all the sacrifices as they see it sacrifices that I’m making I’m okay with that I don’t ask them to participate in my lifestyle now if they want to happy the first person to help them to try to you know get a macros down or get a workout plan started but I don’t shove my life choices down anybody’s throat just like I don’t want anybody else doing that to me so um so give yourself permission at sixteen and give yourself time you know and and believe in yourself who cares what what other people say big deal so what okay you know I can’t remember the same but it’s something like you know no one’s a prophet in their own town you know when Steve Jobs was young do you think that people thought he was gonna grow up to change the world to to invent the things that he did know just like you know a gazillion other people that I could name you know Richard Branson or Beyonce or whatever all those people were just normal people at some time in their life and then they made a decision to no longer be normal and to become exceptional at something and they did just that very thing and don’t think that there weren’t people telling them like Tyra Banks people told her you’ll never model you know you’re funny look and your foreheads too big Bubba okay well I think everybody knows who Tyra Banks is so my point is don’t believe haters okay and just blaming yourself it’s as simple as that just that’s it doesn’t believe in yourself okay so mental permission and mental strength to stick to the task at hand preparation super important okay and then of course you know Fitness when you’re in the gym you know let’s not be standing in the corner taking selfies checking your Instagram account and all that you don’t need to do all that okay unless you’re super fit and you’re basically just in there for maintenance purposes get crazy you know the IFBB pros that are at the top of their game and you know they would have checked their Instagram feed you girls go crazy and do that because they’ve earned that right to do that but for the rest of us who are you know training and trying to make a name for ourselves and trying to reach the body of our dreams you don’t need do that you need to get in there and get your stuff done and get your heart rate up keep it up get through your sets and get out of the gym go on with your day okay and nutrition you know eating clean means reduction or elimination of sodium sugar alcohol basically if it’s bagged can with with very few exceptions don’t need it okay okay no tuna yeah that’s fine obviously cuz that’s good clean protein okay raw almonds in a bag yes that’s fine okay a Snickers in a bag Chef Boyardee in a can not clean don’t eat it because and trust me I’m telling you from a place of experience for God knows how many years I would literally kill myself in the gym but then to be quite frank I was even like crap I mean I was still probably eating clean for what most people would think I guess cuz people will always say like oh you know you you eat so clean and the implication was you eat so clean why are you whatever but I eat a lot of sodium I drink a lot more frequently than I should have not like in a problematic way but you know at the end of the day let’s have one or two you know glasses of wine or whatever but it adds up not just that it takes its toll on on the training and you know it’s not a bodybuilding food it’s fine for celebration and that’s what it’s for for spirits you know to celebrate something it’s not supposed to be a regular part of your diet so if it is a regular part of your diet you know trying to take steps to remove that and make that something that you do maybe you know with your cheat meal once a month or you know a glass of wine with your cheat meal once a week or whatever and so nutrition cannot be overstated okay I personally have lost I think like seven as of this morning like seven and a half percent seven percent no seven and a half pounds since I started training which is now roughly two weeks ago and it really isn’t even about the weight for me I mean I could care less what I weigh I’m looking to get to 12 to 13 percent body fat by the time that I walk on the stage so I don’t really care what the weight is I know that I have to be within certain you know parameters to compete as a middleweight or whatever so of course I’m shooting that and and I’ll show all the progress pictures and all that when I think there’s something to you know to show you but I will say this take your progress pictures because I take mine every Tuesday so I took them the Tuesday the week before I started then the Tuesday of the week that I started and then this Tuesday that just passed so let me tell you what you may not think that you’re making progress or there may be days or you’re like ah I just don’t feel any progress where you can see that your weight is coming down but you don’t actually feel as if you’re making progress with muscles and everything else I mean I can already see like see right here my shoulder when I turn my shoulder I mean yeah I’m already like okay that was so gross okay I’m already starting to have much more definition in my shoulders in my legs and when I looked at the pictures I put them side by side from you know the the back porch um I was like holy crap I did that in a week I was really impressed I mean there were it’s not like a major difference but it’s definitely a difference I mean and if that was one week I’m just so excited to see what pictures you know week one to week six looks like so anyway that’s my thing to you is you know take your pictures because on those days when you feel like oh I’m just not motivated or I’ll never get there you know again that tape running in your head that 15 percent mental that I was talking about you need to have a look at those pictures and remind yourself where you came from more importantly remind yourself where you’re not trying to go back to okay keep your head in the game keep watching those videos subscribe to other people who are going through this journey become friends with those people follow those people on Instagram you know you you birds of a feather flock together right so you want to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you that just makes sense right because they’re not gonna be the people that are posting pictures of you know look at me partying over here at you know whatever for Cinco DeMayo because that’s not where you’re at right now I’m not busting on those people trust me I have spent probably every Cinco DeMayo since I was 21 with a drink in my hand okay this past Cinco DeMayo the other day I didn’t have anything because I didn’t have any chips and salsa and a Mexican food I didn’t have you know margaritas I don’t have a beer I did nothing you know and was my husband ticked off about that probably but the other day training doesn’t stop for Cinco DeMayo and like I explained to him I’ve had lots of Cinco de Mayo’s where I’ve had plenty to drink and you know I’ve done all that so and this Cinco de Mayo was actually fabulous instead of drinking I spent some time learning about you know why we actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo um so that’s it you know 15 percent mental of 20 percent preparation I think it was 35 percent exercise or 30 percent nutrition and 35 percent exercise something like that whatever follow it on my Instagram which is at Raphael Laurie on download it print it out because it isn’t as simple as exercise and nutrition because if your head is in the wrong place none that matters because you’re not gonna stay the course period plain and simple as that you know I have something written at the top of all of my gym cards that I wrote for myself and it says your biggest battle is happening between your ears get control of it no one has the right to take your goals from you not even you so get your head in the game get your stuff prepared get get your sleep get your eight hours of sleep drink that water kill it when you are in the gym and I mean leave nothing when you are in the gym and prepare for tomorrow those shirts that say lift eat sleep repeat there’s so much truth in those shirts I used to think those were so silly but now I totally get it and you know last note about preparation you know the shoes thing that may seem kind of silly but the reason why that’s important is there are so many things that you have to purchase when you compete from robes to sandals to competition heels to as competition swimsuit whatever it’s all part of preparing yourself it’s all part of reminding yourself that you know this is the course that you’re on and you do not want to get that bill all at once because it can be thousands of dollars so do it incrementally set up little rewards for yourself like okay you know when I finish week three of training I’m gonna get my robe that I’m gonna wear after I have my spray tan on competition day week five I’m gonna get bah blah blah week ten I’m gonna get my competition suit you know you have to depend you have to stage all of that based on when your competition is you don’t want to get your competition suit the week before because that’s not smart and your heels you know you want those for a good long time so you can be practicing your posing that is so important I have heard that time and time and time and time again practicing your posing because as many girls will say on YouTube and lots of the pros will tell you it’s not just about your physique it is all about the package on the stage so that is your hair your makeup your nails your jewelry your shoes how you pose your physique the whole thing right and I don’t care if you have been slaying it in the gym and eating like a saint none of that makes any difference if you get out there you don’t know how to pose you don’t know how to showcase what you’ve been working on then you just wasted a whole lot of time because the judges are gonna go okay that’s someone who doesn’t understand a sport and doesn’t take it seriously so practice your posing I don’t care if it looks silly go to Walmart get a ten dollar full-length mirror get it done and I will see you guys on either Friday or Monday just kind of depending so train hard eat clean get your rest

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