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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, my name is Breanna Ludemann and I am Minnesota 2010 and the owner of Ideal Weigh to B. Ideal
weigh to B is a health and weight loss clinic. Where we focus on getting people healthy and reaching their weight loss goal and
we do that through one on one counseling and nutrition. BiPro fits in it great with our
program here at Ideal weigh to B. We are looking for something to help
people maintain their weight and whey protein
is an excellent source of doing so. As you’re exercising need
to repair those muscle and this offers a great opportunity for
our clients to do that. Our new Mrs. Minnesota is Breanna Ludemann. Whey protein was essential in my journey to becoming Mrs.
Minnesota and Mrs. America competition. I was
exercising a lot so therefore you need to repair those muscle. I would exercising quite rigidly. I would
run 6-8 miles a day. I would strength train, use the Pilates reformer and supplement my diet with the
BiPro whey protein. We serve it in multiple different ways. I love Bipro’s website. They allow us to have multiple options. My classic is their pancakes. They love pancakes and they have a whole wheat pancake on there and my husband even says I’m eating pancakes but they’re the BiPro ones, right. I’m 100 percent
and more fan of BiPro. I did I don’t know
what we would do without it at this point in our lives.

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