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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– So I feel like I’m just
in this giant stadium, where all of these people
are standing around watching me do chest presses. – Mhm. – This is… Mildly unnerving. (laughing) Would you be more or
less inclined to exercise if you were wearing this on your face? We’re about to find out. This is Black Box VR. It’s a Boise-based
company that has designed a VR workout experience. The idea being that if
you normally get bored or you just feel unmotivated at the gym, that transporting yourself
into a hypercompetitive virtual world will make you feel.. Not that way. – Alrite, we’re ready! – Alrite! – Ready? – Yes. Let’s go in the Black Box. – Okay so what I’m gonna
do is we’re gonna… This is the suiting up here. So this is your left hand. So go ahead and put that out
and I’ll switch you up here. – These are hands free controllers that you strap to your wrists, so the app can track your movements. You strap those on, you put on a HTC Vive headset, which is tethered to the cable machine, and you enter a virtual stadium. That’s where your opponent stands waiting. And you’re basically supposed
to do more chest presses than they do. – Put your back up against the pad. There’s a pad right behind ya. And you’ll feel… Perfect. – Okay. Got it. – Okay and now you can just see, start doing reps. – So, did you guys also
make this gym equipment? – Yeah. So this is
actually a patent pending dynamic resistance machine
that’s specifically built to work with VR. So the idea there, is
there’s a dynamic resistance that can adapt to in-game elements. But yeah, so this is
just a bite-sized piece of actual gameplay. In the full version
you’ll actually be able to select which movements you want to do, and the machine will
immediately calibrate for you. – Ooh, it’s definitely getting harder! – It’s getting heavy. (laughs) – So the machine is adjusting
because it knows my reps. – Yep, it’s counting your reps. So you’re at, probably
on 10 or 12 right now. There you go. Good job! – So if I… And I’m trying to defeat
this person in front of me on the screen or is that me? – Yep, oh good job. Yeah that’s the opponent. – Keep going it says.
So that’s the opponent. Okay. So can I do this with friends? Oh my good lord. – No. Okay. Aww. Give it your all. Yeah so eventually you’ll
actually be able to do this ace league, apprentice
league with a friend, you can actually battle them. Right now this is just a
computer, an AI basically, measuring your strength
and adapting to it. – And are you planning
on selling this directly to people like me, or are you going to sell this to gyms? – So phase one is, we’re
actually looking at, later this year opening
up our own boutique gym. So we’ll actually have these
boxes inside our own gym, where you can come in, there will be a hero trainer that will walk you through, make
sure everything’s safe. And then go through a calibration phase, where everything is perfectly
dialed in for your height, for your goals, for your
strength, for everything. – So you’ll be going to a gym
that’s entirely VR experience? – Exactly. And so.. – Every station’s VR. – Exactly. So this pod right here… So we’re in about a 10×10 space. So you imagine going into a
gym where you actually have 10 to 20 of these. Where you actually go
into your own Black Box, and you have your private
space just like this. It would literally be
exactly like this. Like that. – It seems like someone could probably have the wrong form doing
a lunge, or a squat, or something like that. Bending where their knees are. And if that’s not measured precisely, they could potentially hurt themselves. – Exactly. That’s one
of the biggest problems, and the good thing with
these space stations is they can track such
a fine, fine fidelity, that as those sensors get better, we can actually track exact biomechanics, and again, course correct
to make sure people aren’t injuring themselves. – So that was a pretty wild experience. I don’t think I’ve ever
worked out in VR before, and I think the novelty of it threw me a little bit at first. Like I wasn’t really paying attention to the game aspect of it, but that’s supposed to be a big part of this whole Black Box experience. The company says that they plan to launch a series of boutique gyms. Think like Equinox, Barry’s
Bootcamp, Soul Cycle. Sometime in mid twenty-eighteen, and they think they are gonna
start on the west coast. That sounds like it’s
kind of gonna be expensive just to go workout with a VR headset on, but hey, we live in the future. I guess the future’s expensive. (laughs) So is this the next level of working out? I just had to say “next level.” – Tune in next season. – Tune in next season! TBD. Next level.

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