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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

嗨,我是艾米! 歌词:let’s kill this love 最近被Black Pink的let’s kill this love给洗脑了,我相信你们中的很多韩国流行音乐粉丝也很爱这首歌 所以我就想专为这首歌设计一个有趣的有氧锻炼, 虽然只是短短三分钟的燃脂训练,但我保证你们会出好多好多汗的。 训练强度会特别高,燃烧全身脂肪 如果你们跟我一样也很喜欢这套训练的话,多做几遍也无妨, 我自己今早都已经做了五遍了 燃脂效果真是非常好,这是我目前最爱的训练项目,也希望你们能喜欢 如果你们准备好了的话,我们就开始吧! 开合跳,腿部 开合跳,右臂 开合跳,左臂 开合跳,双臂 原地跑加开合跳 站立蹬车 开合跳加“kill this love” 深蹲 开合跳,右臂 开合跳,左臂 开合跳,双臂 触地 开合跳加“kill this love” 俯身登山 平板支撑开合跳 登山 起身,转头

74 thoughts on “BLACKPINK – ‘Kill This Love’ CARDIO WORKOUT For Full Body Fat Burn ◆ Emi ◆

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Just tried my first time today and it does get your body pumping. And those touch downs and plank moves are killer. Btw what’s better than exercising with Blackpink.

  3. I'm gonna try this for 3 days :
    Start weight :74,9 kg
    Please remind me
    Day 1: it was really hard and I sweated alot
    Day 2: I gained weight? 75,3kg 😑 today the workout was okay it was hard and easy 😂💪
    Day 3: my weight is 75.9 kg im really Sad
    I don't know how I gained weight because I ate very healthy, drank green tea and drank 3 litres of water

  4. This is the workout im actually doing everyday, i do it two times since its short, i also did your twice and bts workout, i love them all💜

  5. The way i stay skinny is by dancing my teachers say im a great dancer so i learned alot of kpop dances to workout i learned the choreography for all of them example
    Boy with luv-BTS
    peek a boo-red velvet
    Killing me-IKON
    love scenario-IKON
    Zimzalazim(i think its right)-red velvet
    Spring day-BTS
    if its your last-blackpink
    And now i learned kill this love choreography
    Can anybody suggest any other kpop dances to learn? I dance three of the songs that i said everyday and it keeps me in great shape! Please suggest more songs for me to learn💜

  6. I love this workout! It's not too long to the point that it gets boring and it definitely gets my body working💖 do you think if i do this workout 2 times a day, I could lose weight?

  7. lets kill this love

    me: sneaks and does choreography

    also me: sees emi also do it

    me again: *shooketh to the core*

  8. My only excuse not to do this is that it's too hot xD

    Oof, who am I kidding? Most of the kids in my grade do after-school sports in the heat -_- I can't complain :/

  9. Emi’s cardio workout is the only ‘dance’ video that I could follow. Literally😭
    I sweat a lot and that’s very good. Thank you Emi❤️

  10. First Time:
    It Was Hard But It Was Worth It

    1 Week:
    I'm Starting to see change in my arms and legs

    2 weeks:



  11. Im watching this while eating lmao.

    But im gonna do this every afternoon starting this semester break. I need to lose 30pounds! Wish me luck.

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