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there we go come on ready 1 2 3 what I
like about this gym is it’s not a fancy gym it’s not all about the bicycles and
the treadmills and looking pretty it’s all about helping each other and and
encouraging each other to lift more weights beyond what you thought you were
capable of. Kelli: If you want to hear a divided opinion just mention going to the gym.
It’s a dreaded chore for some and a daily ritual for others – like fitness
buff, Cody Colchado. CODY: I do a million pounds in a year and I’ve been doing it for 35
years so I’ve lifted over 35 million pounds KELLI: Cody’s part of a supportive family at
River rat gym in Pharr Texas. It takes a lot of trust in your fellow weight
lifters to hold hundreds of pounds a few inches from your head and that’s
especially true for Cody you can’t see any of it. CODY: I’m the only blind lifter
here in the valley Mirror don’t mean nothing to me anymore
but when you first start as a young man you want to use the mirror because you
want to see how your muscle growing how you look. Now as a blind person I use
numbers at my indicator I squatted over six hundred and twenty pounds and then I
benchpress I hold a world record for the blind at 501 pounds. And the deadlift
I’ve done seven hundred and twenty-two pounds. Whoa! Now I can sit down.
KELLI: Discipline and dedication have made Cody who he is today and that’s a world-class
weightlifter he holds more world records and titles
than we could ever list here. At the age of 54 he still competes professionally
in the sport of strongman BOB: What is this thing out here it looks
like you’ve got a axle and a couple of tires in the wheels and stuff this? CODY: yeah
that’s one an event that we do for strongman and it’s called the actual
barbell lift BOB: you lift this? CODY: yes sir BOB: show me! CODY: all right yes sir guy think very
good all right I got it all right here we go back straight KELLI: Cody has climbed the ranks in the blind division of strongman and was the world
champion in 2015 at any given moment he is quite possibly the strongest blind
person on the planet CODY: Tell him to honk, and then I’ll pull. KELLI:and he’ll pull KELLI: Athletics have been in Cody’s blood since he was a boy. A boy who could see Imagine a typical all-american kid: he
had Sports Illustrated posters on the wall, he watched the Olympics and
football, and he never thought for a second that he would go blind before
graduation. CODY: my dad took me to all the professional games in LA
Bakersfield went to a lot of colleges and university it’s all a lot of sports
and I said I want to be an athlete. You know I trained hard I played all sorts
of sports and all my whole dream was over when I was a junior in high school
I had it freak football injury the black sprinkler system you see in a football
field the practice back of my helmet hit it and shattered it and within 24 hours
I lost almost all my eyesight KELLI: In spite of his injury cody continued to
work out he found support in the weightlifting
community and even spent time working for fitness icon Jack LaLanne CODY: my dream
was destroyed and weight training gave me a purpose it gave me a reason to to
keep going and wake up every day and continue lifting weight. This sport saved
my life now he shares that story with students all over the Rio Grande Valley
his fears his hopes and his message to others with visual impairment CODY: they’re gonna go through a lot of hardship and a lot of anger and there you know either
they’re gonna feel very vulnerable and I know it’s you have to be apprehensive
and you’re scared but you gotta have that courage you got to take that first
step. You know somebody told me that when you lose your eyesight will you be going
competing for Team USA been on 10 national teams won 33 World Championship
the first American to win the world Strongest Man I would have called you a
liar if it would leave everybody would be a champion KELLI: It doesn’t feel right to
say that Cody Colchado has no vision yes his eyesight is completely gone but
he sees what it takes to succeed and that’s not the muscle of a strong man
it’s the willpower of a strong man CODY:If you have a dream go get it
go do it I live my dream even if you’re 50 years old you mean it was 60 years
old never too late if you wanted to run that marathon start walking start doing
it you

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  1. Inspiring indeed, go Mr. Cody Colchado! I'm a native Tarheel, but really enjoy watching Texas Country Reporter video's!

  2. Texas Parks and Wildlife needs to> STOP POCKETING THE MONEY AND STOCK OUR DAM LAKES!! Tired of this BS

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