Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

To be a champion, To be a champion, you cannot allow any kind of… outside, negative force
to come in and affect you. Being involved with a girl
before a contest can have a negative on my mind and destroy my workouts. So I have to cut my emotions off
and be kind of cold before a competition. It’s what I do
with the rest of the things. Someone steals my car?
I don’t care. I can’t be bothered with that. My secretary calls the insurer and I’d laugh about it. I’ve trained myself to be cold,
to keep these things out of mind. There was in a way… a sad story… When my father died,
my mother called me. This was 2 months before a contest. She said come home for the funeral. I said: No, it’s too late.
Nothing to be done. Sorry, I can’t come. I didn’t explain why. I found other excuses. How do you tell a mother
whose husband died about your… trip. Advertise your product or brand here
contact today Morel! We know you’re there! I didn’t come here for nothing! Open the door, fucking faggot! Don’t make me go haywire! I’m coming! Listen up. Either you open and we talk
or I bust it down. Who is it? Grandma!
I came for a blowjob! Luigi? You didn’t say you were coming. Wait, I’ll get dressed. I didn’t come for your butt. Putting on a prom dress? Just a sec! Bust it open. Where’s my pal? Where’s my cutie-pie? Kid! Where are you going? And with my dough?
Get him. Don’t bother. Why even run? We’ll find you. Shithead! Where is he? That way! Run! Faster! Fat pig can’t run. What’s going on? Just a minute. It’s not a hotel.
Pay or leave! What the hell? Are you crazy? How do I get out now? This way. Plenty of room.
Take that. – Why trash the place?
– He deserves it! What do you want from my son? Quiet, bitch.
Get a flea-bath. – The nerve of you!
– Shut up! Tell your son we’ll find him. I went where you said. He disappeared. I’m coming. Don’t want a beer? Coming. – Mom…
– Is he here? What shit did you mix us up in now? – Stop!
– You drive me crazy! What is it? Some guys trashed his place. They want to waste him! You woke up the kid. Keep it down. What the fuck did you do now? Haven’t you put me through enough? I just finished paying it off. For 2 years I slave away
paying off your crap. That has nothing to do with tonight. Who were they? Losers I’ve owed money to
for a while. They sold me a computer.
Mine was stolen. They came too early.
I said end of the month. It’s no big deal. No big deal… Is she asleep? She’s telling her a story. 9 months probation, Antoine. Screw up and you do time.
First him, now you. Me? That stuff was 10 years ago. This has nothing to do with before. It’s not my fault. – Listen…
– You listen. I’m fed up with this. – No more apartment.
– Not that. I’ll fix it up and you disappear. Leave the area. Find a job. Where do I go? – Sleeping?
– Yeah. Not here,
not with a baby on the way. How can I get by
if I’m homeless? There’s always the old man. This is serious. I’m serious too. He’s changed. – You saw him?
– I still do. – You never said so.
– I meant to. Just busy. He never helped
when you were kids. Now that you’re grown up,
he helps? I haven’t seen him in 5 years. I can’t stay in St. Etienne. I have no contacts there for work. You’ve never kept a job here either. It’s the only solution. We’ll go tomorrow. You’ll sleep here tonight. Don’t make that face. Take responsibility. Mom… The cigarette. Sorry. Can I stay the night? I wake up early. I’d rather not. Great. You look like shit. I didn’t eat. Doing drugs? I just took a pill to sleep. What happened?
Spare me that computer crap. I made that up
to calm Mom down. Do I know the guys? A little. Not Luigi, I hope. It is?
Fuck, you’re in deep shit. You’re a pain. I said to avoid him.
He won’t give up. I can make him money.
He’s too impatient. What do you owe? I’m onto something big, I swear. Two weeks and no problem. No problem… something big… Fucking clown. Nothing illegal.
Just wait two weeks. Return on investment
and I’ll be far away. – Post card for you.
– Sure. Get your act together
at the old man’s. Why keep him a secret? So the kids have a grandpa. We never knew him.
My wife never knew her mom. Important, isn’t it? This is it? You said St. Etienne. Relax, it’s 5 minutes away. Where is he? Fuck, no network. It sucks here. Dad? How are you? Why are you here? Antoine? I didn’t recognize you
in the hat. Yeah, I saw. – How long?
– Two weeks. You don’t have to.
Not my idea. He needs to stay out of Lyon. – Why?
– He owes a guy money. I borrow to invest: big difference. What kind of investment? Import-export. Nothing illegal. Can he stay? I won’t lie.
It’s not the best time. I’m training. I’m not easy.
It’s small here. See? Told you so. He can sleep on the couch. With 3 weeks till Championships,
I want no trouble. You got even bigger. A bit.
And his Post Office job? He got fired.
Stealing checkbooks. Damn, always the same.
No second chances. No railroad jobs? I left 6 years ago.
No more contacts. Does he have a police record? Like with you, I can’t help. Don’t let him vegetate. – I’m not a babysitter.
– I know. Does he do drugs? No, nothing serious. And his import-export stuff? What do you think? No smoking inside. Okay, Vincent. Are you sick? Amino acids to burn faster. – Burn?
– Body fat. They’re 100% natural. Look. I believe you. When did we see each other last? Grandma’s funeral. I’ll be down in a minute. Got your keys? So why call? Yeah, I’m coming down. I’m training then I work. I won’t stay here long. You staying or coming? I’d like to shower. Towels in the bathroom. If you’re hungry,
there’s all you need. Hey, Vincent. Sorry,
you seemed to be running late. Well, I’m here now. Sleep well? Did you run this morning? Pick the music? Not yet. We should rehearse the routine
to music now. Give me 2 days. Shoulders and triceps now. Fine with me. What a psycho! We’ll find you, motherfucker I haven’t worked out in a while. It’s like riding a bike. 1 st is hot, 2nd is not Every achievement
begins with the decision to try You don’t give a thing
till you give it all What is it?
You don’t find that rude? I’m sorry.
I’ve never seen that. Seen what? – A woman…
– With muscles? – Yeah.
– You haven’t seen much. Yeah but… can I touch? Want to touch? Touch, go on. Happy now?
It’s hard, right? See now? Here to sign up? Looking for my dad, Vincent. You’re Vincent’s son… Richard! Look, Vincent’s son. Really? – Antoine.
– Caroline. Pleasure. He’s there with Vadim. Work out. You’re soft. It’s all in here. Say the word
and we’ll work out. Cool. 7, that’s good. Let’s go to 12. Push! Two more. Don’t touch me. Last one. 12, great. Put it down. Drink. – Can I help you?
– It’s my son. Oh, okay. Satisfied? Food-wise. Not really. – What next?
– We move onto triceps. Another series of 12. You did a lot. A lot isn’t enough to win. On 20. I like your drive,
when you want more. Breathe. Four… Higher. Come down gently. Six… Push! Breathe. Last one. Put them down. Great! Time for dips. Good job. And your shoulder? It’s holding up. – What can he win?
– French Championship. He’s not too old? Not for the Masters. What’s Masters? Veterans.
Between 50 and 60 years old. Any chance? Sure, unless we get screwed into 2nd
like last year. He’s better than most. I’m not worried. You saw his lines. Yeah I saw, but… His definition is amazing. We’re doing great. I’m really happy. It’s first place or nothing. Excuse me. That soy milk tastes like cardboard. I asked everywhere.
Only brand they carry. Put it back. I don’t want it. The baby food? Took it all.
They rarely have sweet potato. You know this? – Linseeds.
– Ever seen them? Yeah, but not in that package. I never have. I took this. If you knew the crap in it. Let him take what he wants. It’s for his own good. Do we have everything? We need broccoli, chicken… I’m working on it. Relax. You’ll have it in 10 days.
Okay? – Is this any good?
– Fair. 254,68 euros.
Superman comes at a cost! Everything does. You have to hide
that junk food you bought. I don’t want to see it.
It makes me tense. Okay, Vincent. Can you drive, please? Mind if she stays for dinner? I can leave you alone. I didn’t mean that.
She’s sort of a high-school teacher. Works with young people. If ever you want to talk. I got nothing to say
to a teacher. Dinner. He’s not coming? He can’t see us eat
when he’s shredding. It’s the smell too. So I try to eat cold stuff.
Salads, carpaccio. When he agrees to eat with me. Not always easy. Why complain?
It’s only 2 months a year. It’s more like 6. You’re free to see friends. I saw your tattoo. Life goes on. I did it in 2000. Happiness is a choice. A sentence I like. I have another on my leg. Got any? Don’t like them? Why not? I don’t want any traces. They can be nice. Like jewelry. I’ll go have a cigarette. – He didn’t eat?
– He wasn’t hungry. See how skinny he is? How old is he? I don’t know… 23, 25… I can’t remember. Have a cigarette with him.
I’ll clean up. So you’re a teacher? Did he say that? Not at all. Secretary in the high school
I went to. It’s like I’ve been there 100 years. You’ve got some nerve. It’s a digest-spliff. You smoke a lot? I’m not addicted.
I can stop whenever I want. You know all addicts say that. There’s a psychologist
at the school where I work. If ever you want to meet her… Sure. Why not? I’ll say that as a kid,
my dad was absent. Without a role-model,
my ego never developed. It’s why I smoke. I’m unhappy with myself,
depressed even. And emotionally,
a fucking black hole. I’m doing my cardio workout. And I need to see a shrink? I can’t stay. Pay back those guys and we’ll see. You can’t imagine.
It’s another world. Not normal. Goodnight. Mom! Good morning. Strike tomorrow at school. Can you take off,
spend the day with me? I’m talking.
Why don’t you answer? I’m talking to you. What’s the problem? Fuck, it’s starting again. Asshole! Can you lend me 500? Did you all decide
to piss me off today? 500 euros.
You’re out of your mind. I can work reception
in exchange. Helping out customers. I’m not an employment agency. Hold it, hold it. Three. Four… good job. Concentrate. Hold it, hold it… What are you working? My back. Antoine, give me a hand. Take the wheelchair. If I get too bulky,
it’ll be hard to pull myself up. Relax, you still have some leeway. Next year I’ll put in a ramp. That would help a lot. What happened? An accident? No, a neuromuscular disease.
But he has tough mindset. Come here. I’ve had these flyers for a while. Cover the neighborhood.
Every windshield. Mailboxes serve no purpose. To the left,
there’s a supermarket parking lot. – The supermarket…
– Just down the street. Get going. I’m off. I’ll grab lunch. See you shortly. It’s for a jacket
but I lost the receipt. – When did you drop it off?
– I forget. – What did it look like?
– No idea. If you can’t remember when
or what it looks like… That one there. This one? Not this! What are you doing? Stop right now
or I’ll call the police! So call the cops! Tell them
what your son did! Either he pays me back or I burn this place,
and you too! We want our money back! Fucking bitch! Goddammit! Stretch it out…
and bring it in, nice and slow. Feel it in your buttocks. You okay? Did it go well? Perfect. But you didn’t give me enough. I could have done
2 or 3 more blocks. Don’t play with me. You want work? First the toilets,
then the shower and locker room. – Wait here.
– Where are you going? I’m running an errand
at the Laundromat. Why did he hit you? We were just playing a game. Buckle up. Next series. Use your abs. Keep your back still. Vadim. 11… Yeah? 12 and stop. Is that you? In Milan, 5 years ago.
Just before my accident. Accident? I’d just gone pro. More training sessions,
heavier loads. My aorta just gave in. The aorta… The artery that pumps blood
from the heart. I was lifting heavy,
especially squats. Over 300. Like this? No breathing
for increased pressure. I lost 40 kilos at the hospital… Same old broken record. – He asked.
– Damned bore. But he’s the one who asked! Finished? Who’s Richard? Him. With the red bandana. Is he stronger than my father? One more series. Richard, stronger? Your son asked who’s stronger,
Richard or you. Richard! Who beat you last year in Colmar? You did. – How many times in all?
– 3. I didn’t hear. You beat me 3 times.
But it won’t be 4. The future will tell. We’ll see. Get ready.
I’m coming. Got the answer now? Hey, bro! Don’t answer anymore? What’s going on? Fucking prick! What did I do? What did you do?
You’re kidding me! Two girls threatened Mom
and Luigi attacked me! Cut the crap.
Why do you owe everyone money? I invest for them… Cut the fucking crap! Luigi says you owe him 3,000 euros! I’ll explain.
Let go and I’ll explain! Fuck this. At first it was small amounts. Guys I know would give me
30 or 50 euros. Then I met other guys. Their money reimbursed
the first ones with interest, 25% for them, 25% for me. It worked well.
Word got around. People put in
more and more money. And I quickly found
new investors, like Luigi. Except he played big from the start. That’s how I fucked up.
I didn’t refuse. So I couldn’t pay back
the others either. You owe how much to who? You are seriously fucked up. Think you’re Madoff? So selfish. Did you think of Mom? You mix her up in this.
She was crying all day yesterday. What do you say? I swear I was quitting. What will you do?
Ask the old man for help? – I’m working.
– Not enough. Give me a week.
I swear I’ll figure it out. You really got shit for brains. Come inside. I’ve wasted enough time. Apologize to Mom. Apologize yourself. It’s hard to say because… I like them both
but people know Rocky 3 more. Eye of the Tiger is so you. I don’t think so. Richard will use it
just to piss me off. Well, in that case… As long as you don’t do
last year’s robot. That was one of Vadim’s dumb ideas. Born in the USA. It suits me more. The United States means power.
Superpower. It’s up to you. You choose. Eye of the Tiger
or Born in the USA? Eye of the Tiger is tacky.
Old-fashioned. Born in the USA is good.
Depends what for. Springsteen’s better. El Dorado… the American Dream.
That’s me. You got it wrong.
That’s not it. It’s about Vietnam vets.
Against the war. – Sure?
– Everyone knows. You didn’t know that? I fucked up? No, anyway
I prefer Eye of the Tiger. – What’s it for?
– Posing. The music counts a lot. Vietnam doesn’t work. Good thing you told him.
Maybe he’ll change it. He doesn’t like it
when I’m right. Instead of the camera? No, with it. You got ID? This is junk. It comes to 950 euros. 950?
The guitar’s worth 1,000. That’s our offer. We pay by check.
Or cash, but we take 10%. I want cash. Start hunched up.
When the music starts, open up… On the first “Tah” look up. Then raise your arms Front double biceps. Stand up, roll the arms
and lay it on them. What a ballerina! Hands on your hips.
Upper back. And hold it. Judges need time. I know. Then show your best profile.
Biceps, chest. Head high. Proud. I know it better than you. And press down. Then do most muscular. One, two… Smile at the public and the jury. You can stay. I’m all done. From the beginning with music? I’ll never remember. I said to pick the song.
We’re behind. – Hi, Richard.
– How are you? I’m okay. – Like it here?
– Yeah… Why not try? – Try what?
– Lifting weights. – I have no time.
– How so? With all the cleaning up… Nice sport, you know. You want the same brand? Good business. She’s doing great.
Opening another one next month. – Caroline, where’s the BCAA?
– Behind you. I spoke to Richard. What did he tell you? Your legs are your weak point.
Since your accident. And that your back’s a problem.
Not big enough. Back size isn’t what counts.
It’s the girth. You get a kick out of it. You find it funny. I didn’t say a word. What are his weak points? He didn’t say. Because he has none? So why does he always lose to me? Where are you? I’ll meet you at the station. In St. Etienne. Look for a sign. It’ll say. 10-15 minutes. See you. About Richard. The underwear we pose in
gets covered in sweat and pro-Tan. He saves his, unwashed.
Like hunting trophies. Disgusting…
How do you know? I just do. You’re just upset. Not at all. I like Richard.
We’re friends. I’ll pay. Let’s go. What a dick. – Hiding out here?
– Not at all. Yeah right,
with everyone looking for you. Don’t say you saw me. – Where are you crashing?
– At my father’s. Got a father now? Got the money? – What’s this?
– My father’s place. He has a gym? Cool. From your mother. Your friends had to do that? They didn’t have to.
But it worked. They’re not my friends. Next time
tell them to come see me. Tell them yourself. And for your brother
and your mom’s neighbor. Okay… and me? Later on. I came to the armpit of the world
for nothing? All I have. 50 isn’t enough for my gas! I bought you presents,
took you out… Restaurants, champagne in clubs,
you liked showing off. You really are… What am I? Too big a wimp to say. I don’t want it to end badly. Stay away. I’m sick. – You’re not cool.
– Yeah, and you are. Get out. I’m in a rush. Are you in pain? I’m okay. I was thinking,
with Championships coming up, maybe I should stay and help
a few more days. Same financial trouble? On the contrary.
I spend nothing here. With what you give me,
I put some aside. Good. – Thanks.
– You deserve it. Minus the 20%…
That comes to 1,120 euros. You save a whopping 280. A nice pair of shoes… What’s more,
you get trained by champs. Vadim, five-time world champ. And Vincent Morel, Mr. Universe.
Real hotshots. Take a 10-second pause
and do 12 more. It’s a gift. Here’s my number. If you call me and pay in cash… I need a word. We’ll discuss it later.
Look around. I need a word too.
About yearly discounts. Stop that on the double.
Here it’s monthly. Come with me. There are complaints
of locker-room theft. Shit… One day some weird guys lingered
in the locker room. – Is it you?
– What? Answer me. – How dare you?
– You came and it began. Great logic.
Thugs come here and you accuse me? Answer my question. Is it you? Of course it’s not me.
How can you imagine that? I do what you ask.
I clean up. I behave. No more bullshit. You have no confidence in me?
I’m disappointed. Sorry, with my diet… Diet or no diet, I’m your son.
You went overboard. And you hurt me. Sorry. Forget it happened. You barely get by. You can’t afford another employee. Is it really the right time to hire? It’s my son. He already works there.
But under the table. He has enough problems of his own. I thought
if I found him a stable job, it could motivate him to work. It’s not easy nowadays for kids. I have children. Why not a loan? I’d advise you not to.
Borrow to hire, no way. You have a 56% debt ratio… The bank just refused a loan. I wanted to build a handicap ramp. And replace a couple of machines.
They wear out fast. Cancel that loan. What loan?
They turned it down. There’s nothing to cancel. Change banks. They’ll say the same thing.
It’s the economy, not the bank. Banks won’t loan,
insurers won’t insure… So I keep paying him
under the table. I didn’t say anything. Hear what you want, though. The only thing to do
is increase your capital. How? Get someone to invest in the gym and you keep running it.
That’s no problem. The only solution I see
given your situation. What are you up to? I was in the neighborhood. Got pills that give muscles
without any work? You buy hash in a tobacco shop? No? Same goes here. Just checking. Don’t need my help? No thanks, I’m fine. Want to have a drink? No, I have to go shopping. I’ll come along.
We’ll have a drink after. – I’m a stranger here.
– Poor thing. – 20 breasts as usual?
– Yes, please. And 20 for next week. It’s already noted. Do you only eat chicken breasts
in this town? And guys… physically? You like them
more like my father or me? Whoever can put up with me. Are you grumpy? Like my father, while you diet? Not just while I diet. I don’t believe you. Does your boyfriend say
you’re grumpy? What are you getting at? Just chatting.
Getting to know each other. Why accept my invitation? You’re Vincent’s son.
He’s someone I like. That’s it? Because I’m his son? Yeah, that’s it. You won’t say
if you’re seeing someone? You’re exhausting. I think you’re single.
You won’t say, if ever I’m a pain. But I didn’t come here
to hit on you. You don’t want to eat? No, thanks. What kind of investment? Hedge fund. Swiss. Hedge what? They’re investment funds.
I’ll explain. Freaky little dolls.
You cut off their heads? Yes, as a kid.
They’re very delicate. You can believe me. 40% returns are… a rare find. You may never get an offer
like this in your life. Even if I had it… If it’s too much,
invest half the amount. Put in whatever.
I’m not forcing you. I know nothing about that.
It’s not my thing. Exactly.
Leave it to those in the know. Masters of the ins and outs
of finance. – Get a loan for the new store?
– Waiting. With what I’m offering,
you may not need one. I’ll leave you time to think it over.
We’ll meet later. Yeah, sounds like a plan. What now? Even back to the audience,
keep the pose. Judges keep looking.
Understand? Got it. – That’s it.
– Hit play. – I’m done.
– You can go. I’m telling you as a friend,
I prefer we stop tonight. You’re my coach, not my friend.
Who needs a friend to win? Your muscles need water.
You’re quivering. It’s eliminatory. Okay, Mr. Know-it-all.
Finish your spiel? Léa! Sorry, Vincent, I can’t agree to this. Go home then! Why are you here? Muscles have memory. We have a competition.
Why am I dieting? I don’t need you.
Go to your wife. Beat it! I don’t need you. The body knows no limits. If you don’t know it,
you’re hopeless. Music. Maybe listen. Want to go too?
No one’s helping? I’m all alone. Get out. I don’t need anyone! Get lost, all of you. I’m fine all alone. I’ve never given up.
And I won’t start today. I’m fine like this. I’ll come in first. Can I have one? I’ll save it for later. What happened?
I saw Vadim leave on his bike. Did you get in a fight? It’s not easy dating an asshole. He’s having a hard time. Easy or not… You work with kids.
You know about patience. He’s worse than 30 kids! That says a lot. I hope he spoils you after. A nice little trip to the tropics
at the least! With what? It’s spent on supplements.
Know what they cost? Think there’s money to spare?
Nothing… he’s broke. I even lent him 800 euros. Now I can’t get operated. Get what operated? My breasts. You must have seen
how flat I am. I wanted to get operated in Tunisia.
It’s cheaper there. If he wins, he’ll make money. Open your eyes.
There’s no prize. Nothing? Yeah, a trophy
and a picture in the local paper. That’s it? With some luck,
maybe the local news. What did you think?
It’s not the French Open! See you. Okay. So long. That’s my freaking father. Antoine? Are you here? – Why are you here?
– For a DVD. Find one? Come on.
I don’t want you in here. It smells like a gyro.
You eat a gyro? This afternoon. You’re all pains! I don’t eat before 9 pm. I smell it here,
right under my nose. I said no food here! Léa isn’t coming tonight? We got into a fight. – You mean for real?
– She’ll be back. Any good? Can I taste? In fact, it’s calculated. Calculated gram by gram. I can’t. Sure, I understand. First time we’re watching a DVD… That’s true. We haven’t had many opportunities. We haven’t had any at all. When you left Mom… how old was I? You mean when we divorced? You were… How old are you now? 25? 22. You were 3. Yeah, that’s it. And before that? Do you remember? I wasn’t there a lot, but of course. After my night shifts,
I’d go into your room and watch you two sleep. – His striations…
– His what? – Striations on his back.
– I don’t get it. That back, those veins… It makes him special. There’s no stopping him. Why does it matter? A goal I set
5 years after my accident. But there’s no prize money. It’s useless. If I win, I’ll say to myself:
I succeeded at something. I think I’d be proud. Why did you and Mom break up? We didn’t get along. Why were you together? Really want to know? She got pregnant.
We pretended. That life wasn’t for me. So I left. She was hurt, made me pay. I wish I’d been closer to you
and your brother. I couldn’t. Coming down? Not to mention when you were a teen. Remember your behavior? What do you mean? When I’d pick you up at school,
your mom would come. You’d head for her,
ignoring me. It was hard. I asked you to come on vacation once. You said no. After a while… I pulled away. I was 10. I know, but you really wanted
nothing to do with me. So it’s my fault? I’m not blaming you. I’m just saying it affected me. You never visited
after my accident. Fathers often take the blame.
It’s normal. I can understand that. But… I won’t be around forever. What matters, in the end? We’ve rarely had time to talk,
but you never say a single nice thing about me. You’re helping me now
so that I will? I give that impression? That I’m making up
for my mistakes? No, I don’t. Nothing to make up for.
No need. We agree on that. Are we done? I need to sleep. I’m done. Anything to add? Not tonight. – See you tomorrow.
– Hit the lights. To me, you do this? You do drugs, lie!
And now steal from my gym? My customers, dammit!
Pascal has trained here for years! Piece of shit! Same as you. Don’t preach
with the pills you pop! You’re just as bad, drug-wise. Speed, painkillers, diuretics,
all that shit! It’s Ali Baba’s cave!
And just to look like this? You’re rotten inside, always were. What do you think?
That you scare me? Want to fight? I never needed you to get by. I’ll manage without you. They’d have found you anyway. You couldn’t hide forever. You pay what you owe.
Only way to live in peace. They broke the garage lock. Give me the keys. Give it back to Pascal. – How did you find it?
– I have it. That’s what matters. Tell everyone who was robbed we found the thief
and will pay them back. The key to the basement. I’ll put it away. You don’t mind? No problem. Still looking for a gym? How do you know? People talk. I won’t buy nearby. Partners? Buy half my business.
50-50. Jointly run. – I’ll ask Sandra.
– That’s normal. But… – It’s my dream.
– Makes me happy too. Thanks, Vincent… We woke you. I’m sorry. You shave it all? Judges don’t want body hair. The muscles have to be highlighted. And I have to admit,
it feels great. There’s laser hair removal.
Permanent. – Why not?
– He doesn’t like it. Don’t speak for me. It’s a pain. And it costs a fortune.
I can’t. Long procedure too. Shaving is nothing. Because you don’t do it! She’s nice to you. She sure is. I deserve it. Of course you have to spoil it. I was expecting it. He’s not big on compliments. Turn around. Pecs. 87 kilos. I thought we’d be higher. No, it’s good. We’re fine. You were at 400 egg whites a week. Now we’ll up the carbohydrates. So more carbs. I was better last year. 6 percent. A centimeter more. 41… It’s in your head. We did good. – Not bad.
– No water until Championships. What you asked for. Make sure you pay them back. Don’t steal it. I got it, Dad. Your brother’s waiting. See you at Championships. If you want. Travel safely. – I’m counting on you.
– Don’t worry. Later, Vadim. Vincent… Hello, Sandra. – How are you?
– Fine. Have you decided
about the apartment? How so? It’s in the contract.
We have a great idea. A beauty salon. The works: manicure, pedicure, facials, massage. So? Come see the locker room. We need to talk. – Vadim, you’re my partner not her.
– Of course. If not, we call it off. Don’t worry.
She’s excited but she’ll calm down. If you say so. Keeping an eye on me? – Did he ever hit you?
– A slap? One or twice, maybe. I forget. He slapped me good. Really? And it was nice. You liked it? I was reeling! Only 300? That’s no good! Fuck your 200! You used my money, so pay. We’re not fools. And my 400? – I owed him 300.
– Fucking pain. No gains? Like we said. Give me 100 more
and it’s over. Your money.
Not 300, just 200. Not like he said. Not cool. No interest? – We said 300.
– I know. 160 plus 40 makes 200. Missing 100. Recouping my money is normal. And the rest? Your brother is bullshit. I told him. He screwed up. He’s sorry. We agreed to 300. Understand? – Why?
– He owes everyone. Butt out, man.
100 more and call it quits. Give him 100 and drop it. You going? Beat it. Two clowns. The envelope. Stay put. Hey… is Luigi here? Not in. – Where is he?
– No idea. You want something? Tell him I came by. – I’ll tell him.
– Do it. Not here. We’ll come back. We finished with everyone? – I’ll drop you off.
– I’ll walk. – Don’t see Luigi alone.
– Relax. Don’t say relax.
Don’t come alone. Kiss the girls. – You’ll see them tonight.
– Cool. Unbelievable. You didn’t know
he’d become like that? He loved that stuff but I didn’t… I don’t even recognize him. Show me. You get used to it. Amazing! – Come tonight to the show.
– Not me. – It could be fun.
– You find it fun? Guys in strings flexing muscles. Honestly. So forget it. I won’t go anyway. Coffee? He looks great. Yeah but… to be like that
you need 8 meals a day. I can eat 15 a day. Not meals like this.
No sauces, no wine… He eats 300-400 eggs a week. Nonstop workouts, tons of pills… BCAA, boosters, powdered protein. And exercise too. Exercise too? Not for me. You have any projects? I’ll think about it. Big change… Actually I have an idea. If I can rent the space downstairs. It’s tiny. What for? There’s no nutrition store in the area. A girl I know has one. She can help. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What’s that? Can I keep it? Of course. We came by, but you were out. I have everything. I’m coming. – I’m running an errand.
– Where? Be right back! Fred, it’s Antoine. Call me back. The CD, please. Eye of the Tiger. – Name?
– Vincent Morel. Masters 50+. Very good. Got it. Vincent Morel, I heard. Number 12. It goes on the right. – Your age?
– 58. – From?
– St. Etienne. – Where are you going?
– To see Luigi. He’s not in. Merco, let him in. Got the money? He’s in back. Hey, stranger! What got into you? You ran off. We like you. There’s only 2,000. – What did I put in?
– 2,000. – What did you promise?
– I know. It didn’t work out. That’s your problem. What about me? I can’t pay more. I swear. It’s all I can do, no more. You broke my TV,
took my computer. What the fuck? I busted your TV,
took your computer? – Did you bust his TV?
– No way. I’m innocent. And he calls us thieves! Hear that, Mira? He’s shitting us.
What do we do, Mira? We can give him 2 weeks. No, you’re right. Hunting him down is a pain. Or else:
punish you as you deserve. Right, Mira? Punish him? 2 weeks. I’ll find 1,000. Relax, relax… She made up her mind. You filming? Action. You’ll pay up? Where are you going? Two more blows. – And Antoine?
– No answer. Glad you came. Let’s hear your support. They’re dehydrated
and have dieted for 3 months to be here tonight with you. Let’s cheer them on! Gentlemen, you may go backstage. Why are you laughing? At sports games as a kid, fathers cheered on their sons. I was so envious. Now I’m filming my dad,
not my kid. Anyway… it made me laugh. Let’s cheer them on.
They deserve it! Turn around, ladies. What a wonderful category! – Time?
– 2 minutes more than the last time. I don’t get it. Maybe he got held up. That’s not what I mean. So? I’ll go check. You okay? Not too cold? I’m fine. It’s drafty back here. I’m fine. I’m not cold. Want a puff? Would a kiss distract you? Can I do it anyway? Everyone’s favorite category!
Here’s number 3, from Strasbourg. He’s a pain for not coming. To make him happy. Pull, Vincent. Pushups. Thank you, ladies. You may leave the stage while everyone cheers you on. You’ll see these lovely ladies later for their solo acts. And now,
a warm round of applause, which they really deserve… Bring down the house! The category Men’s Masters
under 85 kilos. Gentlemen, take the stage. Twenty athletes here tonight, in Master’s under 85 kilos. Front double biceps! Show some support! They are over 50 years old! Years of training
to be here tonight. Chest, gentlemen. Your best profile, biceps, chest. Backs to the judges. One leg behind… Rear double biceps. Plant your legs. When you pose, get on your tiptoes. My tiptoes. Exactly. Relax a little now. – You were great.
– Really? Yeah, really. Want to see? You filmed it? His face, when he contracts… Shitting razor blades. Stay concentrated. Where the hell are you? Dad’s almost done and… I thought you’d come.
Call back. Later. Breathe in. Yowza. Pretty. It’s not too tight? Sorry. I got his voicemail. I doubt he’ll come. No idea why.
You won’t see him for a while. Selfish. Maybe it’s better. Our next athlete
is also from Gym and Co, Number 12. Vincent Morel. Vincent, it’s all yours! Applause, please! 58 years old,
the great Vincent Morel. Thank you, Vincent. That was some performance!
Gorgeous! Our next athlete… I messed up. I couldn’t fit it all in. You were great. Who knew
I’d freak out so much? You were perfect. How did Richard do? Not bad. Nothing new. You have to put on a show. Yeah, with your costume… the striptease…
It was very good. I’m not worried. Don’t catch cold. The judges aren’t ready. Very difficult
to choose among the top three. For the prizes, I’ll call only
3rd place, 2nd place and first. Third, second and first in that order. Tonight, in third place, contestant number… 5! Didier Cagnard! Give him some applause. Wonderful! Second place tonight… number 18, Richard Chantome! He’ll come in first. A unanimous decision. And tonight’s winner, in the category
Masters under 85 kilos, contestant number… 7, Stephane Petillot! Let’s cheer him on! Excellent job! Congratulations to the winners,
but they all deserve it. – I’ll go see him.
– I’ll come along. Congratulations all 3,
and to Stephane! I don’t think
I had what they wanted. But… I’m glad for Richard. He deserves it. You deserve it as much as him. They wanted someone big. Richard’s bigger than me. How did he end up 2nd? Don’t be negative. But 2nd?
And how did they pick the winner? We did our best. Now it’s becoming…
too exhausting for me. Thanks to the crew, all volunteers, who have helped out… Antoine? What happened? Who did that? Luigi. You didn’t pay him? Yes. But he didn’t agree. You really paid? I swear I did. You paid and he did that? Look what that fucker did! – You didn’t pay?
– I did. You didn’t win? This can’t go on. What will you tell them? I don’t know. Fred, are you sure they’re not armed? Bunch of jerk-offs. Should we let the police
deal with this? We’ll settle it first, then see. – We’re closed.
– Where’s Luigi? Get your boss or we will. Come out.
The Expendables are here. – What?
– I said to come out! What the hell? I’m doing my books. It’s about my son. – Don’t know him.
– Yes, you do. I think you got too close to him. Time to give up. He paid you back,
did his duty. I lent him money.
I want my interest. You trashed his apartment. We’re even. We broke our asses
to pay you back. So I’m saying it nicely: keep away. You and your dumb sheep. If you see him or Fred, walk the other way. Get it? I didn’t hear. You hear anything? I’ll make an exception. But it can’t happen again. I knew you were a smart guy. Let’s go. I almost forgot. If you want to come to the gym,
feel free. Did you see that hulk? And that one’s calves? What calves, what hulk? Bunch of hicks. Iron pumpers.
3 months and I’d look like that. What are you doing? Want to kill me? It’s nothing. I almost let go. I didn’t know. I meant to tell you. – How far along?
– 4 and a half months. We wanted to know
if it’s a girl or boy. – And?
– A girl. Are you upset? Tell me. It’s not easy. I understand. No, it’s good news but it’s weird. I agree. Let’s do a series of 10. Back against the wall,
legs bent. – What is it?
– I’m done. I have to return the car. – No shoulders?
– I’m late. A sister’s cool. When will you be back? In a week. Don’t forget your gym clothes again. Next week. Can we talk? – The locker rooms…
– What about them? I picked out a new color. Why? The old color was fine! Just look at what I picked out!

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  1. Caroline est tres impressionnante et assez jolie. Ils auraient du montrer plus de femmes musclees. Ils auraient pu elaborer une relation entre le jeune et la bodybuildeuse.

  2. si a esa edad harnol tubo resultados extraordinarios pero pàso el tiempo su cuerpo no es el mismo de antes

  3. con esa distencion abdominal que parecía embarazado era obvio que no ganaba, parecía mas embarazado el que la novia…………….

  4. Gran película y buen final, ubiera sido bastante predecible que se pusiera a entrenar el prota pero la lección de superación personal y que su relación con el padre se volviera próspera y es una gran enseñanza. Me gusto.

  5. Y el padre del protagonista tiene dilatacion andominal por los esteroides y no pude dejar de verlo durante TODA LA PELÍCULA.

  6. Excellent movie.. I watched it around 17-18 times.. Good motivation for aspiring bodybuilder.. Please do watch this movie.

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