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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

>>[Ethan] Hi guys, I’m Ethan,
and this is my wife Mandie, and both of us are competitive bodybuilders.>>[Mandie] We’re about to head to Hy-Vee
to get some groceries. We’re going to show you how to live a healthy lifestyle
while still enjoying your food. We like to start our grocery shopping
in the produce section. So let’s go. We love all the convenient options
that Hy-Vee has to offer, inlcuding these shortcuts.
Veggies, fruits, already cut up and ready to go.>>[Ethan] Spinach.
Good for throwing in some eggs, wraps.>>[Mandie] $1.80 a pound.
Going to get a few of these.>>[Ethan] Few things of ground turkey.
There’s a reason I was runner up for biggest English muffin fan last year. Thomas English muffins.
Maple french toast flavored, if you guys haven’t tried it,
you’ve got to check it out. If you guys haven’t tried sweet hot mustard
from Hy-Vee, best condiment, hands down, all time. Sugar-free pickles. We eat a lot of salads,
and, or, dressings, don’t forget to keep it lower calories, because that tends to be
where the calories add up in salads. Typically we’ll get
Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch. It’s a little bit higher
in the carbs, but fat free, so low calorie.>>[Mandie] A lot of the times we like to
prep meals in our Crock-Pot. So we like these liners for nice, easy cleanup. Hy-Vee Quick Oats.
A nice, easy breakfast option. Good carb source. One of our fun foods, I’ve been dying
to try these powdered donuts cereal.>>[Ethan] Ever feel like there’s
just way too many options for Oreos? Let’s go with birthday cake this time.
This is one of those small percentage snacks that we have. Rice cakes, another really good option.
There’s a lot of different flavors, pretty low in calories. High protein fat-free milk. My favorite parts about Hy-Vee,
is they have all these light Greek yogurts and they have each individual flavor,
so I can make my own kind of variety pack. While a lot of stores
will have just the four packs. We’ve now arrived
at the health market section of Hy-Vee. This section, you’ll find some
gluten-free foods, organic foods, healthier options. You can stock up on some supplements.
You can stock up on protein bars. Lots of good options here. One of the cool things about Hy-Vee
is they actually partnered with Mark Wahlberg. They carry his
Performance Inspired Nutrition line. Pick up a couple of his protein bars today.>>[Mandie] A brand that Hy-Vee carries
that we love is this, Walden Farms. They have lots of dressings,
sauces that are all zero calorie. We like to get the syrup that’s zero calorie,
put it on protein pancakes, protein waffles, it’s really good. We always have to get our Kodiak Cakes.>>[Ethan] So a new brand
that we just found out about is Overjoy. It’s a Hy-Vee brand. An entire pint, 390 calories.
Whereas compared to, like, Ben & Jerry’s where it’s going to be closer to 1,000 calories.
It’s a healthier option. Egg whites, we go through
a lot of these every week. Next time I fill up on gas,
27 cents off per gallon. So this is what a grocery haul
for two bodybuilders looks like. We’ve got our carb sources over here,
everything from fruits and veggies, to our rice cakes, our bread, our oats,
and English muffins, most importantly. And then we’ve got our low
to no-calorie toppings. And then we have our protein sources. Which is going to come from egg whites,
Fairlife milk, got lots of chicken, some protein bars
for good on-the-go snacks. We’ve got our Greek yogurts, which are low calorie,
high protein, and some good carbs. We’ve got our cereal, we’ve got our Kodiak Cakes,
we’ve got some Oreos hiding back there. And plenty of ice cream to feed us for a couple of weeks.>>[Mandie] Thank you all for watching our Hy-Vee grocery haul. We hope you got some good ideas on nutritious foods,
but also some fun foods as well. Bye!
>>[Ethan] Thanks!>>[Mandie] Say goodbye!

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