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I can remember having 200-250 pounds on
my back squatting, and just tears flowing. I wasn’t going to run from the pain,
but I learned to take that pain and channel it. Haimy and Sutton here. And we’re on our way to
Issaquah, Washington, because of a comment from Devon Altu, who tagged Laticia
Jackson — also known as “Action” Jackson. I’m only 39. I’ve been to the Olympia.
I’ve written eight books, I’ve earned three degrees.
I survived domestic violence. I just remember saying to myself, “He’s going to
kill me. He’s going to kill me.” And all I can remember were hands around
my neck. And it happened so quickly. And I’m thinking to myself, “How did I get
here?” My life flashed before me. He kept
choking me and choking me. Before I passed out, he let his hands go.
Incidences of domestic violence are incredibly common. Nationally, one in
three women and one in four men have been victims of some form of physical
violence by an intimate partner. Domestic violence can take the form of rape, other
physical violence, and stalking. Twenty-two percent of domestic violence survivors may
experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and are twice as likely
to experience depression. About six months later, I woke up one morning, I
said, “I’m done.” I’m done being depressed, I’m done being ashamed. And I had not
competed in two years. I said, “I’m going back to my first love.” I’m going back to
the gym. Get my game face on in this cold! After three months of training, I
competed in New Jersey and I made the top three. And it qualified me for the Fitness Olympia. Every year, only the best of the best make it to the Olympia. You
compete sometimes against 50 or 60 other women. When I say Arnold Schwarzenegger to
people, they’re like, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “Yes, I compete in the same
federation as Arnold Schwarzenegger!” And they’re like, “No way!” I’m like, “Yes way!”
The Olympia is the Super Bowl of our sport, it is the highest level that you will
make it to. I made it there after only competing twice as a professional. Got
the medal, got the jacket, got all of it. Got all of it! Laticia’s work didn’t
stop when she received her medals. She focused her energy on empowering women
and survivors of domestic violence, both in the gym and in life.
I was fit on the outside, but I was not fit on the inside. I am not powerless, I am not a victim.
I get to choose, and I choose to share. And then also giving a voice to women who
are like me. I’m using my platform now to show women and young girls the signs of
abuse. I have clients that still contact me. They quit jobs, they leave abusive
relationships, they… I mean, they have gone in so many amazing directions because
they started on the inside. That’s the only reason why I get up in the morning.
When I look back in coming through my domestic violence and having to push,
being an athlete, and being disciplined, and having the mindset of when your body
tells you to quit, you keep going, those are not just skills that you use
in a gym. Those skill sets are transferable to every aspect of life. Thanks for watching! If you missed last
week’s episode of Tag, check out Christian’s story, as he begins a 3,000-mile run across the country.

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  1. THANK YOU for including the male counterpart of domestic violence when giving the numbers!

    Too often, male victims get flat out ignored.

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  3. Check out “Violence Prevention through Bodybuilding” by Dmitri Goudkov on Amazon:

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