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I’ll show you once. Gain more momentum and it’s easy. Hei guys, it’s Alon! Today I want to get introduced to Parkour. Therefore we’re looking for Amadei who’ll hopefully show us what’s important about it. Let’s go! So, where is he? Searching and searching, I’m not sure if we’ll find him today. There he is, already jumping around. Warming up apparently. Hei Amadei! Hei, how are you doing, arrived safely? Sure, finally we arrived in Berlin. Long journey but ready to get started! Good. I’ve somewhat been limbering up already but let’s just warm up together momentarily. Did you watch my tutorials so far? Yes, I’ve seen some videos on your YouTube channel. Awesome! Fine, is there any particular Parkour move you want to get used to specifically? Well, yes, Backflip! Your double backflip from high above really impressed me. I’m desirous of doing a backflip again. I once did it without any difficulty. Something’s blocking me today though. It’s been a year since my last one. I’m aquiring your assistance! Easy thing. We just need to revive your skills then. With proper support it’s simple. But don’t forget about the strength training part! Haha, no. Let’s do it! OK, let’s start with our first exercise. Warm-up for arms and legs, starting with legs. Next to me, Alon. We’ll jump onwards and push off right after, repeating ten times. I’ll demonstrate one repetition. And jump again. Good. Let’s start. Next exercise is pretty similar, but with arms. Same distance, so you’ll fly a bit. You arrive with stretched arms, give in slowly until your chest touches and push off again. I’ll show you. Let’s go, ten times. …and ten! Good. This is how you warm-up! Some power left or done already? Well, what about you? I’m fine! OK, now the same but rotational. Starting with legs and arms right after. Ten repetitions total, meaning five each. OK, we’ll start with..? Legs. Alon did very well during our warm-up. His skills are remarkable. I have no doubt he’ll succeed harder exercises. I’m trusting my evaluation here. Let’s see! OK, last warm-up exercise. Testing your shape now. I’ll show you how to get across at best. Either left or right hand thereon and getting over sideways. You may use your foot for stability purpose at first. ..or without! OK, one time. Get over there as fast as possible, tip the wall, get back and tip the wall again. Now I’m curious. Not bad. OK, your turn! So we have been warming up a little. Now I’m really prepared for the serious stuff. Hopefully Amadei will teach me some cool moves like the backflip we already talked about. Fine, now I’ll show you some strength exercise which is also useful for the proximate one. It’s probably quite easy for your as you’re very muscular. So, get close to the wall and put your hands up there. Then, just pull up with your arms. Things go well for him! Anyway, let’s try. Awesome. As expected this was very easy for you, let’s head for the heavier exercise! We’ll need the pullups for this aswell but with some mad stuff beforehand. Over there. OK, this location is next to our previous one. More difficult things now: we’ll jump from the pad to the bar, pull up and get across. OK, show me. Sure. Oho, shall I try? We’ll do a preliminary practice. Don’t jump from the pad, but from the small stairs right aside. It’s somewhat easier, I’ll show you. So, not from the pad, but from the higher step. Jump with one leg and raise the other one at once. It’s important to land with your feet first. Simultaneously you have to hold off the push. You don’t want to collapse with the wall. All in all, feet first, hands after and hold off the push. Well, you cannot see from here but take a look from the side. It’s a huge leap. From stairs to wall – huge. Good. It was good. As you see your were a bit rough and loud. Try to absorb more with your legs, to treat your knees with care. So, land with stretched legs and give in slowly. Soft and gentle. I’ll show you one more. Alon does great so far. His leg power compensates his practical flaws. I’m sure he does a backflip with ease. His conditions are pretty good, too. It’ll work as long as he’s not afraid. Right in the middle. My knees began to hurt a bit since the leap was really huge. Weather is getting colder, therefore I’ll put on my vest. We’ll definitely continue and I’m curious what Amadei has prepared. I really want to learn more and I didn’t forget about the promised backflip. Already told Amadei that I won’t go home without having relearned the backflip. Who knows. Let’s keep going! Well, Amadei, I’m amazed by your skills, especially by your backflips I saw on YouTube. I really want to try it and I won’t go home without having done one. So, I want you to teach me. Easy Alon, you’re strong. Just don’t be afraid and try. Let’s use this soft grassland to practice. It wont hurt as much if you’re not doing a full backflip. Don’t land with your head. Using hand or knees won’t be painful here on the ground still. So, right from the pad? Exactly. I’ll show you. Wait, you prefer a stretched or crooked backflip? I prefer.. well, to be honest I don’t know. OK, do you touch your legs during the backflip? I guess, somewhat, yes. Just let me show you two versions. Stretched one first. With hollow-back. Probably easier at first. Now, make yourself small like your doing it from the ground. Like this. Wow. Good! Awesome. Guys, fantastic! I’m satisfied. Backflip – done! Completed my personal task. Now, Amadei, what’s next? I’ll just show you how to casually get down there – in Parkour style. Nice. Freestyle? Yea, what you like! I’ll show you one way, choose what you prefer. I’m basically jumping from bar to pad, to pad, to bar and down. Look. Holy. Our buddy jumping like a kangaroo. Awesome! Alright, we’re almost finished. Now we’ll go for a complete run – freestyle. I’ll do my best, and you? I’ll just run with you, observe and do some gimmicks. Good. Go! Amazing. Already on your first day. I see some talents – stick to it! Well, I once was younger, too. Climbing on trees and jumping over walls, you know. Anyway, awesome! Cannot be overlooked. It’s fun. Tomorrow we’ll meet at another location for a different run with some heavier stuff. For now I just want to eat! Right, let’s eat, eating is always good. Good morning guys, it’s Alon. Day two! Yesterday was awesome. My lower back and knees seem a bit hurt but whatever. Let’s see what we’re doing today as Amadei is already here – hei! Hei, what’s up. Had a good rest? Sure, you? Everything OK or having muscle ache? Well, yes, having muscle ache after yesterday. Hurting a bit, but I’m continuing anyway. That’s common. It’s a different demand for you body than training in the gym. You especially feel your abs, back and legs. Anyhow, let’s warm-up for today. Yea, did you prepare something? Sure.. Sadly Alon had some back pain this morning and therefore we’ll begin our warm-up stress-free. We’ll put more energy into aquiring the necessary technique to absorb jumps even better. He needs to go easy on his back and his knees to make day two as successful as day one. Hei guys, we finally warmed up. I somehow feel like sitting down next to the trees eating apples but.. Needless to say Amadei has prepared something else. Expecting some challenges. Thus, let’s do it! We start with a casual and basic task, common for starting Parkour. You want to cross an obstacle fast, a wall in our case. This is where yesterday’s pull-ups pay off. Now you may even use your feet. So, you initiate, put one foot on the wall while pushing off with the other one, and pull up finally. I’ll show you. Good. Back pain getting worse? No, mainly abs and knees are stressed. Back is fine. So we continue, right? Definitely. All right, nice. Many options around here. I originally thought about doing a complete run again, down over the walls and up again. Due to several jumps this could be pretty hard though. Let’s try anyway. OK, over there. This is perfect for accurate jumps, like we did yesterday onto the bar. However, here we have cement, higher walls and bigger gaps. Meaning, we have to intensify our focus on execution. It’s important to keep your legs ahead your body to absorb the push. Otherwise you might fall over. That’s it basically. Oh and aim for your target via your feet. You’ll mostly reach your target this way. …mostly! Come on, you did great yesterday. It’s easy! Fine, let’s change location? Yea, let’s go. What crazy stuff is this? Well, that’s our ending. More upper-body related to relax your knees. Some bars around here. I’ll show you some Parkour specific moves, like going from bar to bar or bar to wall. Maybe even a backflip from the bar. We could give it a shot. Well, let’s see. I really like this place though. Yea, let’s go! OK guys we arrived at Parkour paradise. Sick location. We’ll do some gimmicks now, no idea what Amadei has prepared though. I do want to learn something new, so, let’s see! Right, we arrived at Parkour park. Here we have several bars where you can go from bar to bar. Really stressing your upper body, arms and shoulders. For Alon, we want to remove stress from both knees and back since he did a lot yesterday already. Some cool stuff around here anyway. OK, first exercise is the so called ‘Lashe’ – basically swinging from bar to bar. You can go from bar to wall if you want, too. You can execute this almost everywhere in a city. Should be no problem – your upper body is in demand. I’ll show you, it’s important to gain momentum and swing nicely. We practice swinging first. Remember, get your feet ahead, release your hands, pull your feet behind and grab the bar again. You should land at the bar like this.. to keep going. Look. Yea! But I’m not doing the salto. No don’t. Just do the swings. Not bad. Close one. Use less strength. Relax more during your swings. Don’t stress your muscles too much, just relax. Let’s go for a Tic Tac now – from wall to bar. Look, it’s easy. Fooling around! Well, bar exercises can stress your hands, too! You want to get used to it, to harden your skin. So, Alon, show us! Somewhat blood aswell. Once again. It’s common for me, just remember the CrossFit video! Though that was heavier. Anyway, I’m finished but Amadei continues. Exactly, I’ll continue. Apart from that, we did a lot for just two days. Yea, and if you guys are interested in Parkour and tutorials, you can visit Amadei’s channel, right? Right. For most stuff we did you’ll find tutorials at my YouTube channel “urbanamadei”. Most videos are for beginners. Just try it out – it’s fun and makes you stronger. By the way, if you’re interested in fitness wear, like tank tops, check our links in the description. Stuff I wore and stuff by GymShark can be found there. Good thing. Amadei, thanks for the teamwork! Yea, stick to it. You’re talented! Sure, next time I’ll do a double salto. I’ll practice at home. Nice, see you. Ciao. Closed.. Whatever. Alon! No model shooting.. Mumbling.. Let’s get started! There are some.. what is it called? OK.. again. Camera attack!

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  1. Macht mal pause bei 6:19
    sein gesicht xD

  2. Die sind da wo CHENG und DNER der Coca-Cola Dreh hatte… Da ging es auch um freerunning…Zufall?

  3. I stoped parkour for 2 years ago but now i see this as a bodybuilder i did not know IT was aloon gabby

  4. So, da BodybuildingRev anscheinend auf hunderte Kommentare und privat msg Anfragen bezüglich des Liedes ignoriert und unfähig ist das im Video verwendete Lied hier rein zu schreiben mache ich dies nun.

    Nach langer Suche endlich gefunden:

    Martin Felix Kaczmarski – How's it Going

    Have fun ☺️

  5. it's funny how this guy is all tensed up because of workout. his shoulders are completely fix while walking, his arms move, but his shoulders stand still.

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  8. @11:23 I was like OK so you are teaching someone who has never done a backflip to do it outside without any safety behind him but then @11:45 is was like 😱😨

  9. hab da mal ne Frage ich will ja die saltos lernen und ich hab mir och schon Tutorials angesehen und ich wollte fragen ob ein Spielplatz mit Sand also Sand als Boden der perkete ort ist weil ich weiß nicht wo sonst Trampolin Halle kann ich nicht weil es bei mir keine in der gegend gibt

  10. And this is exactly what I did, people even said I was doing dangerous stuff. Whats wrong about this? Its almost like wall climbing with no pole. Im doing this at my own risk

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