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haha everybody wanna be famous yeah star uh-huh wanna be famous reaching out for this dog super brain Las Vegas VIP status everybody my name is Patrick I’m 28 years old and I do not know about Italy I do YouTube videos and we also have our own brand we do some clothing brands we have fitness programs online programs and also do personal training so this is what I do so most people are afraid from rape I love the rain I love to feel the rain on my poor and I say all the people who afraid from rain they are afraid from life I think I improved a lot since my last bed hanukkah’s a YouTube star a restaurant bodybuilder I see even a red champion I saw hermano in the last video and say oh shit the men strong I also like Dora who I saw and I say to me eh I want to challenge against Romano I want to know this person the exercise our bed press 1 on the kilo 20 reps then plops with 20 kilograms 20 reps and the most difficult part for me is 120 kilogram squats 20 reps I think this is the most hard hard hard part for me I will give him a hard fight I know Ramona is very strong I do not feel bodybuilding I don’t work for strength but I know I will give everything but I it’s been two very tough hundred I think that mineral my new GUI is gonna win I did it’s a lot challenges if they get all the way a little maximum respect football’s Patrick is going to kill it anyway anyway we’ll see who will survive the contest I don’t give this shit you will see to be excited that Patrick all the way I’m really good to see what these natural youtube viewers are kind of capable and I think it’s going to be tough it’s going to be a close race but in the end I think Romano will be victorious he’s really top-notch athlete and he’s no bodybuilder he’s used to strength sports and I think that’s something a little bit different than what Patrick usually does so but it’s interesting you you nowadays everyone wants to achieve everything but no one is tough enough to bust his ass in the gym do your thing you are ready do you think you are strong let me introduce to you the two warriors Patrick riser and Romano Gregor do you believe they are strong and ready enough for the strength wars who will be the first one getting all that shit done ready ready ready three two one Oh Oh my you’re acting like I said my boy Oh Oh right come on line somebody go in the veil on this today is your signal move it up I got this shit down Oh but criminalistics residents here the last time at a co I had a shoulder injury and I’m ready now another very much okay you

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #3

  1. did these guys like hire an english speaking script writer? and none of them actually speak english? Thats gotta be whats going on here. Hey ill sub to that!

  2. reps.- это повторения, а не подходы! переводчики хуевы! а то 20 повторений… вы сами-то поняли, что написали?!

  3. Why so light this time, 100, 20 and 120kg, I could do that, and I am a small noob, granted I could not do it as fast as those guys did.

  4. Romano is fucking awesome and just seeing how he paused to motivate that guy instead of rushing to the squats reveals his character

  5. Sehr passend der anfängliche Rap: "Dave James – Wanna Be Famous"…paßt gut zu Reiser der versucht Bekanntheit mit Youtube zu erlangen

  6. They were so lenient in the begnning as those were not complete pull-ups from Patrick- let alone strict at the end.

  7. Patrick gives the craziest advice hahahah……… Saw him with Maximillian Berger on one episode.

  8. Bodybuilder? Diese Schweizer Haarspraywerbung auf zwei Beinen ist eine Beleidigung für jeden aufrichtigen Bodybuilder ! Der hat mit Bodybuilding so viel zu tun, wie Youtube mit den Heinzelmännchen im TV der 70er !!! Hätte es wenigstens "Youtube-Hippster" vs. Powerlifter geheißen… DANN wäre es zumindest authentisch gewesen ! Und das so ein Abziehbild gegen einen ernsthaften Sportler nur verlieren kann, war ja wohl abzusehen ! // Bodybuilders? This Swiss hair spraying on two legs is an insult to any sincere bodybuilder! He has so much to do with bodybuilding as Youtube with the dachshunds on the TV of the 70s! Had it at least "Youtube-Hippster" vs.. Powerlifter was called … THEN it would at least be authentic! And this can only lose a decal for a serious athlete, it was obvious!

  9. 2:04 "i want to know this person" …….. lol in the biblical sense? that would explain the shirt …………

  10. When i see powerlifter i think of Romano and when i see Romano i always get a feeling no matter what he will win.

  11. Guys don't be fooled by bodybuilders, muscles and strength are now very contrast due to the intake of substance….

  12. Weiß denn keiner wie die Musik heißt, welche beim Bankdrücken läuft? Starte Montag in den neuen Cycle und da brauch ich was, was knallt 😀

  13. Watching this battle from a guy who isn't used to these workouts shows how hard the guys like Romano go in the gym. They aren't just working out. They are on a mission every workout.

  14. Buy now your Progress Medal training gloves and "conquer yourself"!

  15. Romano is a solid champ. Gets shit done..!!! Still helps his competitors to finish up. That shows character & sportsmanship..!!
    Patrick and Romano are both Rocks.!! Thumps up..!!! 💯

  16. The black dude wants a rematch ??? Give me a break !!! Shoulder injury ? He could barely bench hahahaah funny

  17. The advantage from start is to powerlifter that does bench,squat in normal training.
    Bodybuilder at disadvantage as bodybuilding does so many different exercises as a result couldn't get strength like powerlifter.

  18. good old strength wars!
    really miss them,these videos used to give me chills…..much better than the competition shit of 2018

  19. Romano is the kind of guy who will support you even though you're still behind doing some reps. Nice guy. We need a friend like him

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