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ah hmm my name is Misha onions I’m 24 years old and I’m a natural bodybuilder you two plays a big role in my life because yeah I built my business out of YouTube so all what I promote or what I do why I show it over YouTube so my following my people they they watch my videos they give me a feedback so it’s also a motivation for me especially in hard times like a contest prep so yeah it’s a big role my name is Tom I am 31 years old and I’m a caller I had been in the specialized forces of the Navy for five years so I had seen everything I’m afraid of nothing and I will definitely be measure my opinion on haters yet to be honest there were there was a few phases in life so first of all day they got me annoyed but with time you know you get used to it and now I’m just I just take it as a compliment and yeah I don’t focus myself on haters and just try to get get along with the good people we start with one pot 100 kilo 25 waves to follow for 50 meters after that we do pull-ups 20 and webster’s 20 kilos for topic and again 100 kilos for 25 reps backwards yeah it’s hard it’s a tough challenge but I think I can win it with just my mind so it just focus myself on getting it true to spoken to the focus on myself and just give everything and I know that I’m a bodybuilder so I’m not used to high reps but still in the moment you have to to kill it I’m willing to kill it he’s not accustomed to pain he’s not able to fight so I will it’s our question but I think mission will win pulse will lose its gonna be Thomas but it’s it it won’t get easy for him so I think it’s 5050 being honest yeah your opinion definitely Thomas well I would bet on our mission be honest I’m factual I think Thomas is much stronger overall but this is one bodybuilder who is putting a lot of work into car you could win I still would put my money on Thomas I think he’s around a better athlete he’s a bit lighter which is also an advantage with the pull-ups so I think it’s gonna be tough okay so we have under kilo front foot 25 reps later on kill so of course we go through prowler next all the way down pull-ups 20 kilos for 20 reps prowl attack and the front squat again lovely lovely no okay but you know what they say a little bit of pain never hurt anyone so let’s get into this okay get it ready I’m ready are you ready yep or this are you ready okay let’s go Oh Oh now care there is Oh one fundamentally problem and then on the late come on do it okay okay yeah yeah Oh motherfucker Oh No Oh ha for EPS : 43 years ago come on just on the kill by federal wait at all for you to knock the top easier this that’s what I call about you let’s go Facebook oh let them have a bit of enough come on bow tie and a few luck you know CrossFit huh as I have a newbie the strings off get off game over baby gets back down he’s in come to the honey how come

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #4

  1. This is bullshit do u not know what powerlifting is this is a bodybuilding competition…. Straight shit

  2. im a powerlifter but i give it to the bodybuilder here cause honestly thomas didn't hit depth in last 5 reps of back squat.

  3. kann mir mal jemand erklären waren in dem Video alles englsich sprechen obwohl das alle deutsche sind?

  4. Not finished the video yet and I know Thomas won. For fuck sake, he trains with Romano and anybody who does that must be a beast.

  5. I'm glad they changed the format where it's a little more like this, giving the runner up chance to complete the sets for overall tournament standing as additional incentive.

  6. ich find das etwas unfair. von 4 Übungen 3 mal beine. die hätten als letzte übung bankdrücken sollen. dann hätt mischa klar gewonnen. trotzdem tolle leistung von beiden!

  7. That is such a wonderful project it has to be world famous. But the perspectives are toooo crazy really stupid to produce it like a freak music video — clear ankles to see the challenge is completely A MUST HAVE

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