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[Music] so my name is Polly I am almost 38 years old and I’m Alison thank you I’m training his heart [Music] but say you can do an i-20 for 22 years and now here I am [Music] a long time was a person trainer then I decided to go back as a blacksmith yeah the funny thing is my training is a lot of iron in my job I found the metal in the training The Mentalist forming myself it’s a lot of a combination of creating something and create myself [Music] my name is Tim Buddhist I’m I’m 26 years old and I’m a German bodybuilder my last pedal was between TEFL and me it was almost too easy for me my next opponent is on the whole different devil he’s just another step on my way to the title just exercise deadlift 180 kilo or 40 reps pure help you tame a pretty strong arms so let’s see was rolling in the video second exercise tips sixty kilos for 50 reps third exercise Lhakpa four squats this is a technical exercise saw the weak muscle there because he is more heavy and strong the next name I will smash that battle and I will smash you Daniella [Music] you know another question wheeling it’s a question how fast it will get off [Music] welcome to strengths wars today represent you to real elite athletes to my right side we have a super heavyweight bodybuilding champion two times Junior World Champion one time overall winner at the German nationals from Lance Bass Germany Tim Buddha spine on the other hand we have the power listing specialist with over 20 years experience and drug-free powerlifting he also has beaten two of the strongest guys Germany’s from Zurich Switzerland Daniella Poli so talk is cheap let us start so I ask you oh you’re running George don’t wear take the compass place Oh yeah come on sir so thank you bro [Music] sighs I decide long trip photo come on come on hit everything saki-chan only one chance [Music] [Music] 100 [Music] Oh God can you feel it can you feel it oh we can cut the air man [Music] come on guys people lazy [Music] [Applause] [Music] only one Japanese one don’t say kiss you please [Music] Oh Oh No yeah [Music] well foolish little ruffly softball come on together that’s what separates two remotes from the other skies lean back lean back lift up and lean back yes stay back stay back Oh yeah pretty nice yeah come on your last chance our little dimension the world inside he’s also done look at this oh my god what an incredible battle thummell guys don’t dress go go go lean back whoo [Music] but left by left did you see this guys I told you to read the Battle of the year and definitely as was nobody of this competitors can’t even stand then laying down and totally stop look at the Rena this is how winners look make sure everybody that you subscribe properly wrestle strength loss we are out [Music]

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #17

  1. bodybuilders dont care about strength as much as they do appearance. you have to understand that this whole competition is flawed because it favors the powerlifter.

  2. One thing that everyone should also consider is that there is also 15 year difference between the two as well, also the older guy is also a blacksmith, that job is INCREDIBLY hard on your joints tendons and ligaments

  3. All body muscles has developed in body building for a purpose, it will give lot of endurance over blind strength training which focuses on momental power which is not useful in real world. Body builders live less because of excess steroids and protein rich food that stress heart, so their life is not good to copy, but natural body building with good diet is much better than powerlifting any day as it focuses on whole body and lifestyle.

  4. Powerlifting is the foundation for bodybuilding. All the best bodybuilders like Arnold, Franco, Olivia, Coleman and Yates were champions in powerlifting and/or super strong compared to bodybuilders who focus on high reps/isolation exercises. Arnold's idol Reg Park was also really strong, even stronger than Arnold

  5. Sorry, I lost focus with the incredibly attractive woman showcasing an amazing pair of breasts through what seemed to be a translucent white "shirt". Who won?

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  7. How are they going to have that many reps when one of the competitors is bragging about not doing steroids at all. High reps kills any natty.

  8. Химик против пенсионера натурала, ну кто ж тут может победить

  9. Not that The power lifters wasn't gonna win… But Words of motivation from the lady with nice Hooters.. I wonder what she said..LMAO 🤣

  10. I went to a power left event in Vegas once and I saw most of them were jacked with juice, you see needle holes on their arms ! This country is so toxic

  11. These guys are ridiculously strong. I wouldn't fight either of them unless I had a gun lol it would be like an infant trying to overpower an adult

  12. The funniest think happens in 2:28 when daniele said that the front squat is a technical exercise and he will beat Tim although there and in the end he didn’t even manage to do a few reps 😂

  13. The victory was clear from the 1st second, since a bodybuilder is a combination of strength and overall fitness, a powerlifter is strength alone.

  14. Did anyone not notice that the powerlifter was not using proper form and did not fully extend at the top of the deadlift? Whereas the bodybuilder had good form in his deadlift and extended fully at the top and put his shoulders back? I would think the powerlifter would have better form since they're supposed to try ti perfect their form in the 3 main compound lifts :/

  15. Risk big injury on the last exercise looked clumbsy and full of bad form I was waiting for someone's back to go out.

  16. this was weird almost looked fixed how is the powerlifter tired in his legs he didn't even use them and plus he works on squat and deadlifts his squat stamina should be inpecable. I can only think his core was fatigued because alot of those movements involve core

  17. I always feel like and have discussed this with my peers when I was a kid that a sports guy and bodylifter are not at the same strength level. Typically the sports guy should be stronger. When a bodybuilder does not work out, lot of times they either deflate, lose definition and look flabby and fat. With sports guys it seems their muscle seem much stronger and able to take stress for longer amounts of time and exert more force, that is their muscles are more 'stringy'. They too lose definion if not exercising for longer periods of time but are able to get back up and do more in this state not just due to knowledge, but due to 'muscle memory', that is, the core of muscles still remains.

  18. that guy is trash he could not even win one of them that's sad he could have one the first on if he did not stop

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