Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I want to you all see the struggle as a tool to become more empathetic and compassionate this will not make on your own line but whole world Exhales As in this world we all have two hands and two legs, two eyes eyes and able to hear all this we have because we want to do more. Determine that you’re the only strongest person in the world most people say that hard work work and sacrifice needed but will power is more important our mind set will be like we need motivation and training Another to reduce stress buster is to relax and take a walk when I see him Rohit all I want to be like him he is the one of the inspiration to me Lord is my Sheppard I made a tattoo on my body so that I will pray to god Jesus which gives me strength. People ask me where will you able to get this motivation most of them ask me interview that tattoo more. People on wheel chair has normal life with little modifications here and there you make some changes as they say winners don’t do different things they do differently if we are doing something differently already a winner instead of looking as patient and going to hospital for exercises why not focus to gym Health is necessary for everyone billionaire or millionaire for each and every person you maybe college student or working in office. Your age maybe 25 or 50 health is wealth Now at this stage I really don’t care how much progress I’m taking as long as there is progress progress I have to work out that gives me motivation for this one.

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