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– [Man] No (laughing) – Hope you guys are all happy. (rock music) – My name is Tee Popoola,
I am 32 years old, but I look closer to 25, don’t you agree? I ate a lot of the jungle of Nigeria, and that’s in Africa for those don’t know their geography. As you can see, I haven’t
missed a gym session in a while. Can you see, is the camera big enough? My accomplishment in
power lifting includes holding a world record,
and also looking jacked while doing it. Tee Popoola smash!. – Hi my name is Jon Schaefer. I’m 6’3, I weigh 210 pounds, and I’m a power lifter and bodybuilder. (burps) excuse me. My heaviest bench was 375,
my deadlift was 600 pounds, and my squat was 512 pounds. When it comes to my size,
I’m a dwarf compared to the other two. I wanna destroy them at
ballet so that I can feel a little bit better about myself. They’ll call me twinkle toes after this. (laughs) – My name is Steve Gentili. I’m 6’3, 290 pounds, and
I’m an elite powerlifter in the 275 weight class. My best squat in the meet is 705, my best bench press is 562, my best deadlift is 804 pounds. Two of those are state
records that I stole from my buddy, Tee Popoola,
I’m kinda proud of this. – Ballet, ballet, I can’t wait to do ballet, hey! – Honestly I have no idea what ballet is. – I know the term, like
grand jeté or some shit. And honestly it just sounds
like a Starbucks drink. – Full disclosure, I
have zero flexibility. I see this going very, very badly. – Imagine the Incredible
Hulk twinkle toeing all over the place. That’s what you’re gonna get. – I just know I’m going
to be better than them. – I’m Vanessa, I’m a trainer
here at Ballet Bodies. Today I’m gonna be teaching bodybuilders the fundamentals of ballet. A little coupé front, and then you’re gonna
throw it up to the side, – And reach back. – Did you see that? – Can we make this realistic. – [Tee] Don’t kick me, Steve. – What’s the tempo? – [Steve] Eight, she’s
snapping for a reason. – [Tee] I lost count. – To the side, here we go. (speakers drowning out each other) – I can’t see past Tee. – [Vanessa] Okay, so big bend. – Be intelligent and
like, move to the side. – Ballet is so hard because
your body has to be in positions that aren’t natural for it, at all. Two, three, four, sous-sus. – [Jon] Tee, how about you go first? – Yeah, come on now. – [Jon] C’mon, twinkle toes. (everyone laughing) – [Vanessa] Step, jump, step jump. – That doesn’t feel right. – Little steps, little
steps, little steps. And arm comes down, and lift, keep those feet moving,
keep those feet moving. – [Jon] This hurts. – [Vanessa] Four, five, six. Don’t go off stage. It’s really amazing to
see what their bodies can and can’t do, just
because of all their muscles. Think about relaxing your shoulders down, don’t move anything. – Hey Jon, I’d like to apologize for talking smack to your earlier. – Are you taking it back? – I don’t think I’m doing
great work of twinkle toeing. – [Jon] Honestly, I’m
pretty elegant and poised in my day-to-day life. They call me Jonny Smooth on the down-low. Guys, we’re still in tendue. – I gotta say, Jon has
some really nice legs. – [Steve] Are we sure he
hasn’t had practice at this? – The tutu just blessed me with the gift. – Grand jeté all the way down, as low as you can, kind
of like a sumo squat. – There we go. – My favorite move would
probably be the jumping, I felt like I kinda
hit a groove with that. Then jump, then plie. – [Tee] Damn! Whoa! Where did that come from? (“William Tell Overture”) – The worst part, by far, was
getting into this costume. – This is way too difficult, and my body is not meant to do this. – I think we were all the worst. I don’t think there’s
anybody here that came close to doing what we were
supposed to be doing. – There were muscles I had,
that I never really used before. – In conclusion, I am twinkle toes. (“William Tell Overture”)

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilders Try Ballet For The First Time

  1. I AM SO HAPPY THIS EXISTS! So tired of liseting "uuuh if you wanna easy do ballet" at the gym! Thanks gods of dance! I am sending this to EVERY MAN I KNOW

  2. And I the only one who thought of “The Game Plan” when the ballet teacher challenged The Rock to try ballet…💀👌🏼

  3. It's so attractive when a guy doesn't take himself too seriously and is confident enough in his masculinity that som tights and a ballet lesson can't hurt it

  4. The problem wasn't that they had too many muscles, it was that they were using their muscles in completely the wrong way. It's probably a lot of muscle memory problems, but they fundamentally didn't seem to have the right idea about what they were trying to do. I think they all would have benefitted a lot from some theoretical explanation.

  5. Honestly ballet is not thathers or painful. I usually train crossfit and gymnastics. But the last month i have been trying ballet every week and its easy as heck. I thought it would be really hard and painful bc all these people say it is, but its not.

  6. Ballet is a very difficult sport/art. It may look simple and easy, but I know that it’s difficult (partially because a lot of it is making it look easy and graceful as well as the strength and balance). I’m not a ballet dancer, but I have heard it’s really hard and it looks hard!

  7. My brain at 2 am
    Me: Hey, brain I think I should sleep now
    Brian: no,no,no. Let's watch grown men who are twice our size do ballet
    Me: Let's do it!

  8. can you guys maybe realise that body builders also work out and build their bodies for their own satisfaction, goals and happiness not to be attractive to you.

  9. Why the image of elephants wearing tutus on one of the Disney old movies suddenly pop up while seeing this 😅

  10. Ха-ха-ха-ха!!!! Класс! Мужики старались!!!!!!! А в сиреневой юбочке балерон потерялся!!!!!

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