Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. rubbish Mike how do you not know how Ed Sheeran? making Namibians look bad 😂 should shoot a car pool karaoke video!

  2. Bruhhhh your growth still amazes me man. Congrats on everything and congrats on this amazing meal lmao. Can't have any (currently on prep) 🙁

  3. Mike you're kidding right?
    Never heard of Ed Sheeran
    Never done stairmaster
    Never ate ben & jerry's
    What's next? You never went to the toilet? 😅

  4. Господи какой еблан
    Элементарные субтитры не может сделать

  5. Great video. Was that Martyn Ford in the gym in Birmingham, he is absolutely HUGE isn't he, almost like a cartoon bodybuilder, unbelievable!!!

  6. Man I need to know the stats of dude wearing red gymshark…. is he wearing medium or large and what's his chest size, height weight

  7. Here we have another guy overreacting to basic foods we eat everyday. It's just a fucking burger and ice cream. Bruger king, mcdonalds, kfc, five guys, wendys all same garbage for me, the only good burgers are the ones that cost 10$+ everything else is trash.

  8. referring to yourselves as "bodybuilders"? broad statement unless you've stepped on stage glutes out and all lmao

  9. Dude I love your video's man, keep it up! About your gym, I think it's odd they put pictures of people on the wall that clearly used steroids, right?

  10. seems to be like u guys not in sync….well mike is cool but brandon is like 'i don't give a fuck…..minimal interaction

  11. Cookie dough is the best.damn I'm so hating why am I on a diet I've gotta taste for takeaway kebabs and pizza 🍕.now I've cut down to 2000 calories.and Friday was my cheat day I had the new American stack burger 🍔 in McDonald's.i hate you mike lol

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