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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

it’s not always the biggest guy that
wins it’s a that’s the most aesthetically pleasing
for him to talk mr. Zieg is very subjective and that’s
more of an overall package the consideration you know stage president’s
smile mr. Quinn said you’ve got a bodybuilding show coming up in just
about a month how have the new divisions changed bodybuilding and what do you
expect to see from the new divisions go on for well calls in September 14 2009 I
first thought it was only one division bodybuilding and didn’t even have
women’s body thank you but now we have something for everyone so everybody
doesn’t want to have 20 inch arms or or 30-inch thighs
so we got divisions for men that are more with the board shorts were there
developed upper body makes it easy to get into the sport we have men’s classic
which is the more symmetrical didn’t have men’s bodybuilders more muscular
doing the women’s division we have bikini which is a division that’s very
open to people that just got into the fitness working out and they can
internet division real quickly after your training or less and they have
women’s figure this little more muscular than women’s physique and they still
have women’s body though but now in the sport because it has so many different
visions we draw a lot more interest in the community of people that not
necessary a focus on doing just by doing so that makes the body build and take
more of a back seat to these other things but in all the sport has gotten
better it’s become more open to the general
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