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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

9 thoughts on “BodyBuilding + Biohacking: VLOG#1 35 Weeks out

  1. Interested to see how this works out. Would you be willing to talk about how u get some quality sleep? Given that you train so early i can imagine u have a good routine down.

  2. More training footage and go through the set up of your split. Some of my favourite 3DMJ videos are "The Helms Files" only 3 videos and one is 20 minutes on his training spreadsheet. I know it has no bearing on what anyone else should do, but I love seeing how other people do it and what works for them.

  3. Awesome VLOG man. I have the same opinion & approach when it comes to Evidence Based BB and Dr.Rhonda Patrick. Great approach dude, I'm gonna check them out for sure! – Charles

  4. #B&B Looking good Adam, I'm interested on how to gain weight and strength at an intermediate to advanced level and the science / practicality behind it

  5. Good stuff mate big believer in a basic simple approach to diet and training keep performance on point and worry little, sleep plenty, looking forward to seeing the progression

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