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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right guys. It has been a while since I made of these rocks in fact it was around this time 2016 was the last flood that I put up which just seems like such a fire period of time. And that was the last time or just after I’d finished my 2015 2016 prep which was wdf F which is like fitness modeling appeared in the Rogero came out and about 30 people with a non tested show. Basically they don’t test for drugs but this time around and I started prep about 10 days ago and is going with the first time that I ever prepped for and not for bodybuilding competition. So that show is in about 30 four weeks July and next year when I was not yet ready. And it is the NBA muscle mayhem in Sacramento California. So I’m really excited about this. It’s going to be the first time it’s a natural bodybuilding. I need to bring my my physique to that next level. And the last show just didn’t quite get the condition. But it does show Murray taking enough time working with my coach and working with Pretium Jane called Jeff Roberts he’s the same guy that are worth the last time and they’re hopefully going to bring a new package to the stage and one exciting thing as well for me is that he’s actually going to be competing on the same show up what he’s going to do in the pros so that I’m an amazing experience. I met him back in July 2016 when I went to London. But yeah great to meet him once again get ready for this competition. So with regard to this vlog it’s been like I said I’ve been such a long time since I’m into law and I don’t really know how it is flowers going upon or what I’m going to be doing. It’s definitely not going to be the same as when I did my last prep for anybody who’s been watching so my last repr try to make a statement that you just travel and still get lean and I certainly did that I travel to like 14 15 16 countries during that prep and really did get lean. However I just don’t feel like I got lean enough. I could have got that extra bit leaner for the state and that was just the only thing that I would like to improve or little bit disappointment that I had from 2016 so that’s something I’m try you know eradicate this year I’m turning up to get that next level of leanness so I’m one stage away from the she and we are in the same. Even though bitter years in between the competition. But that’s what happens when you’re not a bodybuilder you don’t build out much muscle after you get that advanced kind of stage. So I’m not going to be putting light eating challenges are kind of prime. Certainly that’s all from this vlog is going to be purely like an honest view of who I am what I do and my philosophy is the training Trish in life in general and bring me through my journey over the next thirty five weeks and as I get ready for that stage of money and competitions in between if I if I’m ready for right now I’m definitely no where near ready. I’m around 200 pounds this morning I’ve got to get around to around 180 175 180 and then I’ll be ready. So the last show I was around when a Triano saber ligers said it wasn’t lean enough and I still want to shrink it and soak it in that little bit extra. So in terms of my philosophies on training nutrition these kind of things I would say I’m like a cross between evidence based not for bodybuilding. Rhonda Patryk so if anyone doesn’t know who runs the park is I say look her up. But most people are probably watching this know no evidence based on true bodybuilding is something that I’ve been falling for on time but I think that there’s just both lacking kind of a little bit maybe I’m the evidence based not to bodybuilding they kind of laughed a little bit on the health kind of side and not today they disregard health but they just don’t try and optimize health as much as someone like Ron Taposh poor whereas she doesn’t really focus on training or weight training or body composition really damn much at all. So if you married those two things they will be the kind of philosophy that I would like to think that I’m going to be hope hopefully training this love I don’t know how consistent is going to be with it and one huge thing that and it’s different now is that I train a lot more fines online than I did back in 2016. By 2016 I think habitude reliance on but it’s just more like a hobby is getting my feet wet and for now I’m Amelia for author and I also have a job full time job. So in between 2016 prep I literally started my own business straight away. After that I opened up a kind of training facility gym with some other people. After about 18 months just kind of flop it just wasn’t working and I wasn’t making enough money it wasn’t me enjoying it and it just wasn’t worth it anymore so I went back and I got a job and would work in Amazons similar to what I did before I used to work at Microsoft and went off perhaps. And by the Dems are now again working and Antti saw me. I get train 6 a.m. and go to work and work all day until whatever 5 6 and then I come home and try and service my lunch special that count. So like my schedule was packed. So I’m always working on all that need the loans and stuff just don’t go home. There are probably obviously you know my work my clients my training is priority then comes blogs and content and stuff like that for just the masses. So hopefully I can kind of share how it is to go through all that stuff like stress is still pretty high at the moment. You know I’m starting Perec just because of all of those things that I just mentioned but I’m going to try and share them like what am I going to be doing like děti drugs most of time me just sit at this computer here with these two screens and after I go to work because this is where I live all day my clients etc. So it’s not I’m not going to sit here video myself making programs or checking in with clients but where I can best I’m gonna try to give you some more information obviously put in actual content information that can help you guys. And as they go Trina’s I’m basically just my perspective on things because there’s so much real information out there but I’m just giving you my perspective from the kind of lifestyle that I’m living right now. I’m basically working two jobs I’m prepping at the same time so I’ve got a waterbird posing video I am actually posing my friend Jay yesterday. He was former Mr. Natural artist and he was teaching me in Poland bodybuilding was all I can do and hits the ground. Flexeril every selfie posing is actually pretty hard bodybuilding. It’s not easy and of that are easy to master. So he was coaching me on that yesterday morning. The videos are very unforgiving. I look at options out level works in the video and actually do in reality. But that’s what I’m probably don’t live on stage so I put those ideas and then when to get some training for it again and that will fall today. And I will explain why training for video we just don’t keep this initial one too long. If you like video guys make sure to just leave a comment given the questions and put them down in the comments and let me know what you think of this. You use the woda Zeeb. All right guys I see you in the next clip. It’s nice. It’s nice but I feel less push last four hours for this society both pencil to pass here. Yes. Bandiana Yarborough’s Alonzo was a nice person. Awesome. Yes yes yes. All right. And then those that tiny yet curved tiny and have your spiked to me a little as yet. And they pushed both Hielscher for nice nice there’s less air for those those so I literally just got back from the gym for a second time I never go to the gym twice just today. I had to leave earlier and that’s why I did go over the cops training. So I just went for like 15 20 minutes because of the gym right. So my house just knocked out six sets because I just want to get the bad habits and Tamar’s my breasts. So when I wake in the morning I actually want to work and not have to go to the gym in the morning and take that rash day off. So this is what I’m just doing. Before I go to sleep I’m finishing my macros off with a of ice cream. It’s a low fat ice cream. Usually I don’t eat ice cream even if it’s low calorie icecream I just don’t crave it. And as I get leaner my Grella levels my humor hormones will go up my leptin levels which is basically the hormone that tells your body you know how much body fat you have or your adiposity levels will go down. So I’ll need to start focusing on foods that are more satiating so this isn’t too bad but I want to focus on more foods with higher fiber more volume so that I can actually keep hunger at bay. But for now I’m not hungry just because essentially my body fat levels is still pretty high and I’m just not feeling the hunger. So people are going to ask I guess specifically around like my my prep even though this is not helpful for many people it’s just insight into what I’m doing wear out What am and deal and like in terms of nutrition and training I’m training about five days a week I can go into a lot more depth or further video over five days a week. I’m doing like an Oprah kind of lower split and it’s just very basic my macros are 215 grams of protein 275 grams of carbs 60 grams of fat. So it’s 2500 calories every day seven days a week. And just to kind of push at the side of this prep and it’s a yes vote just do a bit of it. This is my perspective. This is my idea of what’s going to happen because my coach hasn’t actually told me what we’re going to do with this one I’m guessing we’re doing we’re going to level off and maybe reintroduce some more food when I get to about 190 or maybe a get lower and then push again. So just to get that initial bit of fat off of the start it is quite low for calories. But you know each individual to their own ADD doesn’t matter really what calories are what macros I want for it for you if you’re going to apply yourself for I do sit a lot like I literally I’m not very active. I sit at a desk pretty much all day like from almost waking time tonight. Even though you actually get in about 10000 steps a day just don’t track it but according to this my Fitbit just because I walk to and from work. But I’m not doing any additional cardio at the moment so it seems to be all good. So I’m gonna have this I’m going to finishing editing this video and then I’m going to do some more stuff for my clients that have to get done and some other things that I’m running on. This is what I take before bed every night most nights. So I’m just going to show you a lagoon’s supplements further in a different video. So I wanted to make this video too long. Magnesium is something I’ve been taking it for a very long time. Anything but magnesium oxide is what you want to get magnesium 5 HTP 5 hydroxy tryptophan. It’s also the longer name you can actually buy this. In my country I got it in the U.K. for some reason you can’t buy it. And then also Ltds. So all of these is like an amazing sleep stock. And you know you don’t have to use these. I just find that it’s optimizes my sleep so I’ll go into optimizing sleep in much more depth in other videos because something has really changed over the last couple of years for me in terms of the research I put into it. And the effect this actually had on my mood was energy my training cetera. And I thought that I have bad sleep in a lot of people so I don’t need that because I don’t know about sleep. It’s not that you need bad sleep just making your sleep like as optimal as possible because it has so much positive impact. If you sleep well and if you if you don’t sleep well had some which detrimental impact to your your life forward to your training or whatever. So I was pretty much it goes for this vlog the first one let me know what kind of content you want to see in the feature to put it in the comments what you want me to address because I’m going to basically tailor it is blog based on the feedback that I get from people whether it’s on here on Instagram or wherever maybe so I’m going to try and keep this as real as possible no. Kind of like I said eating challenges or stupid shit like that. It’s gonna be just very raw now and it’s really just what I do the day to day in terms of getting from where I am now with that hectic schedule that I have with managing clients and work and also then just getting into contests shape Triche getting on that stage in the Muslim mayhem which is one of the most renowned the the shows going so I’m excited. I’m a bit nervous because you know a lot of expectation especially when you make youtube videos puts that extra bit of expectation on top of you and a bit more pressure. But it’s something I want to do like doing a show sharing these videos. So yeah guys please let me know how you find it. Leave a comment. Leave it like and of course don’t forget to share. Thanks guys.

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  1. Interested to see how this works out. Would you be willing to talk about how u get some quality sleep? Given that you train so early i can imagine u have a good routine down.

  2. More training footage and go through the set up of your split. Some of my favourite 3DMJ videos are "The Helms Files" only 3 videos and one is 20 minutes on his training spreadsheet. I know it has no bearing on what anyone else should do, but I love seeing how other people do it and what works for them.

  3. Awesome VLOG man. I have the same opinion & approach when it comes to Evidence Based BB and Dr.Rhonda Patrick. Great approach dude, I'm gonna check them out for sure! – Charles

  4. #B&B Looking good Adam, I'm interested on how to gain weight and strength at an intermediate to advanced level and the science / practicality behind it

  5. Good stuff mate big believer in a basic simple approach to diet and training keep performance on point and worry little, sleep plenty, looking forward to seeing the progression

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